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September 3rd, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

Acclimated yet?

What Happens in Sin City

Tuesday night someone climbed up on top of the Thunderdome and hung a Hot Topic sign over their sign. Brilliant. If you know who Deathguild is, you’ll appreciate the prank. At first we thought the Billion Bunnies may have done it, but “Hot Topic” wasn’t misspelled and none of the letters were backwards, so it probably wasn’t them.

We’re in full swing here in the magnificent potlatch of Black Rock City. The intermittent dust storms seem to have settled and everything is playa tested and approved. Please keep your head and arms inside your vehicle at all times. Evidently, every odd numbered street is one way, so please observe all traffic signs and comply with requests from officials. If you are pulled over for post gate inspection, please co-operate with your friendly inspectors. They’re pulling people over with much flourish to their carport of flashing lights and cones, then giving them tamales.

Also, don’t be surprised if you are the proud recipient of the Black Rock City award. Rumor has it that all over our fair City, the Animal Control are waiting for someone to go into one of the Porta Potties, then while they’re in there, they lay out a red carpet and they’re all dressed fabulous and carrying trophies. When the unsuspecting citizen opens the Porta door, they are greeted with a group of showgirls presenting trophies to them and paparazzi. It is quite the scene.

Jocelyn and Eilliot's Funky Cock Car

A few other things that more than likely are not true, but everyone seems to be talking about them:

The theme next year is 2012. Burning Man is always ahead of the Zeitgeist.

There are Monkey Pox and Unicorn Flu moving through Black Rock City. You obviously get Monkey Pox from kissing monkeys, but Unicorn Flu, contrary to popular belief, does not come from dust, it comes from dust masks.
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