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July 26th, 2012  |  Filed under Afield in the World, Culture (Art & Music)

A Month in the Life of a Big Art Project

It’s been four months since we started the designs for the FLUX Foundation’s latest piece, Zoa. And now, it is less than a month before it comes to life in the Black Rock Desert. Our many teams have been working collectively to create a monumental experience. When you go out to the desert and see these massive sculptures, it’s nearly impossible to fathom the work it took to get them there, in front of you, blowing your mind. We thought it was high time we shared our experience with you, to give you – A month in the life of a Big Art project.

Flux Foundation by Anthony Piscitella

It is at this point in the project the theme music from Chariots of Fire starts playing in my head in full rotation, (I apologize in advance for the earworm). In other words, we are gonna make it, but we are pushing ourselves to the finish line. And yes this happens every year!

Zoa concept drawing

The build out for Zoa is coming along brilliantly. Production in all areas of the project are well underway and the shop is a flurry of sawdust, grinding, welding, soldering and, most importantly, FUN! And, in the center of all the activity we are still madly raising the funds we need to finish building Zoa. Read more »

August 17th, 2011  |  Filed under News

Burning Man at SXSWi

If you’ve spent time in Black Rock City, you know what it’s like to be inspired. You know what it feels like to design and build incredible things for the sake of how it makes you feel, rather than what you earn from it. You’ve seen what’s uniquely possible at Burning Man. Now, imagine if we were able to get in the room with the country’s leading innovators, and share what we’re learning about creativity and innovation the way it happens at Burning Man — through personal empowerment, collaboration, self-reliance and self-expression? Well, we have that chance … and we could use your help.

The Machine, Burning Man 2005

As we have for the past four years (actually, Larry Harvey spoke at SXSWi back in 1991 … so there’s history here), a contingent of Burning Man staff members will be attending the SXSWi conference in Austin Texas in March 2012. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet with, learn from, and share knowledge with leading-edge drivers of interactive technology, cultural innovation and more.  While Burning Man’s “fit” with SXSWi may seem odd on the face of it, we’ve found SXSWi attendees are eager to glean what we’ve learned from our experience, since Burning Man is in essence a massive, far-flung social network — a tightly-knit community connected year-round by technological threads. Read more »