PSA: How Do I Find My Friends at Burning Man?

They wouldn't last a day in the desert.
They wouldn’t last a day in the desert.

It’s tough out there in the desert.  You need your besties watching your back!

But what if you can’t find them?  What do you do?

Today’s Public Service Announcement is here to help answer that question!

You can listen below:

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Or click here


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Caveat grew up wanting to be a Russian novelist, but the closest he ever came was getting personally insulted by the first democratically elected president of Poland. He is not an official representative of Burning Man, or even an employee, and does not speak for the organization. He does, however, periodically show up at the Burning Man Philosophical Center with a sign that says "Philosophy in Progress." He tweets under the clever pseudonym of @BenjaminWachs. His email is Caveat at burningman dot org.

3 thoughts on “PSA: How Do I Find My Friends at Burning Man?

  • So when I want to introduce my new friends to my old friends I go to the Playa Info directory to find my old friends and other people with the same names as my friends. Then I meet someone wonderful in the playa info directory line and wander off with them to a knitting circle and end up teaching a perfect perfect stranger how to knit. It is just like that. Eventually I remember why i went to playa info, circle back, and hope any of my friends who have my survival gear have put their contact info in the directory so i can find them and my gear.

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