Laughing at Ourselves: introducing “Harvey’s Law”

It's important to write these things down.
It’s important to write these things down.

Arizona Burner “Admiral Fiesta” came up with the following formal observations, which I thought were too funny not to share.

“I hereby coin the term Harvey’s Law:

Any discussion among Burners, if carried on long enough, will degrade into a clusterfuck about radical inclusion. 

And the Chicken John Corollary:

The length of time before Harvey’s Law takes effect is inversely proportional to the number of pranksters involved in the discussion.”

It’s funny because it’s true.  Or at least true enough.

Got other comedic observations about our common culture?  Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Caveat is the Volunteer Coordinator for Media Mecca at Burning Man hangs around Burning Man making pithy observations in the mistaken belief that he’s Oscar Wilde or something.  His opinions are in no way statements of the Burning Man organization.  Contact him at Caveat (at)

About the author: Caveat Magister

Caveat grew up wanting to be a Russian novelist, but the closest he ever came was getting personally insulted by the first democratically elected president of Poland. He is not an official representative of Burning Man, or even an employee, and does not speak for the organization. He does, however, periodically show up at the Burning Man Philosophical Center with a sign that says "Philosophy in Progress." He tweets under the clever pseudonym of @BenjaminWachs

11 thoughts on “Laughing at Ourselves: introducing “Harvey’s Law”

  • for such a free-wheeling appearing community there sure is a lot of lawyer speak and contracts and back of the ticket crap surrounding nearly every ‘official’ aspect of it.

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  • Radical inclusion may not be possible for humans but it’s consistently super cute that we try! I’ve seen the ugly side of it. I think a lot of us who have been a while have. . .

    P.S. Go Fiesta ;)

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  • This is a serious question.

    I’m a lawyer and I wear an eccentric fashion while working such that while i’m prepping myself for important meetings and the like (i meditate in the train station), I get called ‘fucking hipster’ by kids wearing t-shirts that have satanic looking goats on them. My question is, would a burner buy them lunch just because they’re anti-authority?

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  • @NAB i doubt a serious practicing lawyer would find enough interest for themselves in this blog that they would post. Do you have a ticket? are you a virgin? did you ever wear combat boots and sleep in an abandoned building outside of Salt Lake City?

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  • i have a ticket. i have had sex.. and in some tough times in my teens, I had to squat. I wouldn’t do it in Utah though, it’s too cold.

    That’s a serious question though. I have money to buy all five of them lunch. Do you think they’d accept an invitation? what’s a ‘Burner’ way to approach this situation?

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