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Burner Express Offers Bus Service to and from Black Rock City

July 17th, 2013  |  Filed under News
No, not this bus. (Photo by Brian Erzen, 2010)

No, not this bus. (Photo by Brian Erzen, 2010)

In an effort to reduce traffic and limit the environmental impact of our event, Burning Man organizers are offering the Burner Express bus service with pickups in San Francisco and the Reno airport to Black Rock City and back. This service offers early arrival, speedier entrance, ticket pick up, reserved camping and quicker departures.

Burner Express is ideal for participants flying into the event and for Burners involved in art projects and theme camps having their gear hauled in by campmates. Tickets start at $60 one way from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and $95 one way from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Additional charges apply for extra luggage or for a stop at a grocery store in Reno. Departures begin from both locations Saturday, August 24 and return trips begin Friday, August 30.

Not this one either. (Photo by Scott Kentros, 2010)

Not this one either. (Photo by Scott Kentros, 2010)

Large motor coach buses will take Burners to Gerlach, where they will hop on smaller buses for the ride into Black Rock City. There will be a “bus only” lane to sidestep traffic backups at Gate and Greeters, and bus passengers will have their own Will Call station for speedier ticket pick up. (Please note: ONLY Burner Express and Green Tortoise buses are permitted in the bus lane.)

Once inside BRC, bus riders have the option of camping in a reserved camping section on the 6 o’clock access road or taking shuttles out to 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock along G Street.

For more information, see the FAQ on our Burner Express page.

To purchase tickets, visit the Burner Express website.

48 Responses to “Burner Express Offers Bus Service to and from Black Rock City”

  1. David Says:

    This is excellent!
    I also hope it does not create more sparkle pony spectators…

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  2. Nicolas Gonzalez Says:

    This is so awesome. I find it hard to manage rides from Calgary. Flying to San Francisco and catching this bus would be quite an adventure!

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  3. David Lipper Says:

    Why can’t other buses use the express lane, if you’re really trying to encourage mass transit? This sounds like VIP access me.

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  4. Knutsoza Says:

    Hopefully the bus co. uses EPA 2010 certified buses or better?

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  5. Cindy Carter Says:

    It would be really nice if you could work something out for the Gerlach people, all 25 of us that attend, that have to work all day. It’s almost impossible for us to enjoy the event when we have to sit in a line for 6 hr’s and it’s 10 min.s from our front door. I’ve been going for 22 yr.s we really need an easier way in.

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  6. Thomas "DoubleTee" Terashima Says:

    The next step is passenger / cargo train service.

    Black Rock Station would be a temporary siding. Shuttle buses and trucks.

    100,000 participants by 2025 without overloading road traffic.

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  7. houdini Says:

    C’est une bonne initiative mais trop légère.Cela va concerner à peine 1% des festivaliers.Pourquoi de mettez-vous pas un service de co-voiturage entre les festivalier eux-méme??

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  8. Jason Says:

    In 2008, I took a shuttle bus from the airport to the Rothbury festival in Michigan. A group of us from the bus ended up camping together in the walk-in camping area. Two of my fellow campers told me that if I liked Rothbury I would love this thing in the desert, and then they invited me to camp with them at Burning Man the next year. That bus ride literally and figuratively took my life in a new direction. So happy to see that this will now be an option for the burn. I’ve already got a car rental this year, but maybe next year…

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  9. Clive Says:

    THis sounds great and a good solution for me flying in from the UK.

    However, how are we meant to get all our food and water in? (not to mention bike!)

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  10. S Song Says:

    I agree with David Lipper! It doesn’t really sound like they’re genuinely trying to reduce traffic; rather it’s an opportunity to make more $$$.

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  11. Organ player Says:

    Sounds great… but… why are they shutting out other bus services? like TO FLAME bus?

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  12. To Flame Says:

    Or you could use To Flame Bus (http://brc.toflame.com/) for a cheaper option and support a Burner-based organization that has been doing this for 3 years!

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  13. jonno Says:

    The question on the way home will be has the driver ben up all week partying? I’ve seen quite a few accidents from people driving off the road in their post-burn drug addled mindlessness. Hopefully they’ll use designated drivers not the guy from the seven deadly sins camp :)

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  14. Will Chase Says:

    David: these buses, unlike others, need to get in and back OUT to make their next pick-up, so they need a dedicated lane to stay on schedule.

