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Weapons: Don’t Bring Them to the Playa

August 6th, 2014  |  Filed under News


There was a time (20 years ago) when participants brought guns to Burning Man. That time has passed and growth of Black Rock City and concern for everyone’s safety led organizers to ban weapons from the event. That ban continues with the 2014 event and we are again asking participants to leave their weapons at home.

Each year Burning Man negotiates a Closure Order with the Bureau of Land Management that encompasses the event site and some of the surrounding playa. You can view the Closure Order area in the image below. The Closure Order is a public announcement that the Bureau of Land Management issues in collaboration with the Burning Man organization and includes temporary restrictions to protect public safety and resources on public lands.

Staff and participants are forbidden to possess, carry or hold weapons on their person, in their camp, vehicle or dwelling in any area included in the closure order.  Anyone found with a weapon will be immediately removed from the event site.

From the Closure Order:

Weapon means a firearm, compressed gas or spring powered pistol or rifle, bow and arrow, cross bow, blowgun, spear gun, hand-thrown spear, sling shot, irritant gas device, electric stunning or immobilization device, explosive device, any implement designed to expel a projectile, switch-blade knife, any blade which is greater than 10 inches in length from the tip of the blade to the edge of the hilt or finger guard nearest the blade (e.g., swords, dirks, daggers, machetes), or any other weapon the possession of which is prohibited by state law.

“Firearm” means any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, or other device which is designed to, or may be readily converted to expel a projectile by the ignition of a propellant.

Please do not threaten the future of the event – do not bring weapons to the Event Site for any reason!

You can read the entire closure order here.

For the record, pants cannons are still allowed.


55 Responses to “Weapons: Don’t Bring Them to the Playa”

  1. Super Evil Brian Says:

    Are kilt cannons still legit?

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  2. Pixel Says:

    Is pepper spray ok? I wanted to bring it. It’s my first burn and admittedly I’m a little nervous (very sheltered person).

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  3. srs Says:

    Pixel, pepper spray would be an “irritant gas device”, I would think. Also, rather than going to the playa like you’re walking unaccompanied down a dark alley, why not plan to start your journey in a camp surrounded by people you know and and trust and go with an open mind willing to meet new friends who are nice, nonthreatening people you aren’t afraid are going to hurt you? Rumors to the contrary, Burning Man isn’t limited to the night time rave experience. There are plenty of family friendly, cordial and dressed people to hang out and have fun with.

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  4. Vex Says:

    I agree with Pixel. You cannot always guarantee your family will be around, especially if you are trying to be open-minded and meet new people. Even the nicest, most non-threatening people can have ulterior motives. Not saying that everyone is this way; I’m sure a lot of people are very honest and friendly. I may be paranoid but I would rather be safe than end up drugged, raped and/or unconsious in the middle of nowhere with a scar over my kidney. I say bring your pepper spray, Pixel, and if they confiscate it at the gate, then so be it. And no matter what, always stay aware.

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  5. Hot Pink Says:

    I’ve seen some Canadians with a compressed-air potato gun at the Washington state regional, Critical. They used it to make fries and shoot grilled cheese sandwiches up a slope. I guess there will be no high-velocity fries on the playa. Pity.

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  6. fw Says:

    I completely understand no shooting in the city and have no problem with that, but I think people who drive a long way have a valid enough reason to carry a firearm. So they are stuck with what to do with it once they get there. Either they make arrangements to store it outside the city (I don’t know of any), or they sneak it in and keep it stored. My understanding is there are quite a few Burners into guns. Lots of people shoot on 4th of Juplaya. Accommodation for travelers to store their weapons would be a good solution. It’s not as though violent crime doesn’t happen during the event. If you look at the ESD Afterburn reports, 2013 had 7 cases of domestic violence and 7 possible cases of sexual assault. 2012 had 8 and 10 respectively. 2011 had 8 and 9 respectively. There are just the reported cases.

    BTW, NV is an open carry state. One can legally carry their handgun exposed on their hip pretty much anywhere in the state, as well as in their car as long as it is not concealed on their person (open carry or glovebox/center console are ok).

