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September 1st, 2009  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

The City Awakens

Monday Night Shiva Vista

It is Monday night and Black Rock City’s come alive. The City has become a living, bustling, fire breathing animal that’s suddenly shaken off the last few days playa dust and turned on the ambient music and surreal sounds, with flashing fire cannoned Art Cars passing slowly in the night, creating discordant Mash Ups of each other as they pass. Freshly arrived Citizens roam the Esplanade on bikes, strange reticulated vehicles or on foot, glowing and blinking like phosphorescent microorganisms evolving in the large scale petri dish of Burning Man. The City is speaking in a new, heightened voice that is a mixture of music, the whoosh of fire cannons, laughter, cheers and conversation, with an occasional random chimpanzee screech thrown in for good measure.

Evolution appears to be the year of the Monkey.

Yes, our little village is rapidly filling out and becoming an impressive metropolis. It looks like Monday is the new Wednesday. CampArctica along with the 3 o’clock plaza ice called Ice Cubed, and the 9 o’clock plaza named Ice 9, are open for business. The big red double-decker Nowhere Omnibus installed their bus stop signs and is serving as a grand mass transit system. BMIR is broadcasting, all the Org Camps like Burners Without Borders and Black Rock Solar are up and running. The Man Museum is open and Center Camp Café is serving coffee and hosting music. Theme Camps are going up with a constant drone of tens of thousands of people who’ve hit the ground running and want to start enjoying the good life as soon as humanly possible.

Our first wave of new immigrants are working on little sleep, delirious with anticipation as they set up their shade structures to beat the sun so they’ll have a place to build out the rest of their playa reality for the next week or so. They pass along the City roads searching for their spot in their trucks and cars packed to the gills with all the essentials for this weird camping trip; tents and sculptures, tarps, lighting and decorations, kitchens, showers, and things to make fire or to make them glow, fabulous costumes and other things most odd and unnatural to share and to add to the intensity of being here.

Center Camp Cafe'

The large expanses of real estate from the Esplanade to the outer streets are now filling in and the Art is coming to full fruition. The Temple was built out with beautiful side tear drop shaped forms today. New pieces have popped up over night and during the day the ARTery is packed with artists seeking placement. Tonight, the Flaming Lotus Girls’ installation, Soma, has become a meeting place for Art Cars and Shiva Vista is going full tilt with music, dancers and huge fire bursts that shake windows along the Esplanade.

Our City’s infrastructure is magnificent and the stage is set for all Participants to create their own Utopia.

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