Burning Man 2012 Tickets: After the Main Sale

The registration period for the Burning Man 2012 ticket Main Sale wrapped up last Sunday night, and our ticket vendor is currently de-duping and cleaning up the registrant database (including removing known scammers), before we do the drawing for the three pricing tiers on January 31 and February 1.

And guess what? Turns out, people are VERY EAGER to go to Burning Man this year. So much so, in fact, that they found creative ways to increase their odds of getting tickets in the Main Sale. As a result, there are a lot more tickets being requested than there are tickets available — an inordinately large number, in fact, and far more than we projected even after last year’s sold-out event. It seems that people a) likely got their friends, family and campmates to order tickets as well, and/or b) requested more tickets than they actually need.

So the unfortunate net result is that there will be a lot of people who aren’t awarded tickets from the Main Sale … BUT DO NOT FEAR!! Because this means that there will be a large number of tickets in circulation within the existing community, tickets that simply need to be redistributed to those who need them. Based on our analysis, we hold a strong belief that things will settle out over the course of time, once that redistribution takes place, such that most everybody who wants a ticket will find their way to one.

In order to facilitate the redistribution of those extra tickets now in circulation, we have set up the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP). The STEP is a web-based system that will allow Burners to sell their unneeded tickets, and Burners wanting tickets to access them. This will allow for safe and secure transactions in a central place for community-monitored, face-value resales. This is in addition to 10,000 tickets going on sale on a first-come first-served basis in our March 28th Open Sale.

We would like to reinforce that we all share responsibility for preventing the scalping of Burning Man tickets. Burners can commit to only selling their tickets at face value, and to never buying tickets above face value. Friends don’t let friends buy from scalpers! We can work together by using STEP, keeping a vigilant eye out for scams and inflated-price vending, and reporting known scammers on our ePlaya ticketing thread.

Burning Man actively discourages the use of secondary resources (eBay, Craigslist, StubHub, etc.) for the resale of tickets, and we encourage those who do not obtain tickets from the Main Sale/Open Sale to utilize community-centric sources to keep a handle on this process together. Please use STEP and/or direct local connections to known Burners to find the tickets you seek. We will post information on how to access and use STEP next week.

So, folks, it’s up to all of us to decide how this all plays out … we can work together in our communities to ensure that most everybody who wants a ticket to Burning Man can get one, and avoid falling prey to third-party price gouging. Just as we’re able to create the world’s largest Leave No Trace event — against all odds, in the middle of the remote desert — we can see this challenge through together as well.

As always, you can find full ticket information on the Burning Man tickets page, and you can be sure to stay informed by subscribing to the Jackrabbit Speaks email newsletter.

About the author: Will Chase

Will Chase first attended Burning Man 2001. He was Burning Man's Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004-2009, and the Operations Manager and member of the Art Council for the ARTery (Burning Man's art department headquarters in Black Rock City) from 2003-2008. In 2009, he transitioned into the Communications Department, where his responsibilities include global communication strategy, authoring the Jackrabbit Speaks Newsletter, content management for the Burning Man website, coordination of Burning Man's social networking efforts, and acting as editor for the Burning Blog. Tales of his sordid adventures can be found on his website.

859 thoughts on “Burning Man 2012 Tickets: After the Main Sale


    ID at the gate with rist band so no more tickets for camps that have bars.

    MAL-MART 2 people get tickets out of 50+ so I have heard from our own blog.

    This is so not cool!!


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  • You know what really sucks is that the old system worked fine, there were no scalped tickets for sale last year til July and this year the scalping has already begun. That said, I think that the scalpers over estimated the wealth of the average burner and perhaps will get stuck selling at cost or below. The real problem is those tickets will not be marked down til the last minute. As a 10 year burner this makes me sad…. awww fuck it, I am pissed off! I am going to 4th of Juplaya, not even a free ticket would change my mind. Enjoy the dust and 3-4 art projects that may make it and the 2 slightly modified old school buses posing as mutant vehicles! Namaste Bithces! )'(

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  • from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/

    “Theme camps are the interactive core of Burning Man.” Harley K. DuBois, Burning Man’s Director of Community Services & Playa Safety Council, hesitated a second. “I hate to call this a rule, but if I have to have one it’s simple: A theme camp must be participatory.”

