Reclaim, reuse, rebuild: the San Francisco Panhandle Bandshell Project

It’s projects like this that make me proud to be part of the Burning Man community in San Francisco.


Last Sunday, on a stunning sunny summer day ( hows that for alliterative?) the Black Rock Arts Foundation unveiled their latest addition to San Franscico’s artscape, and the kicker is? It’s all made from garbage.

Made from 75 reclaimed car hoods and built entirely by volunteers, it is “a full-scale, traditional bandshell for non-amplified, acoustic neighborhood performances constructed out of reclaimed, recycled and repurposed materials, located in San Francisco’s Panhandle park, just west of the Clayton Street crossing, where it will face west to the setting sun from June 23 to September 10, 2007. ”

Crossing North Carolina – Destination Charlotte

Before saying goodbye to Wilmington, I decided that I absolutely HAD to at least see the beach. The quick trek out was worth it and after a quick dunk of the toes into the chilly Atlantic Ocean, I was ready to head inland and towards Charlotte for a Meet n Greet with our Regional Contact, Billy “Captain Sauce” Funderburk.
The day is warm, hot even, the sun beats into the car as I cruise along Hwy 74 across the middle of North Carolina. Trees and small towns dot the road. It’s rural and quiet. A beautiful day for a drive.

Nearing Charlotte, Billy calls frequently to check in and make sure I’m on the right track. He instructs me to hop off the Hwy immedietly if I get lost and to call him. Wise words. Approaching the looming buildings of downtown Charlotte, I’m distracted, loose my place in the directions and quickly hop off and give him a call.


Wilmington, NC

It’s a cloudy, rainy day in Wilmington but it’s warm. Seems the cold spell that hit the South East is finally on the way out.

I spent the morning in a locally owned cafe, curled up on comfy couch chatting with Vespa, one of the board members for Transformus, the NC Regional Burn.

As the rain sprinkled outside we chatted about everything from Burning Man to the different Regional events and all the amazing Regional Contacts in this part of the world. Vespa is soft spoken and on an information gathering mission. He wants to know the key players and learn about how other events are done so he can apply that knowledge to Transformus. Conversation flowed and hours passed before we realized the time and as he put it “he had to run off and be responsible”.


Serendipity – South Carolina

The drive from Atlanta to Serendipity was quick and full of glorious green trees. It might be cold, but spring has definitely sprung in the South East. The color saturates everything and you can smell it in the air.

Turning off the road and onto the Serendipity property, I was instantly greeted by several dogs and the South Carolina Regional Contact, David Peters aka Phyrebolt.



Friday night in Atlanta

What better way to spend a Friday night than making some new bunnie friends and hitting the town in a hopping bunnie pack?!

hop alongbunniefly

Our numbers were small, but our spirits were big and we sure did manage to turn more than a few heads and get some good laughs as we hit the Little Five neighborhood in Atlanta.

hooray for bunnies