    Clive: there will be a luggage truck that follows your bus, on which you’ll put your gear (including bikes). There are buses from Reno that include a stop at a supermarket for shopping. But if you’ve got campmates that can bring your stuff in for you, all the better.

    S Song: Burning Man actually makes ZERO money off of this service. However, it IS a money-making venture inasmuch as it will ensure the sustainability and longevity of our event. The two main things that could kill Burning Man are environmental compliance and traffic, and this moves towards solving those problems.

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  15. Loren Says:

    1. a, Why no extra luggage option (“large luggage allowance”) from San Francisco? Since we are pretty much de-facto required to bring in our own food and water, that pretty much shuts out any one from San Francisco like myself bringing a duffel bag (suitcase size) (item 1) a tent (item 2), food (item 3), water (item 4) and makes us use a separate bike transport option such as Playa Bike Transport. For me that leaves only the To Flame bus from S F which does offer extra luggage and bike transport (for extra charges). The To Flame bus to San Francisco does the exodus Sunday before Temple Burn, so right now I feel stuck between taking BM express bus and not bringing enough food/water and taking To Flame and missing the temple burn and having to wait longer to get in and out on arrival and exodus because To Flame is not allowed express bus lanes coming or exodus.

    b, I am concerned that some new to BM might reserve your S F Bus and with the standard luggage allowance bring suitcase and tent but neglect to bring their food and water. Having only the standard option from S F might encourage that sort of booking (folks not bringing in their food and water) thus causing other problems on the playa during the event (more folks begging other campers for food and or water and a temptation for these people to crash theme camp meals intended for theme camp members only).

    2. Why only grant Burner Express (Bus Bank) and Green Tortoise express entry/exodus and not other busses such as To Flame bus? It would seem that if other bus services such as To Flame are also reducing road congestion, that they also should be given express entrance/departure to make BM attendees think in their BM travel plans to book a scheduled bus in and out with express entrance/exit being one of the incentives for burners using scheduled busses including To Flame. IMHO this should not just BM Express or Tortoise as an incentive for burners to come in and leave on a scheduled bus to avoid long lines on entry and exit day. I am thinking here of the express lanes on freeways, where all commercial busses with high occupancy can use them. I am aware that some who come in a bus that is de-facto a RV for themselves and a few might try to abuse this, but there has to be a way to let legitimate bus services such as To Flame into the priority bus group. (For now I plan to ride To Flame, but I am not connected with them in any way). Excluding legitimate scheduled bus services such as To Flame and only giving preference to BM Express and Tortoise gives the appearance of favoritism.

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  16. George Says:

    Hi Will,

    I like this idea. It’s better than a kick in the nuts, and/or nothing. People should just chill a bit. Relax at least 1 year, then nitpick. Breathe.

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  17. George Says:

    Also Will, I don’t know if the schedule is set in stone but, if not, may I (selfishly) suggest a 7pm bus from SF airport on Sunday with large luggage allowance, and grocery stop?

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  18. Merlot Says:

    This is PERFECT! Awesome has to go up Wednesday with our RV to help with a theme camp and art car and will have all my stuff. I can now fly in with no luggage (or maybe one small bag of fresh fruit as a treat for him). Now I don’t have to beg a ride share when space is at a premium for everyone driving in. It’s affordable! I booked it!

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  19. NikkiG Says:

    AWESOME! What are the acceptable luggage dimensions. Whats the exodus procedures and the estimated time of arrival in Reno? Will there be a stop to drop off garbage and bikes? I have so many questions…please respond back! I want to buy a round trip ticket :c)

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  20. TOhDoubleD Says:

