Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks # 16 “Rangers!”

Episode 16 is less of a “trick” and more of a clarification and definition. “Who are the Rangers and how do I relate to them?” More importantly, “Do I have to act sober around them?!”




“A Walk Through Time” Brings Science+Art Mashup to BRC 2015

unnamedFellow Burners at A Walk Through Time camp are asking: Did you know we are currently facing the potential loss of 30-50% of Earth’s species by mid-century? This is in our lifetime, and it threatens humanity’s survival. Really. No joke, friends. As the Pope (HA!) announced on June 18, we (humanity) have some real issues to contend with.

The A Walk Through Time camp is bringing an art project to the playa to share the story of how life and biodiversity developed on our planet. The purpose is to offer a rich context for exploring fundamental issues regarding humanity and the future of all life on Earth. This project is the story of how we came to be, and it’s ambitious — it wouldn’t be Burning Man without pushing the envelope! A Walk Through Time will run 1/3 mile with interactive play stops along the way and a participatory pavilion at the end.

A Walk Through Time is a camp and a project with a mission: these long-time Burners are convening at Burning Man this year to elevate this important question: How do we stabilize climate change through business, policy, and most importantly through mobilizing The People?

Check out their Indiegogo campaign, and their charming disclaimer at the end.

Burning Man Project Seeks BWB Program Manager

bwb-logo_transparentIn case you missed the news, Burners Without Borders (BWB) became an official program of Burning Man Project (BMP) on June 1, 2015.

BWB, born in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, has a storied history of facilitating global grassroots volunteerism and civic participation in everything from disaster relief to beach clean-ups.

Burning Man Project is now seeking a high caliber Program Manager to administrate Burners Without Borders. Please go here to apply — the application deadline is Monday July 6.

As part of this transition, Carmen Mauk, BWB’s founder and longtime Executive Director, will help onboard the new program manager and then continue her own community outreach efforts, including her most recent work on alternative currencies in Africa. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Carmen for her outstanding work over the years guiding and nurturing BWB to amass an impressive list of accomplishments, from Haiti to Peru, New Jersey and Japan.


The Dancetronauts Meet Civic Responsibility

We’ve received a number of questions about the Dancetronauts Mutant Vehicle being asked not to come to Black Rock City in 2015. Here’s some background …

Shark car at the DMV, 2011 (Photo by Philippe Glade)
Shark car at the DMV, 2011 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

We strive to create as few rules as possible in Black Rock City to allow Burning Man participants as much freedom of expression as possible. The few rules we enforce on playa (such as on-playa driving restrictions, sound limits for large-scale sound camps, the recent ban on hand-held lasers, etc.) strike a balance between the various competing interests in the community, creating a foundation for civil society. In the spirit of Civic Responsibility, everybody sacrifices something (gives a gift, if you will) for the benefit of the greater community — which is Communal Effort.

Burning Man has had rules in place for several years regarding sound systems on Mutant Vehicles. The sound policy was created to strike a balance between allowing mobile sound vehicles and respecting artists’ requests for quiet space around their installations, participants looking to camp in quiet areas of Black Rock City and to address reports of hearing damage caused by overly loud systems.

We’ve received a number of complaints from participants about the Dancetronauts vehicle since 2013 — in fact more than any other vehicle on the playa. We requested the Dancetronauts draft a plan for dealing with the issues, and they failed to do so. We informed them their vehicle would not receive a license to operate on the playa for 2015. Dancetronauts have not been ‘banned’ from Burning Man. They’ve been asked to take a year off and make plans as to how they’ll address concerns from the community in the future.

Dr. Yes over at Burn.life wrote a good post on this topic, including some more details.

Czech It Out … Prague Artists on the Playa!

Jakub Mierva of the Bambufonomat Project (Bamboo Element), funded by the Global Art Grants program two years ago, is sharing the wonderful news with us that their interactive musical and visual instrument for four players, as well as work by the Czech artists Jakub Nepraš and Linda Mikolášková, will reach the playa this year.

Watch their charming Indiegogo video to learn more about their dreams and plans for the playa this year. We love this project and are excited to see it in Black Rock City!

