2013 Low Income Ticket Program Underway

Ticket cuddle puddle

The Low Income Ticket Program for Burning Man 2013 is now accepting applications!

The Low Income Ticket program provides 4,000 tickets (at $190 each) — while supplies last — to those who provide proof of financial hardship. Our Ticketing department reviews each application and awards tickets to those who are best able to demonstrate need. Applicants should receive a response within 4-6 weeks of submitting their application. These tickets are non-transferrable and must be purchased and picked up at Will Call in Black Rock City.

Visit our ticketing page for information about how to apply. We will announce via the Jackrabbit Speaks Newsletter when these tickets are gone.

Good luck!

UPDATE (4/15/13): The 2013 Low Income Ticket program is no longer accepting applications. The process of reviewing applications and awarding tickets is still in progress.

About the author: Will Chase

Will Chase is Burning Man's Minister of Propaganda, working on global communications strategy. He's the editor-in-chief for the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter and the Voices of Burning Man blog, and content manager for Burning Man’s web properties. He also oversees the ePlaya BBS and Burning Man’s social media presence. Will first attended Burning Man in 2001. He volunteered as the Operations Manager for the ARTery (Black Rock City’s art HQ) and was on the Burning Man Art Council from 2003-2008. He was Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004 until he transitioned to the Communications Department in 2009.

51 thoughts on “2013 Low Income Ticket Program Underway

  • I’m a long-time burner who has chosen to be involved with a high-profile camp. I will be picked by my friends who work in the front office for a directed group sale ticket because Burning Man would cease to exist without my camp’s dance party, and because although I pay lip service to the idea of radical inclusion, some people are just more radically includable than others.

    I will also complain about others’ applying for low-income tickets. And hippies. And shirt cockers. And frat boys. And newbies. And the Theme.

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  • @standfrog

    Part of me thinks you’re trolling, but it seriously sounds like you’re super irresponsible and not only deserve zero Low Income tickets, but also deserve to have to stay home and watch your kids.

    No one ‘deserves’ a Low Income ticket in my opinion. If your income is low, then you simply qualify.

    But really, if you’re tight on cash because you’re a single mother of six, it’s your fault. Why should anyone have have sympathy when you’re not even taking ownership of the fact that your six baby daddies left you.

    If you create hardship for yourself, do you still qualify for a Low Income ticket? I say NO. The only reason why I intend to graduate from college and produce zero offspring is because I want to contribute endless amounts of resources to future burns. It’s simply a lifestyle choice. Sounds like you have little time or resources to contribute something meaningful to the burn.

    Hoping to see you and your dusty crumb-crunchers at the burn,

    Dr. Dust.

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  • All of you peoples comments are retarded, there’s nothing wrong with offering low income tickets to people who can’t afford a regular ticket. Burning man is for everyone and everyone should have a chance to go and it’s great that low income tickets are offered. I received a low income ticket last year as did my boyfriend and it was our first year and we would never have been able to go without it. With the cost of gas and food and water and all the essentials needed to get to and live in the desert it is expensive as shit. We drove a geo metro from minnesota and camped in a tent surrounded by expensive RV’s and all sorts of people with money coming out their asses. We saw so much spent money everywhere and were happy with our little dust covered tent and cans of soup. We applied for low income tickets again this year and the kind people have seen our need and given us them and this year we are bringing our daughter to share the experience with her. We have also told all of our low income friends to apply too because everyone should get a chance to go, even if you’re a broke ass.

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  • Scrape,

    I appreciate your comment, but I’ve got to say… if one is broke because she’s the single mother of six, it’s her own fault. That’s her lifestyle choice.

    If I spent all of my money on crack, arguing that it was a personally fulfilling lifestyle choice, would I still qualify for a Low Income ticket?

    Of course! So would the single mother of six.

    The thing is, wouldn’t it be great if that Low Income ticket went to someone who had not made a socially-impacting lifestyle choice that precluded them from having money?

    In other words, if the single mother of six puts up one of her kids for adoption, then she’ll have enough money for a $380 ticket. If the crack addict stops smoking, he can now afford a $380 ticket.

