February 5th, 2014  |  Filed under Tales From The Playa

This Would Be Perfect If…

February 5th, 2014  |  Filed under Tales From The Playa
Tales From The Playa are dreams and memories of events that took place at Burning Man, as told by its participants.
Photo: Bob Richardson

Photo: Bob Richardson

by Nocturnal Steve

Some years ago (this 16x Burner can’t remember when) early early morning on a moonless, dark, chilly Playa;

Me and my significant other walking hand and hand back to our camp, no one else around. On the way we spotted a random Burn Barrel flickering flame & embers. Stopped, sat near on a bench to warm ourselves.

I felt a plastic bag with soft contents next to me, and picked it up to see what it was. Exactly, simultaneously she says “this would be perfect if we had some marshmallows…”

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