    “The understanding that Theme Camps truly are the fabric of Burning Man is now common knowledge,” says Harley. “It is a responsibility and takes commitment. Remember that what YOU do helps to create what this year IS!”

    what a joke.

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  • Oh Yeah, one more thing, @BMORG, your silence on this subject is deafening, perhaps Marion is under Larry’s desk while he is throwing cash in the air drinking top shelf booze and doing lines!

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  • It would be so easy for the Borg to skew the lottery – they have all our long-time Burner e-mails from years past – just filter them out – easier to do that than invest in a large enough server and build a ticket-sales application that could handle the problems of overload…Fuck Burning Man…and thank you too, for setting me free…

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  • Possibility for 5,000 more tickets?

    They’re selling 53,000 per the ticket information page. But negotiations are still underway with the BLM as the permit is still not locked down for the next 5 years yet. Read on…..

    “A new, and tentative, five-year permit with the BLM would increase the population to 58,000 people in 2012 and 70,000 people by 2016. It’s currently going through an environmental assessment, which includes studies into the event’s effect on roadways leading to the playa, local economies and soil, among other considerations.

    Following a public comment period in March, the permit could be approved by June, said Cory Roegner, the outdoor recreation planner for the BLM in Nevada.

    Meanwhile, Roegner said the BLM still would have the option to limit Black Rock City’s population to 50,000 people — less than the number of tickets promised to be distributed this year.”

    Whoever said that the cost for the land use is going up for more space being required is incorrect. BMORG pays 3% of their gross ticket sales and ice and coffee sales to the BLM to use the land per the special recreation permit. It’s a public document.

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  • “So, folks, it’s up to all of us to decide how this all plays out … ”
    No, BMorg already decided for us. The cries of concern over the lottery system had been loud and clear for some time now and you decided to ignore them and carry out this sadistic scheme

    It’s easy for you guys to feel confident because you didn’t have to go through this shitty process yourselves. YOu already know you’re going. The rest of us will have to wait up to TWO months before we know on way or the other. Yes, I agree. If I really want to go, I’ll find a way… maybe. The is very little comfort after what just happened. There is still the chance that I won’t find a way.

    The lottery system was a failure and you know it. You owe us all that acknowledgment at least.

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  • Hello Friends,


    Ticket distribution being drawn out will delay the construction of art projects because the artist might not be able to go. The result will be scaled down or cancelled pieces. I am the only one from my long time camp with a ticket.

    Scalpers can buy in the lottery and in the STEP process. Many ways to do this.


    Sale the high tier tickets first, and require an essay for new comers. Note, you don’t actually have to read them ;) Also increase the scholarship allotment for those who are known contributing artist.

    Interesting Idea:

    Since Burning Man is a non-monetary event, maybe make part of the admission process non-monetary. Such as walking through the gates nude or something like that. If someone is is not open enough to do this then they probably should be there any way. Something to consider.

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  • BMorg is saying to be patient because the STEP program is coming and the extra tickets people got will show up. How many people are going to be stupid enough to give Burningman their name so that next year Burningman will pull their names when they register. You really don’t really think they will not do that? I have a bridge I can sell you.

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  • An idea for the Burning Man community. Please share this with other burners if you’re so inclined.

    OCCUPY FIRST CAMP – DEMAND TICKET REFORM IN 2013 – ID BASED TICKETING FOR BRC. Let’s stage ongoing protests at First Camp all burn in 2012. We must stand up for our community and demand change! It’s the only way to permanently cut out scalpers and ease the ticket panic which caused the over-inflated demand in the 2012 Lottery.