    I was looking into the to flame bus or the burner express and honestly, as long as the luggage restrictions are reasonable I would go with the burner express. The to flame seems to be expensive; from Reno $60 a ticket (with two bags) $40 for an extra bag (and the space limits are the same as on air lines), if you would like to bring a bike it is $50 each way. So, you are looking at $150 on the way in realistically. You need to leave with everything you brought in so maybe $150 on the way out too. You could possibly recycle your bike at the gate before you leave, I think I remember something like that. I definitely remember having to run down the street after some one tried to “help” me recycle my bike by throwing it on a trailer and trying to drive away on the last day. Either way, if you are not attached to your bike you could save $50 bucks on the way back. The burner express is $60 and you can upgrade to a “large Luggage allowance” for an extra $15. There is some mystery to what the large luggage allowance is however. The burner express is also supposed to have its own reserved camping area. This could be good or bad depending on the people camping in that area it is at 6 o’clock. I am also lead to believe that they will shuttle you to 3&G or 9&G from 6. The to flame bus drops you off at 6 and you are on your own from there, so plan to make a good hike depending on where you are going to camp and if you don’t know, plan on being confused and hiking your stuff far. The burner express states that you can bring 15 gallons of water by purchasing a special container at save mart. If this is a single container how convenient and very heavy. 15 gallons of water weights about 130lbs, so, you would have to carry that and all your gear to camp. Personally, like others, I have mixed feelings about the bus services. They are expensive and don’t seem to offer the gear space that you want at that price. Ride sharing is the other option and based on radical self reliance that seems like one that is questionable also. I hear people do very well with that option but it makes me a little nervous. I would like to find some people that would like to pool together and rent a U-haul or something similar and drive from Reno. It probably would be cheaper than hauling all your gear and bikes on the bus and we could help destroy the corporate profits of the bus companies by hauling gear for the other passengers for free. Gifting, Decommodification, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Participation.

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  21. TOhDoubleD Says:

    I just read on eplaya that that the to flame bus is not actually aloud into Black Rock City at all. The Burner Express is actually affiliated with Burning Man from what I understand, so you would probably have less problems with them. I did read that to flame does give refunds, if you can get a hold of some one. They were over priced anyway. Anyone that is interested in renting a truck and helping haul some things for people taking a bus and need more space can email me at, tohdoubledz here: tohdoubledz (at) gmail.com

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  22. Loren Says:

    TOhDoubleD : Re: To Flame: (in addition to my comments above) (again I am not connected to To Flame) As to which bus is more “expensive”, from S F, To Flame is actually less expensive , gives discount for early reservation, and gives refunds if cancelled before the reservation deadline (mid-August). All should be aware that burner express apparently does not give a dime back if cancelled at any time, and that should be a factor for those deciding options. Also from S F To Flame has extra luggage allowance for an extra charge and burner express does not. So in terms of which is cheaper (to Flame or burner express), it depends on whether we are talking about a S F or Reno departure and whether you need a refundable bus ticket. Another pro for To Flame from S F is that it leaves earlier in the day from S F which may increase the liklihood of arriving at BRC before dark (a plus when one is setting up one’s personal camp space). Con’s of To Flame to from SF are that a camp is required and that they only return to S F on Sunday and thus to exodus to SF on To Flame you would miss the Temple Burn.

    Also, ToODoubleD: in terms of folks renting a truck possibly with you for extra stuff, are you talking about a SF truck or a Reno truck? Also maybe your comment on To Flame access may mean that To Flame may not have special express bus lane access as Green Tortoise (GT is camp tour, not a regular bus and expensive camping package must be purchased from GT to ride GT) and burner express have special access but this may not mean that To Flame does not have regular access through the gate. I am asking Will Chase to clarify this via the paragraph below.

    Will Chase: Please address (comment here): Will To Flame bus be admitted to the Playa or is it only to the gate? If so, what kind of access for To Flame, regular or special? (see TOhDoubleD Says:
    July 21st, 2013 at 9:44 am) Also Will Chase please address (comment here) (see Loren Says: July 18th, 2013 at 2:46 pm) my earlier questions about why no large luggage allowance for burner express from SF and if no express access for To Flame why no express access for To Flame ?

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  23. Will Chase Says:

    In case you didn’t catch it in the most recent Jackrabbit Speaks email, To Flame buses will not be allowed in Black Rock City this year. Here’s the official announcement:


    Burning Man organizers want participants to know the To Flame bus operated by Rally Bus will not be granted access to Black Rock City in 2013.

