August 13th, 2014  |  Filed under Playa Tips

Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks #15

August 13th, 2014  |  Filed under Playa Tips

Some of these are reminders, but need repeating.

  • Bike Borrowing
  • Porto Potties Basics
  • Leave No Trace – ANYWHERE
  • Respect The Art
  • Mandatory Adventure Bag*
  • Meeting (non-placed) campmates (Or listen to Caveat’s alternative Tip)
  • & more

You can check out ALL my Tips & Tricks videos at or search my name on this blog.

* CONTENTS of Mandatory Adventure Bag: dustmask/goggles/water bottle/light jacket/flashlight/1ply TP/wet nap & zip lock/ lip balm/sunscreen, sunglasses, cup/spoon.

5 Responses to “Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks #15”

  1. Syd Says:

    Yep. Definitely going to come by Pink Heart in hopes of giving you a hug. You, rock, Halcyon–thank you. :)

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  2. John "Halcyon" Styn Says:

    See you soon, Syd!

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  3. Chester Says:

    But what happens if a plastic bag flies into dust devil and beyond the trash fence? Who is going to clean that up if Cleanup Crew can’t? Where does it all go? Who is responsible for the trash beyond the trash fence?

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  4. Boyscout Says:

    I’d think I’d add condoms to the Mandatory Adventure bag. Just in case. Ya never know. Always be prepared. And a energy bar or something, just in case you need a snack.

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  5. Kung Fu Patty Says:

    I really look forward to finally meeting you. Your video blogs have been a huge help over the years. One other tip for when you leave camp: Glow and/or lights to avoid darkwad status ;)

    Thanks again for all the brilliant tips :)

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