    Call it an interactive art project. Bring your protest signs, sandwich boards and megaphones. Let’s #OCCUPYFIRSTCAMP together in 2012.

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  • I for one am happy with the system. I read about the quaint dining experience of Burningman in “Town and Country” and knew I must attend. However, I was concerned as I had heard many of the participants were from the lower social economic scale. Fortunately, I have eight credit cards and was able to procure four tickets under the lottery. The higher scalper prices will only drive up the quality of attendees and keep out the riff raff.

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  • I have bought my tickets eight years in a row, the first year BRC wasn’t that big,,,,,,,,, what about being able to come home?,with no ticket,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the ticket process for buying them wasn’t broken, somebody should get the boot,,,

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  • The announcement of an attendance cap is going to have the same result as for a Rolling Stones ticket sale. Overwhelming speculation. There has to be a way to use the old system with a sufficient server to handle the capacity to avoid the crashing.
    Sad to see how many camps are in a state of disruption. Never saw this under the old system, there is a lesson here for those who look.

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  • It is still strange to me that the Org does not sell blocks of tickets to the long standing theme camps that hold and keep the values of burning man and are connected to the communities of people who bring great love, work and service to the playa. This should be of number one concern given the large number of “tourists and Virgins” that are trying inundate our city without the true understanding of what the burn is all about. I fear that if those of us who work so diligently to make things happen don’t get tickets and this years burn is overwhelmed with virgins, it will not be a successful burn and it may damage the event itself…
    But I do understand the org is trying to do what is best. I hope and pray you can make it work for the best!

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  • the LLC exists to make money. making your commodity (tickets) scarce drives up the price and the publicity. the LLC may be getting ready to cash out. bigtime.

    were we played for fools?

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  • Panic and/or greed is starting to set in. The count of tickets on Stubhub at $625 has been going up and down all day, meaning, people were buying at that price just to be sure their investments in airline tickets and RV rentals weren’t lost. The minimum price now is $637, so it looks like several dozen have changed hands in the $625 to $635 range, and $637 is now going to be the new Stubhub minimum.

    What, the $625 tix are all gone? Better buy at $637. If I wait any longer the only thing left might be those $1200 to $2800 tickets.

    Congratulations, Larry. You have put a system in place that is going to make a few people a lot of money. But sleep well Larry — everyone is confident all of those excess tickets are going to come flooding into STEP, and they won’t be snagged by the scalpers. How does it feel to know you are destroying 25 years of work and are now being largely perceived as “the enemy.”

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  • This is ridiculous. I won the damn lottery, and I still think this is terrible. I’m also irritated that you try to re-package people ticket hording as a good thing… “Because this means that there will be a large number of tickets in circulation within the existing community”

    I wish you would just admit that it was not as good an idea as you thought and stop trying to spin this.

    A “We screwed up. Our plan backfired. We are sorry” would go a long way. But instead of just admitting it… you spin. It’s really pretty insulting.

    How about some radical responsibility. I know you had the best of intentions… but the idea worked terribly… no one likes it. Just acknowledge it… please!

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  • This is terrible. I won the damn lottery, and I still think this is terrible. I’m also irritated that you try to re-package people ticket hording as a good thing… “Because this means that there will be a large number of tickets in circulation within the existing community”

    I wish you would just admit that it was not as good an idea as you thought and stop trying to spin this.

    A “We screwed up. Our plan backfired. We are sorry” would go a long way. But instead of just admitting it… you spin. It’s really pretty insulting.

    How about some radical responsibility. I know you had the best of intentions… but the idea worked terribly… no one likes it. Just acknowledge it… please!

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  • I thought the lottery was supposed to be completely random, but I’m not so sure now.

    Far too many people reporting that the only people they know who won were completely unknown to the Borg, with nearly all long-term participants left in the cold.

