Burning Man 2015: Opening Day Panorama

Props to my new friend Jamie, who gave me a ride about 50′ straight up in the scissor lift she’d been using to finish her team’s fire-pendulum project. The view was awesome, and I’m happy  I can share it with y’all. Captured Monday 8/31, late afternoon, at Burning Man 2015. Check out the fire pendulum, it’s in the black box off the 9 o’clock promenade.

(Note: Click on the photo to see the panorama, which, I should add, is hosted on my site at http://michaelholden.com/work/interactive/panoramic/burning-man-2015-opening-day-panorama, not BurningMan.org.)

Burning Man 2015 opening day panorama
Interactive 360° panorama!

The Souk & Burning Man: 360° Panorama

The night before the big burn, I made a 360 degree panorama that I hoped would capture the sheer bigness of this particular iteration of the Man. There’s an interactive version on my site or click on the image below. Would love to hear your feedback!

Interactive panorama captured at the base of the Man
Interactive panorama captured at the base of the Man