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August 17th, 2011  |  Filed under News

Burning Man at SXSWi

If you’ve spent time in Black Rock City, you know what it’s like to be inspired. You know what it feels like to design and build incredible things for the sake of how it makes you feel, rather than what you earn from it. You’ve seen what’s uniquely possible at Burning Man. Now, imagine if we were able to get in the room with the country’s leading innovators, and share what we’re learning about creativity and innovation the way it happens at Burning Man — through personal empowerment, collaboration, self-reliance and self-expression? Well, we have that chance … and we could use your help.

The Machine, Burning Man 2005

As we have for the past four years (actually, Larry Harvey spoke at SXSWi back in 1991 … so there’s history here), a contingent of Burning Man staff members will be attending the SXSWi conference in Austin Texas in March 2012. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet with, learn from, and share knowledge with leading-edge drivers of interactive technology, cultural innovation and more.  While Burning Man’s “fit” with SXSWi may seem odd on the face of it, we’ve found SXSWi attendees are eager to glean what we’ve learned from our experience, since Burning Man is in essence a massive, far-flung social network — a tightly-knit community connected year-round by technological threads. Read more »

March 11th, 2011  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

Burn-BQ at SXSWi!

For the last few years, Burning Man staffers have attended the SXSWi conference in Austin, TX to learn, connect and develop our minds around community organizing and technology, discovering what’s going on with cutting edge social and cultural tech — ever-more important as our population grows and spreads further around the world. (Our relationship with the technology world goes back years — November 1996′s WIRED magazine declared Burning Man “The New American Holiday”, after all.)

As Burning Man is effectively a social network in and of itself, we realized that we have a lot to contribute to the SXSWi conversation as well. So this year, we decided to send a somewhat larger contingent — including staff members from Communications and Technology teams as well as two Burning Man Board members– to participate in this tech-cultural institution, sharing information and ideas.

We’re excited to connect with the Austin Burner community while we’re in town, too. To that end, we’ve hooked up with our friends at Honk to help celebrate the climax of the HONK! TX festival, an energetic street-music festival featuring some of the most amazing marching bands in the country.  Following their final parade, we’ll be heading over to Pan-American Park at 2100 E. 3rd Street on Sunday, March 13 from 5-8pm to join them for some fun. There’ll be Texas BBQ (by Lick and Suck), and all the interactive eye candy you can stomach – including you, SXSW Burners (after all, there are only participants in this world).

If you’d like to join us, we will be marching with the HONK parade, and then celebrating with them in the park … and remember, YOU are the entertainment. Participate! And Leave No Trace! Show SxSWi what interactive is all about!  What is that? A costume? A bizarre piece of performance? You bring it!

We hope to see you there!