    For people I know personally:
    Of 8 long term Burners, 0 winners and 8 FU letters.
    Of 5 virgins, 4 winners and 1 FU letter.

    Have ANY long-term participants gotten tix? The “all winners were virgins” trend is showing up in a great many posts here.

    Something seems wrong statistically, but my sampling is admittedly small. Anyone else seeing a closer balance between wins and FU’s for vets to virgins, or are the numbers I’m seeing really the norm? Even if true, I sure hope this was a 1 in 10^100 statistical anomaly and that the lottery wasn’t rigged to favor diversifying participation with a very strong bias towards virginity.

    If the lottery was rigged, that really could kill the event, and Larry could give lessons to Netflix on how to destroy your brand.

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  • This is completely f*&^d. Didn’t get a ticket. Just watched the news and saw the reports of Ticketmaster and StubHub and all the other professional scalpers. Have been to the playa since 2000, got married there in 2006, wanted to go to Kidsville this year with our 4-year old… Now we will spend our money elsewhere. BUMMER! We really wanted to come this year and now it’s completely corrupt. LOSERS!

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  • I don’t know what the intentions were originally, but it is very disappointing. I’m saying nothing new here, but just wanted it to be posted, and to be counted.

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  • From The SFBG : UPDATE (5 PM): LLC board member Marian Goodell just returned my call and said the organization leaders huddled up today to work on solutions to problems raised by the ticket shortfalls. “We’re genuinely really putting our heads together today. We’re listening, we really are,” she said. “It’s very real for us, I get it.”

    She recognizes that it’s a big problem for established theme camps and art collectives having tickets for only about a third of their members, a figure that she also confirmed. “It’s clear that the theme camps and art projects are a significant part of the community, and this situation is causing problems for them,” she said. “That’s the part that will hurt us if we don’t take another look at this.”

    Goodell also acknowledges that it doesn’t appear there are as many tickets available within those established burner networks as she had hoped would be the case: “I doesn’t look like camps are sitting on a lot of tickets.” But she also said that she doesn’t think the lion’s share went to scalpers. “We don’t think there are 10,000 people out there looking to scalp tickets,” she said. “Putting them up for sale is not the same thing as them being sold.” She reiterated her appeal that people don’t use scalpers for tickets but wait for community-based sources and solutions.

    But Goodell said it was too late to re-do this week’s lottery — “not possible,” she said — even though the physical tickets won’t be mailed out until June. She said the LLC has divided up information-gathering tasks now and will regroup soon to decide how to proceed, with options including tweaks to the rules for the March 28 ticket sale or working with the BLM to bump up the population cap, an option that would raise other problems.

    “We have many different challenges: scalping, community development, and population,” Goodell said, reiterating her concern that increasing the population would make logistical problems like the long exodus wait even worse. But whether that’s even a possibility will depend on the Environmental Impact Statement that is expected to be completed in March.

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  • Lottery sucks, BMorg sucks (because of their idea of lottery, their convictions about it without listening to community’s fears about it, their behavior since the lottery fail announce), and guess what ? Maybe burning man 2012 will suck ! (because of the consequences of all this mess…)

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  • BMorg has fouled it’s own nest. Beyond blowing participatory theme and sound camps to smithereens, many MANY veterans volunteer by supporting the infrastructure. Building center camp, entry and exodus gates, Arctica, that oh so precious coffee staff, BMIR, Medical…..the list goes on. Not that I’m against virgins at all, just saying that beyond the unlikelihood of us unluckies getting tix during the next 2 rounds, issues may present at this level as well.

    Like many others who’ve posted, our longtime theme camp of 40+ got 7 tix.

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    I and many other vertern Burners went thru lots of stress trying to get a ticket under your new lottery system, playing by your rules of only asking for the number of tickets we needed………..only to be rejected.