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  7. Will Chase Says:

    @fw: Regardless of what your personal opinion about it is, or what the laws of Nevada are, the fact remains that within the area of the closure order, “Staff and participants are forbidden to possess, carry or hold weapons on their person, in their camp, vehicle or dwelling in any area included in the closure order. Anyone found with a weapon will be immediately removed from the event site.”

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  8. Trapper Says:

    “For the record, pants cannons are still allowed.” – be sure to remember that for your defense – last time I checked blogs could not override federal closure orders “any implement designed to expel a projectile” is banned – there is no exception mentioned for underpants.

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  9. Fan C Says:

    Dear Pixel, please do not bring your pepper-spray. If it is found your burn is over YOU will be expelled. Not just have the spray taken.

    The one and only thing that matters is the BLM closure order. Nevada state law is totally irrelevant.

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  10. What Says:

    I was shot by the Critical potato gun a few years ago. It hurt like fuck, but then the shooters gave me the most amazing fries and all was forgiven. Two days later a potato-splatter pattern of bruises appeared on my thigh. Oh, and I was thrown from a roped-up bull barrel at that Critical, too. When I complained of joint pain and strange bruises to my doctor she ran a lot of tests. But all is well. And those fries were delicious. Potatoes would be moopy shot from a canon on the playa, though.

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  11. matt Says:

    carry a gun, if you get caught you get asked to leave. (as it says above). And you know this rule will only stop good people the bad guys will still bring a gun. See the recent case of the Dr. stopping a mass shooting by shooting the attacker with his gun that he brought into a gun free zone! If you need it and dont have it you may very well be dead. I think its hilarious burning man is all about freedom and they dont let people choose how they want to protect themselves. Classic.

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  12. Damdifino Says:

    When I last came to Burning Man in 2012, I had been touring in my RV for two months prior and, as is my right, I kept a pistol in the RV. Am I supposed to stop in the desert somewhere outside the exclusion zone and bury it? Hopefully the day won’t come when we’ll be required to leave our right to, say, free association outside the gate as well. Though I suppose we could form a giant ring around the zone, join hands, and sing songs about how pure we are.

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  13. Laura Says:

    How strange this talk of guns seems to me, a Brit who is hoping to come to my first burn next year. A weapon is the last thing I would think to pack, especially to a global gathering of like minded friends. Is my head in the clouds? Do I need to wise up? I hope to always stay this naive to be honest. It’s worrying to think some people will try and smuggle in a gun despite the rules because it’s their right to carry one by state law. Surely the whole point is that BRC is a place where people come to be stateless and free from convention for a week. Just a shame that convention means firearms on a normal week…

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  14. Fiver Says:

    Laura, our “right to bear arms” originates from something about 235-ish years ago. Our revolutionary war against the Brits! Granted times are very different now, but people hold onto that right with strong hands.

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  15. Neil Says:

    Jeeze this really is sad to see all this talk about guns. Just because its your ‘right to carry’ them does that really mean that you need them? The stats mentioned above for violence at the last 3 burning man events are quiet low. 60000 people over a week. Surely with those stats its still safer than most cities. I went there last year and had no trouble. It never would have entered my head in a million years that others might have a gun. Maybe I’m naive as well. Its a good, friendly place. You don’t need guns

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  16. J Meow Says:

    If you think you need to bring a gun then don’t go.

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  17. Martin Says:

    Wow – what a disturbing post. I’m another Brit and I’m with Laura on this. Admittedly we have a vastly different perspective – we don’t have a gun culture in Europe and nor do we want one. But then we’ve never really had it in the first place so for us it’s not an issue – in far too many years of travelling around Europe (and the rest of the world) I’ve never felt the need for a gun. And that’s not because I’ve never been in dangerous situations. It seems to me, based on the desire to have firearms to hand when on way to/from burnign man that there should be some way of managing this – but teh only sensible solution of course is an on-site armoury where LEO control everyone’s fireams….which some people won’t subscribe too….
    For me – the idea of people getting drunk/wasted/emotional due to dehydration carrying firearms is disturbing to say the least. But then…I don’t live in a gun culture. The whole idea is just plain weird to me I have to say.

