March 24th, 2014  |  Filed under Afield in the World

Life Cube Burns in Downtown Las Vegas

March 24th, 2014  |  Filed under Afield in the World

Last Friday, the Life Cube burned in the middle of Las Vegas. The flames carried 35,000 wishes written by the public up into the heavens.

Artist Scott Cohen has built and destroyed The Life Cube Project on the playa for a few years running, and now he’s brought its message into the default world. Anyone who passed by the structure before the burn was able to write down their wishes, and Cohen also brought cards to local elementary schools. DaveX (Burning Man’s Fire Art Safety Team manager) said his favorite of the kids’ wishes was “I want a gold monster truck.” He and a few other veteran Burners were on hand to make sure the Life Cube burned safely — including the inimitable Flash Hopkins, who emceed the proceedings.

There’s a beautiful photo gallery in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and here’s a great piece about the burn on the local news:

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

4 Responses to “Life Cube Burns in Downtown Las Vegas”

  1. skeeter Says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. it was fun and a very meaningful time creating a Life Cube in Las Vegas.

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  2. aaron briese Says:

    I got some amazing pictures of the Life Cube event and burn on my Flickr. Enjoy!!

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  3. Titty Kitty Says:

    Thank you skeeter for chasing a dream that I could share with you! Love you!!!!

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  4. Goddess of Tears Says:

    Skeeter – You’re amazing! I feel so blessed to have met you and helped in a small way along the way to see this dream come to fruition. You have instilled the belief of manifesting dreams in so many people around the world, its a beautiful thing! A true reflection and expression of what Burning Man is all about. Thanks for being you and sharing this amazing, interactive art with us! xoxoxo

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