    Use your common sense. Many, if not most, people now awarded tix won’t return them in the STEP program. Rather, they will hoard them for their favorite friends, if not to scalp them……You have artificially increased the tickets’ scarcity and have artificially inflated their value by this ill conceived lottery

    Those of us who still want to go will have to continue trying to get tickets in an environment of unnecessary stress caused by the artifical shortage your lottery created!

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  • The official BORG response in the SFBG article quoted above by Frodo is somewhat encouraging. At least they are acknowledging there is a problem that needs to be addressed and recognize things didn’t quite work as expected. That’s more than we had 8 hours ago.

    (Article is at: http://blog.burningman.com/2012/01/news/burning-man-2012-tickets-after-the-main-sale/comment-page-15/#comment-35511)

    On the other hand, Marian is quoted in another SFBG article on 1/27 saying: “We won’t know how it’s working until we get to the event and see if people are happy.”

    Earth to Marion: Just read here or most of what’s been written on ePlaya. You really don’t need to wait 6 months to get a reading on Burner happiness.

    Same article quotes Larry: “If we had it to do over, we might do some things differently.” Gee, ya think?

    Many posters have suggested individual registration of tickets is the only way to fix the scalper problem, and Marion agrees, but then rules out the solution in a 12/6 SFBG article:

    “Goodell said that the only way to minimize the scalping of Burning Man tickets would have been to create a system in which all buyers were identified by name and after-market ticket sales were regulated by the organization, “and that’s more than we were willing to do.”

    Maybe they will revisit this now, but I’m not optimistic.

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  • Our camp did better than most, mainly because some members did rope in others to help get tickets, but even so, two of our mainstay members got denied. They are 11 and 13 year vetrans, and served critical roles (welder/ art car designer and driver, and our DJ/MC) in the past. Now, after a terrible argument over money, camp loyalty, shared resources, etc., we find feelings rather divided between the haves and have nots, and surprisingly, for both guys, their indignation aparently exceeds their friendships with the rest of us, as they have decided not to go. To those who are saying this, I say to you that you may be acting in a rash and selfish way – basically throwing a fit over a likely soluable bureaucratic problem – on the other hand I didn’t ever buy so heavily into the radical inclusion stuff, nor did I get the “we’re very sorry” email. Now, the ugly choices: Either we take the car without its designer/driver (which though offered REALLY feels wrong), somehow convince him to come around (but he insists he’s not a “begger”), or we all hug and put our tickets up for sale, and do something else TOGETHER this year. Hopefully with time and the next round of sales, we will see things cool off and we shall mend our differences…but the structure of all this seems to have been more deeply hurtful than anyone could have anticipated…

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  • Having been for the last 10 years I thought BM was a strong event that could weather a lot of opposition , but this has effectively managed to fracture the community.

    It’s *really* impacted the most important part – the months of dedicated hard work preparing art/camps/vehicles/etc by dedicated burners.

    Now it’s all uncertainty, unhappiness, stress, and a growing distaste for the whole thing.

    I’d have expected trouble to come from Nevada Cops or the BLM, but not the org itself.

    Who’d have guessed the BMORG would fuck its own event up like this?

    If I do make it to the playa this year somehow, won’t be surprised if it’s a shadow of its former self.

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  • Wow.

    I’m a UK burner who came in 2009 & 2010. I got my 2012 tickets in the pre-sale as we’re getting married there this year and didn’t want to take ANY chances we didn’t have to. Fortunately our key friends from the UK also got tickets in the draw this week.

    Initially I thought this random system was a good idea (and maybe some of it will turn out to be in the long run, who knows) but there is clearly a LOT of bad feeling about it from the people who make the city what it is. I’m literally welling up just reading some of the comments on here and what some long-term Burners must be feeling. So here are my thoughts:

    1. To all those who currently don’t have tickets and want them. What comes across clearer than anything is that people are EVEN MORE passionate about BM than I thought possible (and having been before a couple of times I know how much passion exists there). And despite all the negativity and frustration, in a “silver lining” way that makes me feel a bit better about all this. The last thing I want to hear is community apathy.