    Companies providing bus service to the Burning Man event are required to secure permits from Burning Man and the Bureau of Land Management. To Flame and Rally Bus have not secured these permits.

    Additionally, Burning Man issued a Request for Proposals for a bus service to the event earlier this year. To Flame submitted a proposal, but was not selected based on gaps in their operational plan to support the event, previous track record and negative feedback about their bus service from operators and participants.

    During the RFP process Burning Man advised To Flame to not sell any additional tickets. To Flame was not selected as the bus service vendor, but continued to advertise bus service during and after the RFP process. On June 26 Burning Man issued a Cease & Desist letter to the company.

    Participants have a few options for public transportation to the playa, including the new BRC-supported Burner Express bus service operating from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. For more information on options, visit http://www.burningman.com/preparation/travel_info/ .”

    Note that the Terms & Conditions on the To Flame website state that full refunds are offered up until 8/18/13. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  24. Will Chase Says:

    Loren, George, et al: You guys are making some good suggestions. As this is our first year doing this program, we’re starting small and learning from the experience, so we can make improvements for next year.

    I’m running your suggestions by the Burner Express organizers so they can take them into consideration. Not sure if it’s possible, but if we’re able to make any changes for this year, they’ll be announced in the Jackrabbit Speaks and (likely) here on the blog, so watch for that.

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  25. TOhDoubleD Says:

    A separate truck for gear and bikes would allow for the room you need to relax the luggage restrictions. I think it would solve most of the problems that I see. What are the size limits and allowance on luggage for the burner express anyway? I couldn’t find them.

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  26. Tom Says:

    Good solution for my trip back to sf. Booked.

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  27. melva Says:

    I rode the to flame bus last year and it was OK until we got to the playa. the huge coaches are too big for the playa roads. we were there for hours, people trying to move campsites, the cops were there with red lights. we finally exited the bus late in the night, had no idea where we were. a man that was on the bus walked with me to walk in camping. it was very unpleasant. I like the rally buses and I will be using them to go to the mountain winery for concerts but the express has a better plan for burning man. I was booked on the to flame but canceled and booked on the express. so much easier to get to your campsite. I’m thinking I shall camp at the reserved. I like the idea of not carrying all my gear across the playa. you haven’t mentioned catching the bus back to reno and san francisco, like will there be a scheduled times for pick-ups along g.

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  28. Kent Says:

    I have no dog in this fight, but there’s one issue that hasn’t been addressed regarding To Flame and other 3rd party bus services. Why is Green Tortoise allowed access to the special bus lane but no other vendor besides the new official Burner Express? It seems like either there should be an opportunity for 3rd party bus services….or not. I have nothing against Green Tortoise and have heard nothing but good things about them, but it does raise the question of why they are being given special access.

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  29. Dust Bunny Says:

    It’s the perfect solution for me, as I’m flying from LA to Reno and did not want to try to bum a ride with a total stranger. I looked on e-playa for rideshare so I could get to know someone a little, however there were zero rides offered, all rides wanted. And Reno craig’slist was not much better. Thank you for starting up the Burner Epress, I’m booked! Woo-hoo!!

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  30. melva Says:

    the deciding factor in canceling my to flame reservation and going with the express is reserved camping. I love camping in walk in but getting my gear there is hard. someone was kind enough to drive me to meet the to flame bus to go back to reno last year. the express will be no different than green tortoise except a lot cheaper. I don’t mind taking care of food and water. I bring freeze dried food and empty water containers, then buy ice that turns into water. I have ice water to drink all the time. costly but effective. I hope I can land close to my camp spot. by the way, I’m 76 years old and this is my 8th year. I plan to be in the Guinness book of records as the only 100 year old at burning man. GO BURNING MAN!

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  31. mattyd Says:

    Seems to flame actually has a permit are they still not going to be allowed on playa? Seems using a new souce for transportation is wonderful but first year logistics are always a nightmare using both seems and working together could be benificial to everyone trying to get home as we call it and family we are?

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  32. Jes Says:

    Has the trash situation been figured out? How can we pack in/pack out, without a trash and recycling plan for the bus riders?

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  33. nicky Says:

    will I be able to take the bike with me ?

