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On April 19, 2008, Burning Man’s Communications Manager, Andie Grace, received the email below from Mark Hinkley, a Burning Man acquaintance. Mark is the former Regional Contact for San Diego; he also organized both the Xara theme camp at Burning Man, and then later, in 2003, a Southern California art/music/creativity and mythology festival called Xara Dulzara, which grew from 200 people to 1100 in 2006.

In the years since, Mark has remained on the Regional Contacts discussion list as an emeritus member, and has kept in touch with Andie Grace about his latest projects. From time to time, he’d send an email to fill us in on his latest ideas about Burning Man or Xara. This April 19 email was titled “A spring update from Mark.”


After the ’07 burn, and Afterburn ’07: news from BMHQ

Several pieces of news and info for you on this June afternoon – the 2007 Afterburn Report, the latest info on the arson, and a few notes from around BMHQ.

Yes, the 2007 Afterburn report is ready for the world! This comprehensive post-burn report is our annual soup-to-nuts rollup of everything it took to make Burning Man in the previous year, and the 2007 report is fresh from the oven and linked at

With dozens of teams reporting, plus the annual Census results, we hope this report helps to answer the question, “What do those Burning Man staff and volunteers actually do, anyway?” and gives you some insight into the inner workings of your other “hometown” in Black Rock City.


What IS a Burner, anyway?

Here’s a word that’s been on our minds a lot lately – “Burner.”

No, that’s not sarcasm…lately, we wonder a lot about this nomenclature and how it’s applied all throughout the Burning Man community in different ways. In fact, there was a tiny flap a few weeks ago when the JRS referred to folks attending regional burns as “Burners (and wanna-be Burners)…” We meant to refer to people who hadn’t yet had the opportunity to attend a burn (either BRC, or a Regional event), but alas – it ruffled the feathers of a small group of our “I’m-happy-at-my-regional-and-I-ain’t-ever-goin’-to-Nevada” friends who took it to mean, “People who hadn’t been to Burning Man, but want to, and won’t be ‘Burners’ until they have. ” And in retrospect we could see why they’d read it that way, really. It just wasn’t what we meant.

But it got us to thinkin’…who “really” is a Burner? (more…)

From Actiongrl: new Reno preparation pages!

AG here, inviting you to check out the newly updated Reno preparation pages this weekend so you can make your plans for your final approach into BRC. If you’ll pass through Reno, you’ll find TONS of new info from Reno area volunteers who have updated, added, and refined information on exactly where to go in Reno to get the stuff you need on the way through the event if you’re passing through.

Step on in to the Reno preparation pages and take a peek! Check out the geographic location links at the bottom of the page. Almost every page has new information you can use on your way through if Reno is on your itinerary. You can also browse by category according to what you’re looking for — including any special rates or packages for Burners at area hotels.

And then…get packin’!