    2. It’s still early days for 2012. In the first post sell-out year there was bound to be significant changes. I’m hoping that a lot of the sentiments expressed above are just the initial reactions of some understandably upset people. And that after the dust settles in the coming weeks that people start turning it around, find solutions to the ticket problem and that we don’t start seeing tickets changing hands at vastly inflated prices. I love the fact that BRC changes year-on-year but I’m struggling to see how it would work as well without so many veteran camps and people there. I do hope all those wondering “How do we solve this when only X% of our planned camp currently have tickets” find a way to solve it one way or another and find the determination not to let stuff get in the way. I’m rooting for you all! Doing the impossible is what we all do best, right?

    3. This whole situation and these comments are just making me MORE determined to step up MY game and build something truly challenging for myself & our team and to conenct with people on the playa. I already had big plans for a giant maze but as of right now I’m going to up the ante. I’m now NOT going to apply for any funding or grant AND I’m going to increase my budget. I will make it more awesome. I will ADD additional personal art projects. I WILL NOT LET ALL THOSE VIRGIN BURNERS HAVE ANYTHING LESS THAN THE AWESOME EXPERIENCE I HAD ON MY FIRST BURN, NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! I WILL MAKE DREAMS HAPPEN THIS YEAR, DAMMIT AND NEVER STOP THERE!

    4. I do genuinely feel a bit sorry for the BM organisers as they appear to be in a situation that is now very difficult to resolve for this year. What we all do to make it happen is hugely important but they have a job for which there is very little precedent and nobody’s perfect. BUT from what I’ve seen and read if there’s one thing I understand is that they are great at adapting, learning and overcoming just about any bloody obstacle in their way. So I’m going to reserve judgement until we see what their response is over the coming months. I do hope there is some honest, transparent answers in the JRS and from the board as I do think that’s key to getting people on side again. But I’d rather have some good quality, well thought out answers than a rushed statement.

    Love to you all & let’s get constructive in every sense!

    Cheese Simon, UK

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  • So… Finally it will happen! I will go to BM!! Whoop whoop! So I thought.. I’m from Holland, yes a Dutchie so we’re not in that area all that often, but this year I thought to plan ahead. Turns out you’ll have to plan waaay ahead to be able to join some sort of lottery sys.. Big bummer?! Not something you can expact from an party artist.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask for a place to find tickets. But from reading all friendly messages above I guess its just naïve to think anyone here is gonna help out, so much for a fun and creative community… Or is there anyone here with some good old long distance advice..??

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  • Here is a SOLUTION to distract me from my negative thoughts that started even creeping into my dreams last night…

    For this next round- give priority to those in theme camps and who produce the art, art cars, long time burners, etc. that make the event special. This is tearing up my group, and really creating a big negativity black hole that is sucking up all efforts. This is now THE issue for most people…. and since it was unnecessary and feels like a slap in the face, it’s turning people off.

    Attach a name to the tickets that MUST be verified with ID at entrance. If those people need to sell, has to be done through BM channels. At least this way, you’ve taken care of your core.

    No more tier pricing structures, etc. No more complications. Look at the video our group created last year! Let us feel this way again http://vimeo.com/29129140

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  • If you people think the scalpers are the ones gouging for the tickets, take another look at the Borg. There ticket pricing this year was already way out of line with their actual cost increases. Who’s making the real killing $$$$$$ ? The “NON PROFIT”. Well I know I’m not alone when I say I’m done. I and as many people as I can round up will be going to FOURTH OF JUPLAYA, and i’ll be bringing a lot of extra rounds to blow away the man in effigy. He will be upside down with his head in the sand. Just like the new regime. Rally together and teach The BMORG a lessen. Give your tickets back and go do something else this year. There will be no hot dogs at the Distrikt this year either. Possibly no Distrikt anyway.

