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August 12th, 2010  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music)

Moze’s Top Ten ART PROJECTS And Then Some

Welcome to the BIG CITY and BRIGHT LIGHTS, where it is said “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” and in Black Rock City by “it” I mean ART and by “make it there” I mean live, breathe, eat, sleep, follow your vision, work your ass off, raise your money, maintain cohesion in your group, create your dream and behold it there.

Then take a breath and load your trucks and GET OUT TO THE PLAYA to work another week or more in circumstances only someone as MAD as a Burning Man Artist could appreciate to put the thing up, all for the sake of GIFTING IT and SHARING your VISION with all of our FAIR CITY.

We are all like 40 THOUSAND moths attracted to those ENCHANTING PLAYA LIGHTS, twinkling and glowing all alone in the dark expanse, and the essence of ART is CREATION and CREATION is the ACTION of MAGIC.

So to this year’s ARTISTS, I say THANK YOU for your MAGICAL GIFTS, one and all.

2010 Theme Metropolis

This year our esteemed CITY FATHER, MR. LARRY HARVEY has suggested that we consider the theme of METROPOLIS, which is fitting considering the URBAN WONDER of our temporary COSMOPOLITAN silt alkaline jungle. I dare say that with 250+ LISTED ART PROJECTS, our fair ‘BURG has more art per square inch than most, and there is always room for more.

And, like in all GREAT CITIES, what is better than putting on your VAGABOND SHOES and joyously joining in the workaday hustle of our citizens on their way in the bustle of the boulevard, crossing  busy streets in-step, wearing anti-uniforms of surreal  gem embellished decoration, some naked painted and sparkling, others taking the forms of bizarre articulated machines or fuzzy bunnies.

What is better that TAKING IN SOME ART in Black Rock City while all around you the CITY RUMBLES with mutant vehicles and such delicious insanity; all carnival stilted, steam punk chaos tilted, flaming, blinking and at most times animated by passing clamorous groups of merry rabble rousers and otherwise exotic PEDESTRIANS. It is a place where the BOHEMIANS are the ones to gentrify the DPW Warehouse, CARP District and “DOWNTOWN” with VIOLENT HAPPY FIRE BELCHING FUN MACHINES. But the gentry here are a dusty sort, sordid and disorderly, a bunch of madmen and malcontents and the only thing that will RUN THE ARTISTS OUT of this town will be the artists themselves when the whole thing is over in however many days.

From UPTOWN to CITY CENTER, yes, this year, there will be ART from the AIRPORT through the BLM gated communities, up and into the SUBURBAN ROWS AND ROWS of RV housing to the TENEMENT TENT WARDS. ART will sprout in the new OUTER PLAZAS. ART will flourish from the MID-TOWN 420 DISTRICT, out the KEYHOLE, up the ESPLANADE and all the way to the TRASH FENCE.

And did I mention this year we even have PIGEONS! You’ll see them all over. And there is a GIANT pigeon too!

So START SPREADING THE WORD, it’s time to get all Black Rock Citified, if you aren’t ZONING out and ART is right up your ALLEY, well here you go. I’ve spent some time reading about this year’s art and listening to Anarchist Jim’s EXCELLENT AUDIO TOURS so, for now,  “LET us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky” to:


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