Burners Discuss Community Building in San Mateo [Full Video]

On Wednesday, May 14, the city of San Mateo, CA hosted a panel of veteran Burners as part of its San Mateo Innovation Week. The topic was how to build and inspire the community you envision. Here’s the full hour-long video for your enjoyment and edification.

The panelists were Burning Man co-founder Michael Mikel; Karen Cusolito, Oakland artist and founder of American Steel Studios; Dr. Mike North, host of the Discovery Channel’s Prototype This! and founder of ReAllocate; and Ilana Lipsett, co-founder of Freespace. It was facilitated by Stuart Mangrum, Education Director of the Burning Man Project. More photos after the jump.

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2 thoughts on “Burners Discuss Community Building in San Mateo [Full Video]

  • Beautifully presented by each of the panel members – I’m totally astonished, inspired, excited, impressed and THANKFUL for the opportunity to hear all of the speakers here. I’m also more than a little frightened that I’ve been invited by absolutely the wrong camp to join them for my first-ever burn this summer. Now for some soul searching, then hope for the best and see where the playa experience leads me. Thank you, and kudos to the city of San Mateo!!!

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  • Brilliant fun.
    This level of innovative thinking is the reason I adore Burning Man.
    Thank you! <3 <3 <3
    Regarding playa names… I was bequeathed epiphany stardust but after a terrific dust storm I changed it to starlight… does that count?

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