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Burning Nerds Annual On-Playa Party Expands!

August 13th, 2013  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

This year the Burning Nerds are expanding the Annual Burning Nerds Party-Mixer!

transform learning

ON PLAYA LOCATION: Playa Skool Dome (3:00 and Esplanade)
DATE & TIME: Friday, August 30, 2013. 4-6pm (cocktails) but Nerding goes all day!
WHAT: Enjoy a cocktail while we reflect on the big academic questions at our NEW location this year! There will be a whole bunch of Nerds just like YOU to meet and mingle over a cocktail (bottle donations AND mixers are welcome – we are making our own bar).
RSVP: Please Join us and RSVP to academics here: academics (at)

In addition to our annual cocktail party, we’ve added an Unconference for all the NERDS TO TALK THEIR HEADS OFF! All day Friday come enjoy talks, mini-lectures and activities for all academics, scholars and their fans! Here’s Friday’s schedule:

FRIDAY AUGUST 30, 2013  @ PLAYASKOOL (3:00 and Esplanade)

10:00am- Welcome by Nolan Bushnell
Open Space – sign up for afternoon UnConference.  Go out and have a transformational adventure! Scavenger/Treasure Hunt Designed by Evonne Heyning.

12:30pm -Talk with Singularity University & THNK
Potlatch BYO DIY, food, guest talks on educational technologies, learning and engagement, games, core and flipping blended experiential interactivity.

Burning Nerds, Geeks & Doctors….Bring your own talks! 5 MIN SPARK TALKS on your latest research 30 minute & 1 hour CONVERSATIONS on your geeky educational interests.

4pm- Closing by Brian Behlendorf
With a reading of a collective manifesto for learning.

4pm – 6pm Burning Nerds Cocktail Hour Mixer
Hosted by Dr. Wendy Clupper-Meier.

Nerds at Mixer 1

nerds 4

nerds 3

nerds 2

nerds 1


5 Responses to “Burning Nerds Annual On-Playa Party Expands!”

  1. Dominique Says:

    Hi! Will there be a facebook page with this info? As of now I’m using Facebook Events to keep track of all of my playa events… Thanks!

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  2. Rosalie Fay Barnes Says: your wish is our command

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  3. Evonne Says:

    Looking forward to this epic day! We start off with an unconference and quest in the morning, short research conversations and snacks in the afternoon followed by the most epic happy hour ever known to nerds.

    We are making the manifesto to transform learning together, so come early and contribute your ideas.

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  4. Kitten Says:

    Nerds in lab coats from Paradise Motel shall be joining in the revelry ;)

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  5. Vanessa Hullin Says:

    so cool

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