    NB: This isn’t an anti-firearm post…. :)

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  18. KISU Says:

    I’m sorry Martin, you can’t speak for EUROPE while being on your “even-a-large-knife-is-prohibited”-Island. Switzerland has a very active gun culture, so does germany, austria, italy, france – it isn’t as eye-catching as the gun culture in the US but it’s there so please don’t spread misinformation about what WE have and what WE don’t. Although i’m with you that we don’t need the right to carry our guns here in europe and that there should be no guns at Burning Man for the reasons you told, even if you stay hydrated and sober – maybe there will be someone who isn’t and thinks its fun to rip the gun from your holster and point at people.

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  19. HandJamMasterC Says:

    There is no need to bring any weapon to Burning Man. If you feel threatened at any time, light up a big fat joint. Law enforcement will be there instantly !!

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  20. bobo Says:

    Women don’t need actual weapons, society has empowered them with the ‘accusation’. All they need to do is point their finger at any man, and he goes to jail. Who needs a gun, when you got that?

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  21. Kevin Ells Says:

    If you are worried about you safety then stay home. Read the back of the ticket. the first sentence. As it has always been, you assume the risk of Death or Serious injury. But in all seriousness, this is a pretty darn safe city. If you want to make sure you aren’t attacked while alone, keep yourself very, very well lit, carry a fog horn, know your way around at night, travel with someone, etc. But don’t carry weapons with you where every you go. Heck you could lose it, drop it etc. and a kid or tripper could find and blow their own head off, cut themselves up, spray themselves etc. OK, I am babbling now, but try to come to Burning Man with the feeling it’s a pretty safe and happy place. Nuff said.

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  22. Real Says:

    I always have and will continue to carry a pistol in my car. I drive 2000 miles, stay at rest stops and all that. Sorry if that bothers you hippies but res assured it’s locked in my safe during the event

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  23. Sarge Says:

    I’m really saddened to see so many fellow Americans ignorant of our rights and our history and just knee jerk whining about how horrible firearms are. The arguments don’t hold water, and attacks against people like me that take pride in the free exercise of a guaranteed right are personal and grating. “Ammosexuals” ? As though a healthy knowledge of and respect for firearms means I have a sexual disfunction of some kind? Radical inclusion unless you disagree politically? How about we all leave the anger at home.

    And while it’s the law, I’ll keep leaving my firearms at home. If that ever changes and we get something like a shooting range out there again, I’ll gladly share with anyone that wants to overcome their fear of firearms.

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  24. Mike Says:

    Guns are dangerous, but should be allowed into BRC to cull the population of hipsters who wander around naked asking for this-and-that to help them along on their survival experiment. No one could argue this is not the highest and best use of bullets. Be safe out there, Burners. Have fun!

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  25. groupWguy Says:

    As a Canadian i am with the Brits here. i have never owned a gun, have no concern for my safety, and the very fact that Burning Man is in a gun free zone makes me feel safer than had it not been designated as such. (SHHH don’t tell anyone, but most of us up here don’t even lock our doors at night)

    Remember a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet!
    See you all in a couple of weeks! ;-)

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  26. Robrob Says:

    A commenter claims they will leave their gun “locked up”, but then goes on to say “It’s not as though violent crime doesn’t happen during the event” as if their hidden/locked gun will be a deterrent of sorts? Weird.

    At any rate, the rules are the rules. Leave your guns at home or where ever else you’d like to leave them outside Black Rock City.

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  27. oddty711 Says:

    While I agree that allowing fire arms into Black Rock City will almost certainly lead to trouble eventually, I strongly thing the BLM should reconsider allowing pepper spray and mace into the event.

    The United States has an unfortunately high number of victims of some form of violence and many of these survivors just don’t feel save with out some sort of personal protective device. Even in a city as welcoming and amazingly safe as BRC. Therefore I do believe the BLM should allow non-lethal personal protective devices, (pepper spray/mace/tazzers.)