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  34. Sasha Says:

    I need some clarity around luggage restrictions for the Burner Express bus. They are saying either 2 or 4 “pieces” of luggage are acceptable (depending on the fee you are willing to pay). How do you figure this out with many bottles of water, bags of food, coolers with perishables, tents/bedding, things that don’t fit into a suitcase, etc?

    Also, my ticket was purchased for me with a friend’s credit card. The name on the ticket has been transferred to mine and the ticket will be at will-call. How do I get the ticket # or the will call confirmation that is needed to book a ticket with the Express bus? Thank you for any info!

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  35. Alex Says:

    Hi! I would love to take the SF bus. It says *25 person minimum* on the site … Does this mean that you need to have a group of 25 people purchasing all together? or just that if less than 25 show up the bus doesn’t leave? It is very unclear because it still lets you purchase a single ticket

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  36. Loren Says:

    For Bay Area Burner Express Riders: If you live in the San Francisco suburbs and have a Burner Express confirmed reservation and want to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the San Francisco Burner Express bus departure point near Civic Center BART and leave your car at the BART station long term during Burning Man, I suggest you make your long term parking reservation with BART as soon as possible. http://www.select-a-spot.com/bart Select the “Airport Parking” option (long term parking is listed as “airport parking”. It is a cheap parking option compared to long term parking in SF, and if you do the reservation right, you can get weekend parking included at no extra charge. I live in San Bruno. Last year I took Green Tortoise to BM and tried to reserve at San Bruno BART about a week before the Green Tortoise departure. The reserved long term (“Airport”) parking at San Bruno BART was already full and I had to reserve parking at Millbrae BART.
    The plus of long term “Airport” parking at BART stations is that when you get back to San Francisco after the Burn. There is no hassle getting home (most people are tired when they get back from Burning Man. This year I made the reservation today and got parking at San Bruno. Remember Burning Man is also during Labor Day week/weekend and so others, not just BM folk will be wanting parking at BART. I called the BART airport/long term parking customer service and they assured me that if BART goes on strike (not likely) that they will still allow the parking or if you prefer, they will refund the parking fee. Long term parking Customer Service: (415) 773-1200
    Email: support here: support (at) Select-a-Spot.com . I am not connected with them in any way.

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  37. Loren Says:

    For San Francisco area Burner Express (and Green Tortoise) bus riders, connecting with their Burning Man (BM) busses via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit): Long Term Parking (also called “airport parking”) is available at many BART stations for a charge far lower than most parking in the San Francisco area. However, it must be reserved in advance and a parking pass printed out and placed on the dash of your car. Since BM is during a holiday week and weekend, reserved long term BART parking can and does sell out early. To check out this option, go to the BART website bart.gov choose “Rider Guide” on the top bar, then choose “Parking” then scroll down to “Airport/Long Term Permit Parking” to get info and buy an APLT (airport/long term) parking permit. I recommend doing so as soon as possible. Last year I rode Green Tortoise to BM , reserved BART parking a few days before departure. However, the reserved parking at the BART stations nearest my home were already sold out on airport/long term parking and I had to drive to a BART station about 10 miles further than my desired BART station to park long term.

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  38. Loren Says:

    I’d like to see a “carrot” (incentive) given to theme camps with a high proportion of bus riders, camp members coming in by bus, i.e this year Burner Express and Green Tortoise and in future years any other licensed Burning Man org and BLM approved commercial shuttle bus service to Burning Man. Perhaps this could begin this year by riders of Burner Express and Green Tortoise (i.e.,”shuttle only option” riders of Tortoise) being asked which camp they are with. Then the camp names could be compiled and given to Placement and next year camps with high numbers or percentages of bus riders could be given more points in terms of placement location or space allocation decisions by Placement. With this incentive, the camps would in effect have an interest in promoting bus ridership by their camp members, and thus further reducing not only congestion on the road but also reduce the footprint of parked vehicles in the camps hogging up space, making more free space for people, not vehicles, possible. Just a thought.

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  39. Bennett Haselton Says:

    This sounds like a great idea. But I would like to pick up a bike in Reno before arriving at BRC; is the bus going to allow a stop to do that?