"Bambufonomat" by Bamboo Element, 2013 BRAF project (Photo Courtesy of the Artist)
“Bambufonomat” by Bamboo Element, 2013 BRAF project (Photo Courtesy of the Artist)

Bamboo Element creates interactive installations out of bamboo including musical instruments, vehicles, as well as large constructions in nature. The emerging young artist Nepraš has exhibited all over the world and will bring his unique video paintings on plexiglass from his Culture series.


Photo courtesy of Linda Mikolášková
Photo courtesy of Linda Mikolášková

Mikolášková is a stage makeup artist and cofounder of Amanitas Fire Theater, a group active in the Czech new circus movement, and she will be doing workshops and performances. They are members of the Clusterf*ck United camp, where all the artwork and workshops will be located. Events will be listed in the Burning Man Playa Events Calendar.



Art Shanty Issues Call for Artists for the 2016 On-Ice Program!

Burning Man’s Global Art Grants artists are making remarkable, engaging work all over the world, and many welcome your participation. This 2015 grantee project invites you to join in!

Burning Man Global Arts Grantee "Art Shanty / On Ice," 2015 (Photo courtesy of the artists)
Burning Man Global Arts Grantee “Art Shanty / On Ice,” 2015 (Photo courtesy of the artists)

Art Shanty Projects is seeking visual artists, musicians, composers, media artists, architects, poets, scientists, dancers and choreographers, writers, builders, fisher-people, outdoors-people, naturalists, puppeteers, set designers, vocalists, spoken word artists, craftspeople, storytellers, actors, playwrights, creatives of all types, and all those interested in the design and construction of temporary environments to create shanty-like structures, and / or to produce participatory projects, art, events, and shows on the frozen surface of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Art Shanty’s 2016 On-Ice Program takes place over the four weekends of February 2016.

Art Shanty Projects is offering 20 artist team stipends (amount TBA), on-ice management, publicity, and shanty-building support.

An information meeting will be held Monday, June 22, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
White Bear Center for the Arts
4971 Long Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Deadline for Applications:
July 31, 2015

To apply visit their website and follow the link to the online submission form.

Homeless Advocacy Art Bus Is Bringing New Life to Your Streets

Artists give street performance in Downtown Washington, DC
Artists give street performance in Downtown Washington, DC

Here’s the thing about art: It turns an ordinary perception into an encounter. In art mode, you aren’t just sensing objects anymore, you’re in a conversation with another creative being. This is how the Homeless Advocacy Art Bus wants to transform the all-too-common perception of homelessness.

This converted school bus will show up in your city and unload a party of performers and poets, some wearing masks, others showing their faces. They’ll open a pop-up gallery of sculptures, writings and drawings made of the stuff of city experiences. These artists are homeless, but they’re no longer invisible. You no longer want to just walk past them. Now you’ll stop, watch, listen and talk. Won’t you get on the bus?

The Homeless Advocacy Art Bus has no Burning Man affiliations whatsoever, but it’s exactly the kind of thing we want to see everywhere. They’re using art to snap people out of complacent states and getting them to confront the reality of homelessness, but doing it with color and story and creative force. The world needs much more of this.

The project is trying to raise $57,000 to get the bus on the road, starting in their home base of D.C. but eventually rolling out to cities across America. Please support their StartSomeGood campaign by June 30.

Storm over the Playa

by Bryan Snyder

This was the first minute of dust storm with still part of blue sky in the background. Dark dot on the playa is the emergency parachute landing.Crude Awakening by Dan das Mann and crew.

This was the first minute of dust storm with still part of blue sky in the background. Dark dot on the playa is the emergency parachute landing.Crude Awakening by Dan das Mann and crew.

“It’s a tornado!” shouted Justice from the top of the scissor lift, excitement and disbelief coloring his voice. I followed his gaze through the cluster of tents and shelters, straining to see if I could make out the form of a twister or oversized dust devil. Instead, to the southwest, a wall of dust was rolling and billowing inexorably towards our camp in the Black Rock Desert. We’d weathered storms before, but this one was going to be huge. (more…)