    The reality is, some people are broke for reasons outside of the lifestyle decisions they’ve made, and in my opinion, those people are the only ones who truly qualify for Low Income tickets.

    If one has truly screwed his/herself out of being able to attend the Burn, I don’t feel bad for them.

    Most of us have to save money to attend the burn. Believe me, I would have six kids and smoke crack if I could still afford a $380 Burning Man ticket. The reality is, I could not. Besides, I wouldn’t feel right about drawing on a limited community resource when I’m not truly in need.

    Maybe the single mother of six should take the year off and save for a full-price ticket in 2014 rather than attempting to be accommodated for her foolishness. Give that low-income ticket to the foreign exchange student who was born with a physical handicap, not the single mother of six.

    Please tell me you understand the difference.

    Yours truly,

    Dr. Dust

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  • I would just like to purchase two tickets – how can I get my hands on two little Burning Man tickets? I pay regular price – just let me now where I can buy two tickets.


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  • Dr. Dust,
    maybe my words were misleading, i was not trying to support her dumb ass, just the fellow peeps like me who work hard and make little money. Perhaps the government should plug her hole so she can stop reproducing and fucking everyone else over by sucking off the governments teats. I understand fully as i hope you understand me. Hope to see your dusty ass on the playa!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)


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  • don’t you all be talking smack about my babies! i’ll get all up in your face! maybe if you MEN would learn how to use a condom, i wouldn’t bet gettin knocked up like a fucking bunny rabbit, you hear me?!

    I AM GOING to burning man even if i need to sell one of my little darlings off for medical experiments. hell, it aint hard to make another one.

    burning man here i come!

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  • @standfrog
    You are ridiculous. I can’t believe you really just said you would sell one of your children for a ticket to Burning man. you are a low life piece of trash and deserve not to go. It’s people like you that give single mothers a bad name. You should have made sure the men wore condoms. It takes two to tango especially without a condom. He could have also pulled out, but you let him cum inside you. of course a man is going to run away from a woman with 6 kids by 6 different dads. Have you checked yourself for STDs? it sounds like you need to. I agree completely with Dr. Dust. you are retarded. I fear for the well-being of your children.

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  • @Kaite

    Whatever, I do what I want! Deal with it.

    Burning Man is MY home and I’ll do what I want to get back there. Don’t be a hater, yo. I told my baby daddies to pull out, but they were like, ‘bitch be cool!’… Obviously you don’t know what it takes to keep a man, girlfriend.

    I’m going to Burning Man, bitch. I just got approval from my low-income ticket. So suck it. Don’t judge.

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  • obviously you don’t know what it takes to keep a man considering all of them left your dumb skank ass, see ya on the playa u dusty crumby slut, keep popping em out….

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  • Scrape we’re on the same page.

    But I have to admit I think our “single mother of six” is a satirical character. Regardless, my opinion of the thrice-over single mothers, the broke fathers being sued for child support and/or alimony, the high school drop-outs, the broke yet merry ‘travelers’, and everyone else who has essentially chosen to be poor, is as follows:

    You are pathetic. If you are chosen for a low-income ticket, I believe you’ll feel guilty throughout your entire burn. Yes, I will still hug you and give you beer, but I’m willing to bet that misrepresenting the ‘blame’ of your hardships to get cheaper tickets will lead you to some very profound, and possibly very painful self-realizations during your trip.

    But I still love you, I want to make that clear.

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  • I need to clarify my previous post:

    I only think you are pathetic if you fall into one of the above mentioned categories (thrice-over single mothers, the broke fathers being sued for child support and/or alimony, the high school drop-outs, the broke yet merry ‘travelers’, and everyone else who has essentially chosen to be poor) AND you apply for a low income ticket. I’m not judgmental of your personal decisions otherwise (unless you’re being sued for alimony, which I’d find hilarious).

    The only exception that comes to mind is the broke philanthropist. If your finances are tight because you spend all of your money on your art installation, or you spend your life hooking up solar power and water filtration in third world countries (as burners often will), I have infinite respect for you, and you DEFINITELY deserve a low income ticket in my opinion.

    Perhaps there are other reasonable exceptions as well. Obviously, I’m generalizing.

