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January 20th, 2009  |  Filed under Participate!

Bring It! Join the Effort …

As our world takes a change for the better on this day, we offer you an opportunity to heed the call to participate in our mutual betterment.

A little backstory: a group of Burners, including Burners Without Borders volunteers, were invited to come and set up a booth at the 2008 Bonnaroo music festival, and naturally, their established intent was to encourage the immediacy of direct participation through personal interactions.

As part of this effort, they created a gigantic nylon banner, which displayed what was deemed the “Bring It! Pledge”. Bonnaroo attendees were invited to sign their name to this banner, committing themselves to taking an active role in making ours a better world. And you will note that some committed themselves with particular exuberance. ;-)  The pledge reads:

“I will assert myself and apply my myriad talents toward the achievement of radical self-reliance, uncompromising self-expression, immediate participation, and unlimited inclusion. Whether I do this through building community, advancing the arts, aiding disaster relief, gifting alternative energy, greening the planet, or some other means, I will be a badass from now on.”

Bring It! Banner

Bring It! Banner

Today, we invite you to sign your own name to this pledge by submitting a comment to this post. Join us in this effort.

June 12th, 2008  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

Bringin’ It to Bonnaroo: Let the Music Begin

I thought the Hug Deli sounded kinda dumb actually. When we were talking about it on conference calls during the planning stages of this trip, I thought it sounded lame. But it was going to be just one aspect of our camp, and I was heroically willing to look beyond the obvious unhipness of the so-called “hug deli” in order to appease the unworldly idealists who favored the half-baked concept. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Loki and Austin settin\' up

Loki and Austin settin' up

The Bring It! crew woke up at Bonnaroo this morning and assembled for the 7:15 meeting to find that Danielle, Blue, Rebecca, DTR, Bash, D.A., Weld Boy, Austin, and Loki had worked on set-up until 2 or 3 am. Camp was looking great! We only had about four hours until the gates opened to the general public, so it was all hands on deck to make sure everything else got done. Read more »

June 11th, 2008  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

Bringin’ It to Bonnaroo: Stuff is Happening

Notable quotes from the morning meeting:

  • Carmen to Smoke Blower: “Do you have a shirt that is not nudist related sir?”
  • Marian to the group regarding the fruity moonshine in jars from the back of Cowboy Bill’s truck: “I had a church sip yesterday and got buzzed.”
  • Ray Posado to the group: “No one wins with shirt-cocking.”
  • Bumper sticker advice to shirt-cockers: “If shirt, then pants.”
  • How we should behave at Bonnaroo whilst on duty: “Wedding rules apply.
  • Regarding the schedule for today: “If we don’t move the shade structures at least two more times I’ll be really disappointed.”
Beautiful Meghan

Beautiful Meghan

It was a busy day at the Bring It! camp. We got up at dawn and went to breakfast, then met as a group at 7:30. I love the morning meetings when witty repartee is flying around like bullets ricocheting inside a metal building. We made it through with hardly a scratch and volunteered for work crews as the camp layout was finally finalized.

Read more »

June 6th, 2008  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

Bonnaroo, Baby!

Burning Man is headed to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee next week to participate in the 7-year old event as Bring It! an amalgamation of Burners Without Borders, Burning Man Regional Network, Black Rock Solar, Burning Man Earth Guardians, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation. The rock-star fusion of outreach organizations and non-profits is aimed at urging Bonnaroo attendees to get involved by bringing their talent, ideas, and resources to the world at large and especially to their own communities.

Our group is 23 strong and we’ll be on site for the duration of the festival talking to people about things like building community, advancing the arts, gifting alternative energy, aiding disaster relief, and greening the planet.  We’ll be asking about their ideas as well and finding out what makes them tick.  There will be 80,000 to 90,000 people at Bonnaroo, and most of them will never make it to Black Rock City, so we’re going to bring Burning Man culture to them.

One of our goals is to expose Bonnaroo attendees to new ideas about radical self-reliance, uncompromising self-expression, immediate participation, and unlimited inclusion.  Whether it’s conservation, adaptation, experimentation, or transformation, individuals have what it takes to Bring It! and we want to inspire them at Bonnaroo to be their badass selves like we’ve all been inspired at Burning Man.

*** June 21st and 22nd 2008 is the worldwide Bring It! Weekend.  Regional groups and individuals around the world will be working in their communities for a day of giving back to an organization or area that could use some TLC. Take the initiative here:

- Marnee Benson