August 19th, 2013  |  Filed under Playa Tips

Darkness Falls: The Moon Report

August 19th, 2013  |  Filed under Playa Tips

The full moon is Wednesday, Aug. 21. This is great news for people who are out doing early set-up for the event. But as the burn approaches, the moon gets slighter and slighter. By Wednesday, Aug. 28, the moon will be half. Burn Night the moon will be a crescent.

In other words: It’s going to be dark out there. I’m no astronomist or astrologer but I did check the lunar calendar.

You probably don’t need any of this info. You’re reading the blog which means you are a smarty. You’ve got lights to spare.

Headlamps and bike lamps will help light your way. Clip-on LEDs and EL Wire will make you more visible to other people, bikers and art cars.

I mark my tent with some groovy solar-powered lights I bought at the hardware store. They look like flowers and change colors. Battery-operated Christmas lights are another good option.

Around camp it’s nice to have more than just a headlamp. A lantern for prepping a late-night snack or brushing your teeth is super helpful.

Don’t forget spare batteries or an extra flashlight. You will be sad and scared (and likely scarred for life) entering a dark port-potty.

And don’t get me started on people in all-black riding bikes on the Esplanade with no lights save for a dying glowstick dangling from the handlebars.

A bit of etiquette: It’s easy to forget you’re wearing a bright headlamp. When you head into a theme camp or art area please turn it off. It makes conversations unpleasant when there is a blinding LED shining in your face.

10 Responses to “Darkness Falls: The Moon Report”

  1. TheAstronomist Says:

    As The Astronomist I can confirm this is true.

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  2. Gobkin Says:

    As a non The4 Astronomist I can also confirm this to be tru

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  3. Albert Finestein Says:

    I suggest putting LED lights on the spokes. Then they strobe and, if you peddle fast enough, the strobe will freeze time itself. When that happens people will have an infinite time to converse, although a simple word will take forever.

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  4. Hildy Says:

    Just got my solar string lights for our bikes and camper. This will be our first Burn and have been doing lots of research to be prepared.

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  5. Fiesta Mafia Says:

    Thank you

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  6. Papa Gnome Says:

    I drove a many-ton fire truck across the deep playa one night. The little gnomies were a little surprised when I jumped out and decorated sleeping (or stoned?) burners with acolytes, so no one would run them over. Usually they were in small dark piles.

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  7. Joda Says:

    Don’t be a dark blob.

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  8. McGyver Says:

    Don’t be a “Darkwad”!

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  9. STAPLES Says:

    I would say that this goes in the “DUH” file, but I am sure there are a few “DUH’s” that do come to the see The Man. So, don’t just think of yourself, think of others and light up the night by lighting up your beautiful self.

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