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  • Please, may i change the thread to me? I celebrated my 70th year at Burning Man 2012, which i could not have afforded to do paying full fare. With gratitude for my low income ticket, i volunteered mornings in the Center Camp Cafe. The program is a good thing and trust that my story is more typical than indicated by the sad and ugly comments thus far.

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  • @warner blake
    >my story is more typical than indicated by the sad and ugly comments thus far.

    i know, right? these chumps be bad mouthing my babies! sad and ugly comments about a woman and her children, they must be virgin misojinists. hatin on women. sick!

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  • You Have to Be Careful
    by Naomi Shihab Nye

    You have to be careful telling things.
    Some ears are tunnels.
    Your words will go in and get lost in the dark.
    Some ears are flat pans like the miners used
    looking for gold.

    What you say will be washed out with the stones.
    You look for a long time till you find the right ears.
    Till then, there are birds and lamps to be spoken to,
    a patient cloth rubbing shine in circles,
    and the slow, gradually growing possibility
    that when you find such ears
    they already know.

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  • just want people to embrace and appreciate low income tickets, not to sleaze and slander them or whine for them. naughty words have escaped my fingers and i am guilty just the same, money causes such disturbances… one may not agree with anothers life choices but it gives no cause for nasty words. wise words have shown truth…

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  • I predict that your ticket will arrive. Experiances because of the ticket will begin immeadiately. Restoring/ignighting an old feeling that everything is still working in it’s most perfect order. Your new focus, will now have to be, to give. But only after a short self automated subsurface resistance is played out. Then the creation and distribution of prior thoughts will take fold. You will take bits of yourself and magnify them. In the end, you will always give. Even when you resist. This is your/our time to shine.

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  • Right, because if you are a woman and ever find yourself in the difficult position of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, if you choose to NOT have an abortion, anything difficult or unpleasant the happens in your life, for the rest of your life, is 100% your fault and no one should ever help you out again ever. You should never, ever do anything to satisfy your own wants or needs because you’re a MOM now and you have no identity outside of that. How DARE you apply for a low income ticket to Burning Man! Stupid woman!

    Am I getting this right?

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  • uhmmm….. i guess i was under the impression that burning man was a place for people to joke around and troll without being judged. “dusty crumby slut”… seriously? even if this person had 6 babies, which im sure she hasnt, i hope shed be able to get all of their tickets and bring them so they can experience what real love and care is. hope to see you all on the playa! take care until august!

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  • JAM. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    All ya’ll: You are hella funny! Love me some provocative burners and their victims.

    Got a low income ticket. Paid full price till this year. Not your business why.

    You’ll be glad I’m there. I bring it. What you got?

    See you there bitches.

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  • I’m from Australia and have an urge to go to burning man for the first time. Sounds pretty cool. If I can even afford the cheapest ticket there, I’m coming, if not, I’ll try again next year.

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  • Wow! I thought people who went to Burning Man were smart and enlightened. Standfrog is joking. He or she is pretty funny and a lot of you seem to be believing it and taking it seriously. And even if it was true, going out into the desert and taking drugs and watching middle-aged people have sex is still pretty questionable even if there is a lot of dumb hippie art laying around. Standfrog, sell those kids for medical experiments and have a great time at Burining Man!

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  • My name is austin and I will be turning 18 this june. Im trying to plan something special for me. I have been working 30 hrs a week since I was 15, at the same job for 3 years. I really want to be able to participate burning man this year, but Its hard for me to get the cash with saving up for a car, and possible college in my future.
    I wish to get a low income ticket, please.

    Thank you – Austin T.

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  • Then fill out a low income ticket application. Normal ticket prices are pretty high, even low income tickets are fairly expensive. For a festival that’s all about inclusion, these prices seem to exclude a lot of people. But I guess it’s only about incusion once you get there. However, I undertand there are reasons for high ticket prices.