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  • To: Larry Harvey, Crimson Rose and the rest of the Burning Man Staff
    Subject: Letter of Resignation effective immediately

    Dear Larry and Crimson

    Please be advised that I will no longer be spending my entire vacation working in the ARTery and pulling Ranger Shifts. I have had many good years at Burning Man, but due to your epic failure with ticket sales, I will no longer be able to participate. Your contradictory policy has been proven to be amateur at best. The proposal that Burners were expected to order ONLY the tickets they needed at the price they could afford coupled with the STEP resale program makes no sense. Why would you even need a STEP program IF Burners ordered only the tickets they needed?

    Please do not include me in early entry and do not mail me a gift ticket this year. Attending would simply be no fun without the friends and camp family that I have spent so many burns with. I wish you luck with this new approach but will be moving on. My camp and I have already made alternative travel plans this year including two regional events…we’re trying to get back to a smaller, less corporate and more intimate event setting.

    Submitted with sadness

    Ian A. Wender
    aka: iMan (ARTery)
    Ranger Squid Vicious

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  • What an emotional roller coaster. I am one of those eternally hopeful, “always think positive”,” I know it will work out” people. I have clung to Will Chase’s encouraging words, but my hope is starting to waiver. My optomism that burners would only request the number of tickets that they actually needed (I know, VERY naive) was dashed with Will’s 1/27 post. The lottery seemed to create a desperation among some of us. My take on the whole thing is that BMORG is not conspiring against us. They stated that their part of their decision to go to the lottery system stemmed from the fact that it worked well for other very large events. The problem is that we, burners, are not your ordinary event attendees. We are radically passionate about our event. It is a part of us. Having a computer “choose” those who go feels soooo default world. I did not “win” the 2 tix I applied for (for my 7th year). No one in my camp did. I am truly happy for those who did “win”. I will still try to get tix using the 2 plans laid out for purchasing them. What I miss most is the excitement of preparing for the Playa. It’s painful to even look at my “Burning Man box” of treasures that I’ve collected since last Sept. to sculpt, sew & fabricate into art & costumes. There are so many sad stories on this thread, but we are all burners. We have that. Burning Man is in our hearts and souls. We WILL get through this. We WILL get home…just maybe not this year. Love and dust.

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  • Can’t believe BMorg let this happen. Our theme camp is in serious trouble. Only a third, at most, of our camp got tickets. The planning for our structures, events, parties, etc, is now completely stopped as veterans who now don’t have tickets question whether they’ll actually be able to get in this year, and others make alternate plans to go elsewhere.

    Really disappointed in BMorg right now. Our theme camp is in serious jeopardy because of how they mishandled ticket sales, and from the sounds of it, that’s true for many, many theme camps. Seems like this has already had pretty damaging effects on the event. Not at all convinced that STEP will help. None of us our camp knows anyone with extra tickets.

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  • I feel this is bullshit! How is this far…. All it’s doing is making people very angry. What about the theme camp with 20-30 people and half the their feiends don’t get tickets, what happens then? Then the camp doesn’t get fully set up, then all our family wont be there? This year we planned to go in a group and put something amazing together, and only 4 out of 20 of us got tickets… this is horrible. I’ve been to burning man twice already and it changes my life, it’s so special to me, and everyone, and now it’s a 50 50% chance we’ll get a ticket. I don’t want a 50 50% chance I wanna know i’m going for sure! A lot of people can’t take off time from work weeks before cause they got a ticket last min, most people have to give months ahead for time off. You say not worry, but i can speak for many people.. we are worried!

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  • In the end, those Burners following the Lottery rules with one entry per were screwed. Way to go, BMOrg. You’re leadership is a complete disgrace and doesn’t deserve my 14th year of participation. Enjoy the Sparkle Ponies and
    Shirt Cockers.

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