The Planetarium

Photo: larryWberg
Photo: larryWberg

by Kristin

One lonely midnight I went to look for those people of “last time” at the address we were once, knowing that even the City itself changes ground. I found only walls and walls of RVs enclosed upon themselves like aliens conspiring in deaf whispers. I did find a home-made planetarium and laid down and cried. They had drove with all this 30 hours from Canada and although the projector broke down sometimes, the stars were not really our galaxy, and you could see the binder clips holding the white sheet ceiling to the dome, it was touching and beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “The Planetarium

  • It’s sad to think that the modern Burner will never know what it’s like to walk off the esplanade and find things happening, people hanging out and all sorts of weirdness. Those days are looooong gone.

    It used to be that things happening off the esplanade were the best things. Now, it’s just dark camps and RVs after Rvs.

    The Maori call this, ‘progress’. Burning Man calls it, ‘evolution’. The effect is the same, however.

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  • some of the best things are still beyond the espla. they are like lil galaxys of there own with happanings of witch the safe footed will never know. you must cross the dark universe devide before you reach the next star.

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