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  • YO… i was sold to a private doctor in phoenix when i qwas tree years old, fer dawg gone so called friendly non invasive ” trial run experiments and i b back home in years. when i do get home se4ven years later at a govenment funded facility my lefty leg has done faLLEN OF. i DONE DID LOSE MOPST MY DERN TEEF, MY SIGHTR WAS GONE AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF SO CALLED EAXPEIRMENTAS SO i OUTA ANY DER ONE OUT THERE CDESERVE A COTTIN PICKING TICKET, AND STOP MAKIN FUN OF SELLIN BABIES CAUSE YES I B TALKIN IT PRETTY

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  • I haven’t heard one way or the other on a L.I.T. but i will littleraly go $400 in debt to my fucked up credit card company if I can make it back to the desert. If I but a full priced ticket am I ineligable for a low income ticket?

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  • Dr. Dust. If I bring any rude 12year-old-boys who have lost their sense of humor to burning-man I’ll make sure to bring them over to hang with ya’. I’m sure you guys will have a great time complaining about others. Standfrog – I don’t think you are a troll, I think you are funny. This thread makes me less excited about the burn. Dr. Dust you make me less excited about life.

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  • Despite all of the snarkiness on this thread I just want to say thank you to burningman for providing a way for those to go who have had a hard time finding work. I am one of those people who keeps trying despite all of the rejection. The first year I was able to pay for a regular ticket but last year one of my clients screwed me out of many weeks of work and the only bit of good news I got was that I was awarded a LIT.

    Thank you BM for having a heart.


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  • There may have been some good and bad points made here. I believe we need a definition of a person who is low income, an artist, a teacher, a firefighter, philanthropist, a fastfood worker. A person who gets up everyday to do a low wage “dirty job”! An idiot who needs the government “help” to stop her from having kids seems to me to be the anthisis of everything Burning Man is about. Responsibility is a major tenant here, as is respect for yourself and your fellow man. Weaklessly having kids and not caring for them …. You get my point. With that said I would give a dollar to help this woman go to school to learn how to be a parent.

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  • Not a good representation of the people who attend burning man.. I am trying to go as a first timer. I am a student in college studying chemical engineering. I moved to New York from California and am surviving on my own to make a living for myself. As hard as I work I know that we all deserve once in a life time experiences like this. I really hope that my experience at burning man in the future has nothing to do with people who act like this post.. Not all of you though but just the ones who are bringing ill vibes.. keep burning man positive.

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  • What is this? A rethuglican gathering? You would think so, based on the ridiculous commentary posted here..

    And how do you know that there’s no tax break for this group for making this offer?

    Turn of Faux news, and regenerate brain cell matter..

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  • Wow..this is not a good representation of the people I met at BM last year. Yes I attended with a low income ticket and YES I brought my son. I’m quite sure this “mother of 6” is some bored, lonely person at home who gets their rocks off being someone else because who they really are is just as terrible as the person they are pretending to be. And to the person who “respects” people who put up solar power panels in 3rd world countries but would not respect a mother.,,what about your own mother?? You obviously have no idea the work that it actually takes to be a good mother….children are the ones who are going to inherit this world after us..and if we were ALL running around..NOT procreating,…we’d be putting solar panels up for NOTHING. I see why others would choose not to have children..but I can’t imagine my life without my son. We can coexsit respectfully without agreeing all the time! Spend more time also thinking of ways to invest in the people you are leaving this Earth you are so called trying to save. And BTW..I am a single mother..and you know what I do all day?? If I’m not raising my wonderful son…or going to graduate school I’m saving lives as a Registered Nurse….so respect that. I’m not only saving lives..and saving the world..but I brought a human life onto this Earth who will continue my work and tend to this Earth I leave him. He learned some of his greatest life lessons on our first ever burn last year. We volunteered together…we handed out grilled cheese to strangers..handed out water. It was wonderful and an experience I hope to have again this year. It’s great to have a cause but please do not try to put anyone else’s life down becuase you don’t agree with it. BRC welcomes everybody..even if we don’t agree…I hope some of the comments on this thread doesn’t scare anyone away or make some feel like they are not included. I saved my money….because it does take a lot to prepare for it the first time if your not with a big camp or with others. Me and my son did it alone:) But with a little help from Burning Man everyone can have a chance to experience what it’s like to “Come Home”..hope to see you all out on the playa:) Much love…..

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  • Hi I misread the Low-Income Ticket application and thought it started later, turns out it ended today (I’m a teacher). Any help?? Advice??? Thank You! :)

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