August 14th, 2014  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Participate!, Preparation

Audio Art Tours are live!

August 14th, 2014  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Participate!, Preparation

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The wonderful folks in the ARTery have completed your 2014 Audio Art Tours.

Download the entire zip file or get individual MP3s now at the new Art Installations Audio Tours page.

The MP3s are great to listen to while packing, on the drive to BRC, or on playa, as you’ll have your own personal art tour guide. They should import into your music player as an album and are easy to drop into a playlist.

Your tour guides are the ever fantastic art fanatics  Jim Tierney and Evonne Heyning. Blurbs for each piece are written by Jim Tierney  or the individual artists.

Spread the word far and wide and bring your own Art tour to the playa.

Also, the ARTery has created a page devoted to everything you need to know about  Art Tours in Black Rock City this year


5 Responses to “Audio Art Tours are live!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Wow, this is so totally awesome!

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  2. Mark Says:


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  3. melva Says:

    this is the best. when I started going 10 years ago I was 10 years younger, now I am 77 years old and had foot surgery in may so I was looking forward to only enjoying what I could see from my campsite. now I can see all of the art. thank you, burning man people.

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  4. Jim Tierney Says:


    The ARTery has guided art tours on art cars just for folks like you! Tuesday through Friday come by the ARTery in the morning and get a ticket. If you are physically challenged in any way you have priority on the art car art tours. Tickets are available at 9am and the tours leave at 11am. Although, again, if you’re physically challenged in any way, just show up 30-45 minutes before the tours leave.

    But I’m very glad you’re enjoying the Audio Art Tour!

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  5. Yulo Says:

    This is great. Playa art just used to be a backdrop to your immediate experience. Like a lucid dreamscape. Now we can go from piece to piece and examine each one, and get the audio story like being in a museum.

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