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You’re Invited! TOUR de CORE – Monday 8/26/13

July 3rd, 2013  |  Filed under Events/Happenings

You’re INVITED! TOUR de CORE Monday 8/26

"The Hatchery", Dallas CORE Project, 2012 (photo by Owen Hayes)

“The Hatchery”, Dallas CORE Project, 2012 (photo by Owen Hayes)

Come one, come all to the fabulous TOUR de CORE in Black Rock City!

The 3rd Annual Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) is comprised of wooden sculptures created by Burning Man Regional groups from around the world! This year’s configuration consists of four circles of six effigies placed around the base of the Man that will burn together on Thursday night to create the world’s largest intentional simultaneous Burn!

Kicking off the first night on playa, the TOUR de CORE will be the prime time to venture out to see the different CORE projects and to meet the creators to see what they have to share on their outstanding projects! Art cars will be on hand as hosts, to celebrate CORE, to entertain folks and to shuttle you around the circles.

This year, we want to create a Community Celebration, a Grande Fête if you will, of the achievements of the teams and their Regions. The ‘Tour de CORE’ will take place on Monday night, from 7pm – 10pm, and the focus will be to take the pressure off the effigy teams, and have the rest of BRC show their appreciation for all the hard work!

We are encouraging as many art cars, music cars, food cars, performers and performance troupes to come out to the Circle on Monday night to celebrate CORE and to show massive community support, encouragement and kudos for CORE’s dedication to the expansion of the Regional Network out in the default world.

We are looking for four bigger art cars to act as gathering points in the center of each circle, with another eight cars to act as shuttle transport to take participants around to each effigy. Contact core2013 here: core2013 (at) burningman.com if you have an art car and are able to commit to being out there Monday night from 7-10pm.

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