    While it’s probably too late to change this policy for 2014, I would ask the BORG to urge discretion on the part of LE. Despite postings about no weapons, thousands of people will not get the message about irritant gas and the last things anyone wants is to have a rape victim ejected for having a small cartridge of mace on her keychain.

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  28. Justin Says:

    You left out the important part.
    “Any person who violates the above rules and restrictions may be tried before a United States Magistrate and fined no more than $1,000, imprisoned for no more than 12 months, or both. Such violations may also be subject to the enhanced fines provided for at 18 U.S.C. 3571.”

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  29. Justin Says:

    lets get our moneys worth.

    41. The BLM shall collect a commercial use fee from BRC for the use of public lands for the event. The fee, as set by regulation 43 C.F.R. § 2930, will be equal to 3% of the adjusted gross income derived from the use authorized under the SRP. Payment equal to at least 25% of the estimated commercial use fees (3% of estimated gross receipts) must be received by the BLM prior to the start of the event. Determination of gross income will be based on all payments received by BRC and its employees or agents for goods or services provided in connection with commercial activities authorized by the SRP. This includes, but is not limited to, ticket sales, coffee and ice sales, fees associated with outside services, and private donations received by BRC for management of the event on public lands. “

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  30. Epona Says:

    HEY! that’s a picture of ME from 2005!

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  31. neverlegal Says:

    Pixel, Find either a camp and join them or make friends with your neighbors its always safer in numbers.
    Second its not the best thing but it will either stop or slow down an attack small can of hair spray.

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  32. Alexander Dunn Says:

    How can anyone contest the need to ban firearms at Burning Man?. Especially in the name of ‘freedom’? I say keep us all free and keep us gun-free. Looking very forward to being on the playa!

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  33. Michael Ernest Says:

    It’s a simple choice between carrying your gun and attending the event. Don’t want to separate from your weapon? Enjoy the rest of Nevada, there is plenty of it! Don’t want to miss Burning Man? Then come prepared for peace and joy.

    The vast majority of violent incidents occur among people who know each other. If you bring weapons, odds are your friends have more to worry about than the rest of us. Why put them through that?

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  34. TroubleMaker Says:

    So build your own Bolo Camp won’t be effexted. See you all there! I’ll be dressed as a gladiator with my trident and net.

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  35. Valgar Says:

    Gun arguments aside, this rule also encompasses some of the chef knives that people might bring.

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  36. Jubilation Says:

    I’m confused?? Last year I didn’t bring my atlatl and darts cuz I was afraid they’d be confiscated at the gate. I asked two different law enforcement officers at 2013 BM if it would be ok to bring them in 2014 and they both said yes, fine. Now I read in the blog on weapons that hand thrown spears aren’t allowed. They have blunt tips so they won’t even harm the playa but I don’t want to get fined or ejected form Burning Man. I use them as part of my physical meditation. What does everyone think? Should I bring it or not? See you all soon! Many blessings!

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  37. Richard Says:

    Is the Burning Man then taking the legal responsibility for the safety of all it’s participants when the ban weapons? Are they going to guarantee the safety of a person that submits to your ban ? You do know that criminals will still carry regardless of your ban? When someone gets shot or killed when criminals defy your ban, are you going to take the legal responsibility of caring for that person or their family because you banned them from protecting themselves?

    Shaking my head…

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  38. Richness Says:

    hmmm … Weapon means, any implement designed to expel a projectile. I guess there will be no fireworks when the Man burns this year.

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  39. exixx Says:

    I would love to contribute to a shooting range should that direction ever be taken, and would man a shift daily to help folks understand safe and sane firearms use. But rules are rules, and despite driving cross country from CT, we’ll be leaving anything classed as a weapon at home. BRC is plenty safe without them.

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  40. Kowboy Karl Says:

    Whether it’s compromises “criminals” or ‘patriots”, gun culture seems, to me, to boil down to fear, intimidation and a sense of entitlement.
    I like to think that Burning Man has room for everything.
    But think about that for a moment.
    For those who have burned before, have fear, intimidation and/or a sense of entitlement been at all a part of your B.M. experience?
    For those joining us for the first time(welcome home!), are fear, intimidation and/or a sense of entitlement something you are seeking at Burning Man?
    And for those who are presently experiencing or craving fear, intimidation and/or a sense of entitlement, you are invited to step out of your conditioning for 8 days and experiment with with the notion that perhaps not everybody is out to fuck you over or hurt you.
    You might be pleasantly surprised.

