2008 Regional Leadership Summit

Back in February we hosted a not-so-little event at Burning Man HQ in San Francisco called the Regional Leadership Summit.

2008 is the second year we have hosted the Summit, geared towards Regional Contacts and other community leaders. It provides an opportunity for Regional Contacts from around the world to get together face to face to share ideas, attend work shops and trainings, ask questions and spend some quality time in person with their fellow cohorts and colleagues from around the globe.


Les Burners en Francais

Bonjour mes amis!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an update from Regional Land and I’m here to do just that. This chapter in the adventure takes us through Europe searching out the Euro Burners and finding new Regional Contacts to put our growing Regional Network on the map in several new countries. First stop – Paris, France. Here I caught up with the Paris Regional Contacts Eddy, Marc and Philippe.


Farewell Snowstorm!

Greetings friends!

Just a small entry today to acknowlege and say farewell to one of our Regional Contacts who is about to embark on a year-long adventure around the world. I had just arrived in London and was lucky enough to catch a few hours with Matt aka Snowstorm before he left to embark on his super adventure. And we were not alone! In true Regional tradition, Danielle from Atlanta was visiting London at the time and joined us for a little bit of Regional love.


London Decompression

Perhaps the latest Decompression event of the year, I have to say that attending London Decompression was quite a treat.

A long enough time has passed since we have all returned home from the playa that a good dose of Burning love was greatly appreciated. I don’t think I was alone, ask any one of the close to 600 participants what they thought and I bet you’ll hear similar words of appreciation.


Assateague – The Birthplace of Playa del Fuego

My apologies friends. This entry is a bit late due to technical difficulties with getting the images to load. Special thanks to Loopy, one of our awesome Blog Volunteers and also to Rob Carlson and Rae Klein who permitted use of some of their images since my camera took a swim in my cooler and was OUT of commission for most of this visit.

See y’all in the dust – here is the final entry from a month long adventure through Regional Land.



It was a long month on the road and the very last stop on the journey was to the East Coast to Assateague Island to meet up with True from Albany-Troy (NY), Ben Sarsgard from Baltimore – Washington area, Andy Wing from Philadelphia, PA, and OMan from NYC.


New York Happy Hour

Greetings from the road once again friends!

I’ve been laying low in the Big Apple, trying to catch my breath and prepare for the last leg of this journey through Regional Land. While here I did managed to stop in to the weekly Burner Happy Hour that happens in NYC.



Not a moment to loose, I returned to the states from London and took off running the next morning to find Transformus and my Dirty Southern Burner friends. The drive to Deerfields was familiar. The air was steamy and humid, very different from my last visit to the region. Everything was huge and green, the fields of tobacco and corn were significantly taller and bursting with activity.


UK Burners!

The shock of hitting the streets of London after Nowhere was rough. It really did feel like returning from the playa but it was time to move along and find out what the UK burners are up to.

My first stop was to Salisbury to meet up with Russell Wiltshire, one of the Regional Contacts for UK. Russell lives many hours from London so we met in the middle and paid a visit to Stonehenge.

Russell Wiltshire