Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man!

Have you ever seen Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man?! I bet not. It’s a little cult classic documentary about two circus performers from Canada who made the trek to their first burn way back in 1997. It’s a sweet little love story and adventure, (complete with chainsaws!) back in time to a Burn of years past. The film was released on VHS 10 years ago and has just been re-released on DVD.

What better reason to pay a visit to Vancouver, BC to attend the DVD release party and check out what the Vancouver Burner community is up to.


Why Go Home?

Photo by Andrew Penn, 2002, http://www.fogfilm.com I was just thinking recently, very few people have ever asked me WHY i go to Burning Man?

Living in the Bay Area, one becomes accustomed to people having some sort of opinion on Burning Man, and most people are at least aware of it here.

But for people in my life who don’t get it, say, like most of my family, they ask the typical uninformed questions like “What do people do there?,” “Isn’t it hot?” or “Aren’t there a lot of naked people?”


And it’s funny, I’ve switched my attitude completely in how i react to people who criticize and/or make snide comments about Burning Man.

When I was a relative newbie (i.e. the first three years I went to Burning Man … and yes, sometimes it can take THAT long to be fully acclimated), I used to be very defensive about Burning Man and would often argue that ‘no, it isn’t just a bunch of tweaked-out, naked cyber-hippies rolling around in the mud celebrating free love and all that’ — and no offense to those of you who consider yourself tweaked-out naked cyber-hippies who roll around in the mud.

But these days, I have come to realize that there’s no point in defending Burning Man to those who do not know.


Guest Blogger! “Thanks But No Thanks: Plastic Playa Gifts”


Special Guest Blog from the one and only Molly Golightly:

Here’s the thing: I loved the Burning Man documentary “Gifting It.”

I have been given some wonderful playa gifts, including: First Aid and a gin ‘n’ tonic (BM ’98); pair of hand-made earrings (BM ’00); combination lighter and bottle opener (BM ’01); an antique kimono (BM ’04). I have also been given countless pieces of plastic crap that ended up dusty and broken in the bottom of my backpack and that generally made me sad.

Now, I don’t want to seem ungracious. I know you’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth. There is so much magic on the playa — I’m well-known for crying at the overwhelming beauty of it all. Burning Man’s gift economy allows you to put meaning into almost anything. It’s not the cost of what’s given, but the act of giving. But that plastic butterfly hair pin one gentleman insisted I have when I was dressed in hoop skirts and corset as a gothic southern belle left me cold and went straight to the landfill

Playa gifts are a piece of you. You’re giving a stranger something to add to their experience, all because you can. People are open to receiving and it is a beautiful thing. When you’re thinking about playa gifts, put down the made-in-China trinket list. I’d rather have you stand in front of your camp passing out lemonade or spraying me with a water gun. That would make my Burning Man that much more playa.

Your True Colors

Most years when you arrive on playa you’ll get–along with your WhatWhereWhen, Map, and so forth–a sticker. Among the most popular? Hands down it’s the oval BRC logos.

So to show support for the Green Man theme this year, Carmen with Burners Without Borders printed up a whole bunch of new ones, albeit with a twist: they’re green. Get it? I know, simple, but it works. And who likes waiting? Not us, either, so if you’d like one, take a moment to get one right now, and show off you true colors all year.


(Shown here on a camper out in our back parking lot, next to an oooold school Woodsy Owl sticker, remember him?)