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July 10th, 2009  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Alanna and the Tempest

Aught six was Tornado Alley in the Keyhole. They’d form over by Earth Guardians, at Carousel Corner and start spinning all erratic and slow, trying to find their focus, some becoming almost an entity but most of them becoming sputtering dust disturbers and nothing more.

The Devils that built into something substantial started the same, swirling and sometimes halting then starting again, but they eventually stood tall on their own, spitting up playa until they formed a wobbling body that gained legs then inevitably started marching head first into the City with a frenzy of vengeance. Though they held such promise, most shot their load in that first block and dissipated into nothingness.

We enjoyed watching Black Rock City citizens flock towards those promising funnels on foot and bike, trying to be there when the big one manifested itself.

photo Moze 06

photo Moze 06

That day our camp mate Alanna was performing his BIG BLACK MAN SHOW in Center Camp, so after an afternoon tour of the playa Art, we made our way back to camp to find he and his troupe lazing beneath their shade structures. We alerted them that they were almost late for their show which sent everyone into a mad buzzing of costumes and props and makeup flying while they became fabulous.

Ms. Bird, HotDamn and I made our way to Center Camp and found an empty couch whilst Alanna, Jerome, Alison, Bambi, Adam L.and the others in the BIG BLACK MAN SHOW all got ready to take the stage. While we waited, the hippies moved slowly about, all dreadlocked and tie dyed and smelling of patchouli. They imbibed and stretched, prayed and Tai Chi’ed.

Then Alanna took the stage. He is the BIG BLACK MAN and he is quite huge and entirely muscular, like some sculpture of a God. He’s got a hell of a voice and he’s amazing in his cosmic freak drag.

He sang “Colored Spade” from the musical Hair. He talked about how there were like 20 black people at Burning Man and 40 thousand white people but he wasn’t scared.

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