    Surely that’s the situation for most people arriving at the Reno airport — unless they have a folding bike that fits in a suitcase (or unless they check an entire non-folding bike as luggage), they’re going to want to pick up a bicycle some time after getting off the plane and before getting to BRC. So is there some organized stop-over to let people load up on rented or purchased bicycles?

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  40. Loren Says:

    There are several bike rental options including ordering a rental in advance and picking it up on The Playa. However, most of these options are filling up fast or already sold out. You can Google using the search term “burning man bike rental” to find out who they are. Since I am taking Burner Express (BE) from San Francisco (SF) with no direct bike transport option on BE from SF, I have made arrangements with one of the organizations listed in the above Google search results ( a Burning Man bicycle theme camp) for a bike transport. However, this organization is almost sold out and will close out reservations this week (week of Aug 12), so if I were you I would get on this (bike rental reservation) as soon as possible. I plan to end this thread here because I don’t want to get off topic with naming bike rental services or starting a discussion on the pros and cons of any particular bike rental or transport option. So here is the information (Google search suggestion) and I trust you will exercise radical self reliance from there on. Apparently some of the Burner Express busses from Reno are offering shopping stop options. You may wish to contact Burner Express via the contact link on the burnerexpress.com website with your specific question about Burner Express bus shopping stops as well as your personal case (your travel dates, etc), as they may or may not not be monitoring this discussion thread.

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  41. Loren Says:

    I am already making plans with my camp for break down duties at the end of BM week (and BM hasn’t even begun yet!!!) .

    1. For the trip out back to Reno and SF from/leaving BRC (exodus) what is the address/location of the Burner Bus stop for departure from BRC? Is it the 6 and G area or is it the Gerlach shuttle bus stop in the Center Camp area? I have checked the Burner Bus website there, thier FAQ as well, and my eagle eyes find nothing stated about the return from BRC departure point.

    After Temple Burn Sunday night Sept 1, street signs get traditionally torn down and after the night of Aug 31, the Man landmark is not there. Perhaps folks might consider doing a “practice” trip sometime during BM week to the departure bus stop, noting the natural landmarks (hills, mountains) not street signs or “the Man” or the Temple. I bet that if this is not done that some may be late or miss the departing busses Sept 2 or later, especially the 6 AM Sept 2 one.

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  42. Loren Says:

    For San Francisco returns during the exodous:
    The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge will be closed Labor Day Weekend 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 to 5 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3 .
    I am on the Sunday Sept 1 BRC > S F Bus. My car will be parked at a BART station near SFO. I presume the bus will need to detour to get to SF and that the Bay Bridge closure will cause delays on alternate bridges. How is Burner Bus going to deal with this? Is there a possibility of Burner Bus stopping at at BART station in the East Bay (Richmond or El Cerrito) (Green Tortoise does El Cerrito Plaza) to discharge East Bay and or BART passengers on exodus runs to the Bay?

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  43. foo Says:

    Is it really too much to ask for whoever runs this bus service to get their shit together and put up the 2014 schedule? Right now the WHOLE SITE is down except for some lame “under construction” notice.

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  44. Baraka Says:

    Do I need to have an early arrival pass to ride the Burner Express to BRC on Saturday?

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  45. ken sutter Says:

    im wondering the same question BARAKA i have tickets for saterday because thats when i fly in from europe idk if i have to change them or how

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  46. Mad Dog Says:

    Burner Express word of warning. Last year (2013) I was on one of the first Burner Express shuttles into BRC on Monday and happened to camp near the drop off spot. By late Monday, drug dogs were searching virtually every bus that arrived. Passengers were ordered to disembark and place all of their belongings on the playa. Dogs then had at it. When they got a hit, officers asked whose bag it was and then did a manual and very very thorough search. (Opening seams and disassembling electronics.) Many people got nailed. Some never claimed their bags and just walked away. The Burner Express is such a great concept and really is the fastest way home. But unfortunately it was like herding lambs to the slaughter. How this type of search is constitutional is a mystery to me. Best of Luck.

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  47. Heather Says:

    Can someone tell me what time the Burner Express leaves from Bill Graham Auditorium in SF? Thanks. Xoxo

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  48. Desi Says:

    Does the express go to Sacramento?

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