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State of the Art, Burning Man 2013

August 27th, 2013  |  Filed under Photos/Videos/Media

[Editor's Note: We're happy to have photographer Michael Holden documenting the art and experience of Burning Man for you this year, and posting regular submissions to the Burning Blog. You can find all his posts by clicking here. Enjoy!]

I think that y’all like my photos more than my prose. In the spirit of doing what one does best, I’ll cut this short and get back out there.

Burning Man Art Preview:  Truth is Beauty panorama

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane


Burning Man Art Preview: Victoria CoRE

Flor de Muerto by Victoria CoRE, during construction


Burning Man Art Preview: Victoria CoRECompleted

Flor de Muerto by Victoria CoRE, on the evening of it’s completion

Burning Man Art Preview: Reach for the Sun

Guardian of Dawn by Iron Monkeys


Burning Man Art Preview: Hawaii CoRE project

Kavai Ahi by Maui CoRE


Burning Man Art Preview:

Coyote by Brian Tedrick


Burning Man Art Preview: Drifts

Drifts by Michael Christian


Burning Man Art Preview: Temple Interior, 360° panorama

Temple of Wholyness by Synthesis LLC, interior 360° panorama


Burning Man Art Preview: Church raising and glam heels art car

Church Trap by Rebekah Waites


Burning Man Art Preview: Big bike.

Ibis Maximus by Nick Taylor


Burning Man Art Preview: Believe and Michael Christian's new pie

Universe Revolves Around You by Zachary Coffin and  Believe by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg 


Burning Man Art Preview: Rangers and Coyote

Coyote by Brian Tedrick

Burning Man Art Preview: Burning Man on the mothership

Burning Man

Burning Man Art Preview: Temple at Sunrise

The Temple of Wholyness by Synthesis LLC


Burning Man Art Preview: Truth is Beauty and Setting Moon

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane

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37 Responses to “State of the Art, Burning Man 2013”

  1. Ninon St Denis Says:

    Thank you for your great pictures ~ It is telling me to go and be part of this Art party next year !
    If you see my Cool Artistic Son; Cameron St Denis / Tell him I love Him ..
    From his Momma,
    Ninon St Denis
    Qualicum Beach ~ BC ~ Canada

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  2. Terra Lynn Says:

    See you in 2014!! Thanks for allowing me to share the Playa with you from the East Coast!!!!

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  3. Bob Says:

    Great pictures! I hope to make it next year. I’ll keep checking your blog for updates. Thank you!

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  4. MiMi Says:


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  5. Cindy Tatum Says:

    Now I’m even more excited to get there tomorrow!!! Great photos, thank you!

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  6. Carlos Nicholls Says:

    Thank you for sharing with the world the wonders of Burning Man!

    Couldn’t be at the playa this year, but I’ll see you in 2014!!!!

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  7. Denise Says:

    I feel like I just inhaled home:) i couldn’t make it this year, but somehow feel connected through your pictures. Thank you.

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  8. p.michael Says:

    So much Goodness. Thanks man.

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  9. Big Says:

    …well done….absolutely great…thank you much!

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  10. Bill Says:

    I can taste the dust,smell the salt,feel the heat

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  11. Stefan Huntley Says:

    Thanks for the photos, I really needed this ….

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  12. Joy Bennett Says:

    Fantastic, wish I could be there! Have a wonderful BM 2013 experience, all!

    a writer in Santa Monica, CA

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  13. Liana Says:

    Great pictures following on the website this years happening hello to my girl Katia from Australia xxxx mum

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  14. Brm15 Says:

    Since 2002-2013, my heart has been broken three times. I miss this beautiful sacred (for me) place.

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  15. Rebecca RamirezBarnes Says:

    Absolutly beautiful art and photography. Looking forward to viewing more througout the week.

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  16. Mommy Bloom Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures…hello to my children Peter & Sarah and their friends Arial and Takami.

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  17. Elektra Says:

    Gorgeous! Wish I was there!

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  18. Imei Says:

    Michael Holden, thanks for the fantastic photography of the Burning Man art on the playa. I won’t be able to return to BRC until I’m able to figure out out a way to survive hypohydrosis, so seeing the pictures are the next best thing.

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  19. Adam Taylo Says:

    Thanks for sharing those awesome photos while its still happening, gives us a peek into what’s going on in a really beautiful way. But where’s the humans as art?

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  20. Marcorporation Says:

    Thank you for this. This is the first year in so so many that I chose not to attend the burn. And seeing these images made me cry a little, laugh a little, cry some more and laugh again. I’m so thankful for this organization being a part of my life, and am grateful for you taking the time to photograph and post these images. Thank you Michael, and thank you yet again Harvey!

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  21. SageBurner Says:

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pics of the art. I’m missing this burn for the first time in 7 years right now (wed night), and it’s nice to be able to see some of the art out there. See ya in 2014. I’m not missing another burn, cuz this shit is tough.

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  22. SageBurner Says:

    From the deep dark depths of the default world, my heart is truly in Black Rock City :/

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  23. Adam Graz Says:

    Looks awesome! I hope to return one day when the ticket prices and popularity die down… so probably never! haha.

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  24. Gers Says:

    Thanxs for those amazing pixs!
    Hope to be there…Actually I’m kind of there…connected through some of my best friends!!
    Next year I’m gonna make it! SURE!

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  25. =De)*(Ro= Says:

    Wonderous and Beautiful! I miss my family but, know I will return to the Dust again soon!
    Please welcome all you meet with the simple phrase, “You are home, Welcome back!”
    ciao-4-now in spirit, =GpD=

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  26. David Eiler Says:

    Very inspiring, lovely pictures, defiantly makes me want to go. Never been, live only 80 miles away.

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  27. Jillonius Says:

    I feel I have come home to the Playa through your gorgeous images. Thank you for allowing me to experience the BMan heat, creativity, beauty & excitement through your eyes. Now the pain of not being there with my family is just a bit more bearable.

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  28. Roz Coles Says:

    Alive! This peek into the joyous spirits of the free make me feel ALIVE just by viewing these pictures. I won’t make 2014 but look forward to 2015 :) How do you spell relief – P.L.A.Y.A !!!

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  29. Lourdes Stokes Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Happy my daughter and all her fellow burners are part of all this beauty.

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  30. Bob Mirto Says:

    geat pictures!!

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  31. Dani Dukes Says:

    @Ninon St Denis I totally camped with your son! He is a DJ right?! He is so freaking awesome, musically and a very special person in general! I hope he camps with us next year! He was such a character… whenever he was gone from camp wandering doing the burning man thing, we all missed his presence!

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  32. Hoss Says:

    I really enjoyed the image: Coyote by Brian Tedrick! Coming from New England the idea of so much open and un-green space is foreign to me.

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  33. Shane Toussifar Says:

    Love the Coyote!

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  34. Grace Jones Says:

    Insanely cool art , have a son ,a daughter and a niece who all love burningman and I can’t wait to be there !!! Meanwhile thanks for sharing :)

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  35. Earl Thomas Says:

    I still wonder at the creativity of man, I can not express the joy I have in just seeing the beauty of it all there.

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  36. " ZEBRAMAN " Says:

    2013 , incredible art, amazing people , burningman rocks !! Dust is a minor inconvience compared to the life changing experience that awaits you .

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  37. e liquid Says:

    Nice to write article here thanks for great gift

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