August 15th, 2014  |  Filed under News

Burning Man Traffic Updates — Every Hour on the Hour

August 15th, 2014  |  Filed under News
No, not *quite* like this.

No, not *quite* like this.

Want to know what the traffic situation is on Highway 447 or the wait time at the Gate? Beginning Sunday, August 24, we will begin broadcasting hourly traffic reports on BMIR 94.5 at the top of the hour. We’re aggregating real-time traffic information from Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Department of Transportation and our eye in the sky (ok, an IP traffic-cam on Poito Peak) to give you up-to-the-minute details on the drive to the event.

BMIR will be streaming via iHeartRadio again this year beginning Aug. 21. You can download the app here, and tune in on your mobile device before entering the communications dead zones north of Wadsworth and south of Cedarville for a no-snark traffic update. Long wait time? Consider sitting tight until the back-up lessens.

Wait? You want more? We’ll also be providing real-time traffic updates 24/7 via Twitter. Just follow @BManTraffic.

BMIR will also begin providing Exodus wait times and highway traffic reports on Saturday, Sept. 1 through Tuesday, Sept. 2.

13 Responses to “Burning Man Traffic Updates — Every Hour on the Hour”

  1. Andrew Kuttor Says:

    Tick… tock… tick… tock…

    The time isn’t moving fast enough, still 5 days before I start cruising home. Arg!

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  2. kluzi Says:

    How about we make the “greeters” a volunteer duty, :)/
    I mean, they hold up the traffic lane significantly.
    No one ( even Virgin’s) should be MADE to go through the greeters ritual. Lotsa folks are tired and after waiting in line for up to 12 hours, they should have a choice wether to go straight to their designation or participate in the G-ritual.
    with 70 k folks approaching, this might help speed up the entrance.
    Lots a love. Me

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  3. rick deckard Says:

    i can’t wait to wait in line – gotz me ticket says i can

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  4. Miss Kitty Says:

    ugh.. the time is not near enough… keep telling myself to breathe, be patient Kitty!!

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  5. Mi Ga Says:

    Is the Org on playa time now? I’ve downloaded iheartradio but BMIR doesn’t show up when I search

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  6. Laura Says:

    Is it possible to send packages/mail to someone there?

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  7. Mikey Says:

    Still no BMIR on iHeartRadio – anybody else see it there?

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  8. medwin Says:

    HI This is the seven attempt to get tickets for an independent journalist please send me the way and contact information and also with a motorhome willing to pay 380 or less and parking pass if necessary. 310-863-0660

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  9. Nifty Poppins Says:

    Still can’t find BMIR on iHeart… Heard there was a road closure due to rain…
    ¿Que pasa?

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  10. theCryptofishist Says:

    Yes, gate is closed due to rain.
    Because of lightening strike rain risk, BMIR may be closed.
    Perhaps not the best info, but some info here, Nifty.

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  11. ridgie didge Says:

    Its raining? sucked in, so much for living of the land, being spontaneous and no money to change hands, seems to me BM this year is days of setting up a western world in the desert? hardly in the theme is it, BM..what a crock of BS, glad i sold the ticket.

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  12. FlyGuy Says:

    Ridgie Didgie. Why are you complaining if you are not even going? All of us are glad you sold your ticket too!

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  13. Fred Lopez Says:

    Awesome, very helpful info.

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