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  41. bernard t Surprenant Says:

    Well in this time now considering the size of BurningMan today and even if state law allows open carry and at one time people could bring weapons to BM i think the rule forbidding weapons is quite wize just think of it 65.000 people and all the free booze given at a multitude of places plus all the booze people bring for themselves,,,, i think that there are not really that many aggressive people at burning man anyway the mentality is against that type of behavior i talk by experience i have been to 2 burns 2012 2013 I totally agree that a person can have weapons at home to protect yourself or in your vehicle if law allows but when one comes to BM then one enters into a agreement with BRC rules and including the ones forbidding weapons

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  42. Maria Says:

    After reading all of the above I am truley amazed…and not in a positieve way unfortunately. I am from Amsterdam, have been to many festivals in different countries all over the world and have not felt I unsafe. Yes I am a woman, no I do not wander around naked after dark intoxicated but I do love to party. I have never carried even the smallest of knives. The issue of wanting to protect one self against ‘criminals’ with a gun goes why beyond the art and spiritual freedom festival that I thought it was. I do hope I am wrong and that most participants want to have nothing to do with it. Use common sense, go in a group as others say and have fun, being positive is the best protection there is. Have a great time y’all!

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  43. Maria Says:

    After reading all of the above I am truley amazed…and not in a positieve way unfortunately. I am from Amsterdam, have been to many festivals in different countries all over the world and have not felt unsafe. Yes I am a woman, no I do not wander around naked after dark intoxicated but I do love to party. I have never carried even the smallest of knives. The issue of wanting to protect one self against ‘criminals’ with a gun goes way beyond the art and spiritual freedom festival that I thought it was. I do hope I am wrong and that most participants want to have nothing to do with it. Use common sense, go in a group as others say and have fun, being positive is the best protection there is. Have a great time y’all!

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  44. Garth Says:

    Most of those leaving remarks just don’t get it….Burning Man is for people who do not want to be in a festival with guns. Its a choice made in a democratic country. If you cannot be separated ever from your weapon please go to another event where gun culture, the macho-bullshit, paranoia and violence that goes with it, is appreciated. Please do not try and force it on a peaceful gathering. The absence of anti-personnel weapons actual makes me feel safer.

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  45. The Duke Says:

    Luckily most gun-folk are upstanding, law-abiding people. The Closure Order, issued by the Bureau of Land Management (a part of the Federal Government) prohibits weapons on the piece of land given over to Black Rock City for the duration of the event. It is literally the Law of the Land. I’m sure that the weapons owners will do the right thing and abide by the law. Otherwise, if they find that they can’t take their mouths off the steel tit for even a few days they will be law-breakers (“bad people” in their parlance), and they won’t do that. This has indeed been a sad thread, educating burners from foreign countries about this slice of American backwardness. Just another example of intractable and unexamined righteousness. Our kind placer lives off-grid on a mountainside and kills what he eats. Does he insist in bringing his guns to the Burn? Absolutely not. The lack of ability to temporarily self-temper one’s rights in the face of inappropriateness is truly astonishing. We can do better than that.

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  46. Rita Says:

    Guns? Burning Man? I’ve been hearing all about BM for many years from a man who is heavily involved with it. Nothing he’s ever said prepared me for the shock of seeing those two opposing concepts used in the same sentence. Europeans: You should not fear for your safety there! BM is about joyous and peaceful self-expression. Anybody who brings a gun or any other kind of weapon just doesn’t have the right mindset for the event. Anybody whose heart is full of fear also shouldn’t go. I believe in the 2nd Amendment. But I would no more bring a weapon to BM than I would plop my beloved dog in the middle of a friend’s dinner table while food was being served. Lots of things are legal that are just plain wrong-headed.

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  47. Matisse Enzer Says:

    I think we need to keep in mind that the Closure Order is created by the BLM in consultation with the Burning Man organization, not by Burning Man on its own.

