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August 6th, 2012  |  Filed under News

List of Voided Burning Man Ticket Numbers

Addendum:  We want to make sure you all know that our intention is not to screw over the buyers in this process, but rather to make sure they DON’T get screwed. Check the list for your ticket number.  If you purchased one of these tickets, please contact partiserv here: partiserv (at) and we will assist you.

When our ticket office is alerted to situations where tickets are being sold for above face value, those tickets are voided and the ticket numbers are placed on our voided ticket list. If you’re wondering whether you might be holding (or are being offered) one of those voided tickets, you can find the (regularly-updated) list of them here on our ticket page.

Individuals selling tickets at above face value are notified that the ticket they purchased has been voided. If they can provide us with the original ticket and either proof that a sale wasn’t completed, or that a sale was reversed, they are considered for a refund. It’s also made clear to them that if they DID sell it, they should arrange to give a refund to the buyer, since they are now responsible for having sold something that is not good for its intended purpose.

If you’re holding one of these voided tickets, contact partiserv here: partiserv (at)