May 13th, 2013  |  Filed under Photos/Videos/Media

Never Doubt the Power of a Spark

May 13th, 2013  |  Filed under Photos/Videos/Media

A couple amazing videos came across our radar recently. They’re amazing in and of themselves, but also as an exercise in contrasts … and a vivid reminder that every Big Thing started small.

One is a Super 8 video shot by Bob G at the first Burning Man to take place on the Black Rock Desert in 1990 (he added the soundtrack in 2000 as an effort to juxtapose what Burning Man was to where it’s evolved). The other is a beautiful high-definition time lapse video of Burning Man 2011 called “The Fertile Desert” by filmmaker Roy Two Thousand.

Never doubt the power of a spark to ignite a flame that will burn the world.


8 Responses to “Never Doubt the Power of a Spark”

  1. Tex Allen Says:

    I have watched the Fertile Desert at least 30 times and it stand as one of the best videos ever produced about the Burn, hands down. Roy captures the spirit, the entire spirit of the experience and his voiceover is superb. When I need a lift, I’ve often gone right to my bookmark for this video and turned up the speakers and turned down my lights. Thanks for highlighting this work, it’s been underserved for the length of time it’s been available!

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  2. Joshua Says:

    Awesome Roy!

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  3. Crystal Says:

    Love the Super 8 – the sound makes it!

    And The Fertile Desert shows me something new every time – and I went through every stage of editing and sound composition with Roy. Even after about 300 hundred times, it still has the power to put a smile on my face!

    Please support his kickstarter!! He’s got amazing plans to go deeper and multidimensional for 2013!

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  4. roy two thousand Says:

    wow thank you so much for the awesome comments!! you have made my day:)

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  5. Brad Templeton Says:

    Great video, Roy, but I have to say it’s diminished a lot by the meaningless new-age narration. Hope you choose something else to go over your next work.

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  6. Stompydog Says:

    This video is amazing!! Takes me right back to 2011. Best year ever for me at Burning Man. This video really makes me “feel” Burning Man like few other videos have.

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  7. Ryan Says:

    Great videos! Roy, I loved the narration. I don’t think it was meaningless at all. It adds to the meaning of the video. Thanks for your contribution!

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  8. EmCee Widget Says:

    Thank you. You lift my spirit and in the fullness now of years separated from this filming I reflect on the joy of that week. Here is to week’s to come for us all. I expect the great work to continue so I may reflect once again!

    Hugs you!


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