    Burning Man is, to my knowledge, entirely unique in its population size and density for an event on BLM land, nothing else even comes close that I know of.

    So, the considerations involved in negotiating the permit and associated matters are quite different from what applies if you and a dozen friends go camping on the playa in, say, June.

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  48. Valgar Says:

    Could we just fucking drop the gun part of this. Is no one looking at the rest of it?
    Irritant gas device? So no pepper spray? Basically, this *seems* (please correct me if I am wrong) to pretty much ban anything that anyone would carry that is non-lethal to protect themselves from the dude-bro “Here drink this” crowd. Stop focusing on the GUN part, and look at the rest. I can no longer bring my mutard pre-event to ride on, and use as set-dressing for thunderdome, I can no longer bring my swords as part of my dome outfit. What the actual fuck is going on here? Why doesn’t BMORG just team up with ABC in california, since they both seem to hate fun.

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  49. Pat Kelley - Drummer Boy Says:

    I would like to weigh in on this issue as an observer at this point, aas I am really interested in becoming a “burner”, an attendee, and a part of this incredible happening. My back round is that I am a Biker, a “Clubber”, and a musician (drummer) and artist. I am also a shooter, and have been involved in the sport (not hunting, hunting is not sport) aspect of ballistic weapons for many years. I fabricate my bullets, and load my own shells, mix my own powder, and compete in competition. It is an exciting science for me, as an engineer. I also have earned permits to carry, including Nevada. I don’t however carry a firearm on any kind of daily basis. I’m old enough now, to realize that the chances of ever having to use deadly force is extremely remote, and will most likely get one in more trouble than they can handle. When I travel cross country, I usually carry a semi auto firearm in a lock case, or at least holstered, depending on where I am, and what situation I may be in. I will defend my life, and my wife’s life. I have been in many dangerous situations and locations in my life, but, I can understand that BRC is a unique association of free thinking people, and gentle spirits, and see no reason, whatsoever that anyone might need a weapon there, that can inflict deadly wounds upon each other, especially firearms. Seems kind of against what it is all about. I grew up in the bay area when I was a kid (SF and Sausalito), and now live in Minnesota. BRC seems to me to be a place where one can be free of all this violent Krap for at least a week. Even when BRC allowed firearms on the salt flats, or “Playa” as you call it, it was not a good idea, as depending on the firearm, the bullets can be deadly from 1 mile, up to 7 miles across a flat surface. The thing that I think many of you, and myself would be interested in, would be, is how to secure any personal weapons before entering BRC as travelers, and comply with attendee requirements. This shouldn’t be a culture clash, as much as it should be a melding of cultures. I would have a lot to offer at this event, if I can make it next year. I will, however travel with a sidearm. If this event were any closer to Death Valley, the Mohave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, Central Arizona, Central Utah, or in Northern New Mexico, I would have friends to leave my firearms with, while I attended., but it is not realistic to expect people to bury their valuable side arms in the desert, like “DAMEDIFIKNOW” says.
    I hope all goes well, and I will be looking for 2014 postings! Peace Out —— PK MN

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  50. Donald Shestko Says:

    I have read many of these comments with interest. And curiously, I have found I agree with many of them – even when they are seemingly contradictory.
    Burning Man is a unique environment and I, myself, cannot imagine any good reason for possessing a firearm. However, for those of us who are going to travel many miles on roads to get to Burning Man, and pass through some potentially dangerous areas, having a (legal) firearm for self-defense seems prudent.
    I wonder if there may be a middle ground: have a fire-arm when traveling, and then make it “not a fire-arm” while at Burning Man. Disassemble it, lock the individual parts, then lock these disabled parts in a secure storage.
    In my mind this idea is vastly superior to “hide it and hope no one finds it”. And if asked, I think it may also provide a reasonable, honest, and legal basis to say: “No, I have no gun”.

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  51. Jerry Varney Says:

    This is my 10th Burn. Honestly, there is no reason for weapons at Burning Man. For a city with a population of >60,000 it is amazingly safe. Like any city with that level of population there are some people that are predators, it’s simple statistics. Group travel is always recommended, just like any large city. For the most part, BM is exemplary in the way people watch out for each other. The population also is largely self calibrating. There’s also no lack of Law enforcement on Playa. Oh, and for those that think guns shouldn’t exist on Playa, perhaps you might want to float that idea to law enforcement.

    In fairness, I should state that I am one of those 2nd amendment types that believes gun ownership is a right, not an entitlement. Most people fail to consider the fact that the 2nd amendment is there to protect the people from their Government should it go sour, not sanction open warfare on fellow citizens. I have a concealed carry permit. It allows me to transport my guns concealed, in my vehicle without breaking the law. I like to shoot recreationally. I go shooting with friends after the Burn in another state. It is tremendously inconvenient to try to get my guns to the other state because I have no where to secure my guns prior to going to the event. I have never brought a gun to the event and have no intentions of doing so.

    It’s amazing to me how fast the anti-gun crowd is to label gun owners as paranoid and fearful when they argue from the position of fear of guns. At the Burn, there is no reason for any weapons, pepper spray, stun guns (which by the way were not listed) or firearms. Common sense is always your best mitigation strategy.

    Unfortunately, many people that go to the Burn go with the sole idea that they can completely suspend common sense and suffer zero consequences. That’s why we, as a community, have EMS and Sanctuary. For those of you that think BM is a completely weapon free zone, consider the carnage that could be wrought through the use of say, a flame cannon or flame thrower. I saw a button one time on a Burner that said “Any tool is a weapon, if held correctly”. Pithy. Perhaps the button should have simply said, “Any Tool is a weapon”.

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  52. Fungineer Says:

    “For the record, pants cannons are still allowed”. I’m no lawyer, but the closure order does not appear to provide an exception for underwear launchers. BMORG choosing to turn a blind eye to pants cannons is one thing, but advertising that these devices are “allowed” in contravention of an order established by a Federal Agency is a mistake. If the Feds deem the pants cannon a weapon, could they not find BMORG complicit in violating the terms of the closure order? Why take the risk?

    Even if the BLM closure order did not stipulate a weapons ban and BLC had a shooting range, I wouldn’t dare bring any of my guns because the playa would convert them into rust.

    I don’t think anyone needs to be concerned about the presence of firearms at this event. Law abiding gun owners will almost always verify restrictions (imposed by federal, state, local and private entities) pertaining to firearms before traveling, and will therefore not bring them to BLC because they are prohibited. On the other hand, you may need to be concerned about pants cannon wielding maniacs.

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  53. Valerie Johnson Says:

    I OWN a ranch, not too far away from BM. I’ve carried a gun almost every day of my life, for almost 35 years. It has saved my life TWICE- and my Partner’s once. What a bunch of hypocritical A-Holes. Talk, talk, talk about “Freedom”, but want to tell ME that I can’t defend me and mine???? Kiss my sweet ass! My family BUILT this COUNTRY- and MY FREEDOMS are granted by the Goddess. BLM can KMA, too….

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  54. desmond zeigt Says:

    May I propose the notion that those of you who are quick to call gun owners nuts have
    never fired a gun? Politics and The Constitution aside, shooting is fun. It speaks to something primordial in us. Perhaps it’s the latent caveman, but it’s indescribably satisfying to see an object off in the distance and actually be able to hit it. We did it then with rocks and sticks, we do it better now with guns.

    Omagod, guns are dangerous and violent–and they’re so loud! Well folks, the most lethal weapon at my disposal is the automobile but I don’t hear anyone calling me a car nut because I like to drive.

    So the BLM acts with Burning Man to trump state law for a few days? Kinda speaks to the power of money–but hey, I don’t have the time or inclination to hire a constitutional lawyer to run this one up the ladder. I just wanna burn.

    Would it be that unreasonable therefore to offer a leave-your-hardware-at-the-door policy and have a hat-check girl/boy tag and secure everything and then return it when the burn is done?

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  55. Christian Louboutin Says:

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    day. It will always be exciting to read content
    from other authors and practice a little something from their sites.

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