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Announcing Burner Profiles

January 11th, 2013  |  Filed under News

Black Rock City from afar on Burn night. Photo by Cameron Grant

Burning Man is excited to announce the launch of Burner Profiles, a system to help facilitate the flow of information we regularly collect from Burning Man participants for ticket sales, theme camp and art installation registration, mutant vehicle applications, What Where When submissions, and other things that people do and create for Black Rock City.

Initially, the Burner Profile will be used as part of the pre-registration process for ticket sales to Burning Man 2013. To create your profile and pre-register for access to ticket sales, the only information you’re required to provide is your first name, last name, email address, and mailing address. That’s it … the same info required whenever you buy Burning Man tickets.

Eventually we’ll be expanding the use of this new platform to offer additional features. So, the more information you put into your profile, the more value you’ll get out of it. Those of you involved with creating (and registering) projects for Burning Man are quite familiar with the wealth of information we collect year after year in order to process your registrations, and we want to make that whole process easier for YOU and for US by storing information in your Burner Profile.

And in the glorious vision of our future, we believe Burner Profiles will help facilitate communications regarding on-playa and off-playa volunteer activities, give us the ability to provide communications that are pertinent to you, and offer consolidated access to all of the Burning Man information systems that you work with.

If none of that stuff pertains to you, though, and you just like to come out to the playa and quietly do your thing, that’s fine … you can include as much information as you wish, or as little as you’d like. It’s totally up to you.

Your information will be private and will not be shared — nor will it be searchable on the internet. (For more details see our Privacy Policy.)

We’ve long dreamed of having this kind of system in place in order to simplify and streamline our processes. We’re pretty certain it will make your overall Burning Man experience smoother and more enjoyable, and provide you with a nice reflection of your role in creating Burning Man culture at the same time.

(Oh and for those of you who filled out the Pink Postcard when you came into Black Rock City last year, thank you! That was the pilot program the Burner Profile system.)

39 Responses to “Announcing Burner Profiles”

  1. David Littlejohn Says:

    2012 was my first full week at Burning Man. My son, who came along to help me, had been there before, and helped convince me that it was a major event I had to attend before I die. (I’m 75, a retired Berkeley professor and professional art critic for the Wall Street Journal, and get around by wheelchair.)

    The Mobility Camp, tirelessly run by Wayne Merchant, made my stay possible– along with my son’s help, as well as that of the Media Mecca and the Artery. I’ve now essentially finished a book called “The Art of Burning Man,” with a great deal of help from the major artists involved (most of whom I met), and Burning Man officials like Larry, Marian, Crimson, Lee Anna at Media Mecca, and Betty June at the Artery.
    I’m now just waiting on my final interviews with the first three (which Kelly Anders is setting up) to finish my final chapter; and working on gathering permissions from photographers for the hundred photographs I’ve chosen. I’ve already given four lectures on the subject, looked at hundreds of live examples (in workshops or on-site), and tens of thousands of photographs of the art installations at Burning Man since 1993.
    My physical strength is ebbing, so I may pass on BM 2013: I did buy one first round $650 ticket for my son, as a Christmas present. Depending on how I feel, I might bid on a second ticket in one of the later rounds.
    Love to you all,

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  2. LDD Says:

    Burner Profiles sounds suspiciously like an apparatchik ploy to gather information about burners… if an how they participate, what flavors of voluntary activities are preferred, theme camp membership, contributing catharses and miscellaneous what not that could all too readily be used to winnow the field of potential ticket purchasers without anyone’s be any the wiser.

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  3. Disabled Burner Says:

    Beautiful David! Beautiful!

    I camped with the BRC Dept. of Mobility Camp in 2010 and I’ve been driving a gifted mini MV for the camp. My first year back since the early 90′s. Wow! Ogranised chaos… Love it!

    I also built a second mini MV with the help of a great artisitic MV builder. I camp on the 4:30 spoke and drive the mini MV for the Mobility camp, as annex so to speak.

    Love, DB

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  4. Dalton aka Shifty Says:

    I think this is an amazing idea and I am excited to see it all come together.


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  5. Will Says:

    Why not take a cue from Amazon reviews, and offer to have profiles “verified” for the number of previous year Burn ticket purchases, tracked by email address used when the tickets were purchased. That way we can know who has a provenance of actually attending the Burn, instead of scalpers or wannabees.

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  6. Joshua Hubert Says:

    I am seeing a lot of people (mostly on facebook) complaining that this is too Big-Brother, the end of Buringins Man as we know it, BORG turning a profit to make the next facebook, and overall a “horrible idea.” EVERYONE PLEASE SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLES!!! This is a good fucking idea. As an artist that ACTUALLY FUCKING PARTICIPATES this is a good service. Allows me to network, get funding, find projects to fund. It allows me to meet people before the playa, lets people find me after the playa, lets people stumble upon my profile, let’s me stumble across their profile, and talk the the community on a while. If you don’t want to use it. DON’T. Stop your bitching. We are not going to miss you. “Oh no! It might ruin EVERYTHING we love about the playa because it is way to network in this modern age”. It’s hypocritical to use Facebook to voice your negativity of this useful idea. Sure there is TRIBE and other sites, but NOW there will be a direct one for virgins, veterans, and the curios. Thank you all you coders and designer for making this soon to great online community, and for you that think BORG has anything but good intentions (really, how the FUCK could this be bad for you?) then you are going to need more tinfoil for your hats. You be the cult…. I’ll bring the mother fucking cargo. —Joshua Hubert

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  7. Zaskoda Says:

    Please look at the mechanics of applications like Diaspora and consider building a distributed foundation for your system that will allow regionals to create and expand their own connected nodes to the system.

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  8. pinky Says:

    This sounds like a cool idea with lots of potential. And it allows us to participate or not participate, whatever we feel. I kind of like being behind the scenes, but also knowing there’s a community there.

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  9. susan james Says:

    dont know anything about the politics of burM but had one hell of a good time for the first and only time that I have been there. So whatevere supports the good of it, I am in!!!!!!

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  10. Roissy Says:

    Sure there is TRIBE and other sites…” Tribe??? Is there still anyone on Tribe???

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  11. larryfinley Says:

    sounds like homeland security for burners

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  12. Greg Says:

    1. LOVE IT.. if you gave away money, someone would complain….
    2. Burner Profile = Burnfile? Burn file? …. Burner Profile is OK

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  13. Timon Schroeter Says:

    If all goes well I’ll be out on the playa camping with CampContact again (for the 3rd time) this year. So looking forward to it! Like the last two times I’ll come early and help build the camp.
    Having the directed group sale before the main sale is a great idea. And to be able to support all the great themecamps and art installations you guys need to know who’s who. I totally understand that something like the Burner Profile helps in the process. Thank you guys for all your organizing work!!
    *big hug*

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  14. David Madison Says:

    So let me get this straight, complainers:

    BRC and the org should stop scalping, keep ticket prices low, let everyone come to BRC (which is a limited size event), not collect any information about you, but magically know to let you come for the prices you expect to pay.

    Interesting, especially the “magic” part. I’d love to hear suggestions.

    And no, I’m not part of the org, but I’m part of the city – and if they use this to help figure out how to distribute tickets to the people who contribute, year after year, but aren’t affiliated with a big theme camp, then I’m for it, as long as some tickets are still available to new people.

    There’s a problem with resources here, people. BRC is an amazing place, but can only take in so many people. We want to make sure we can come and new people can come, and that’s a hard problem to solve. Don’t blame that problem on the org, they’re trying to figure out the best way they can to solve it. Instead of complaining, how about helping?

    Or just be sure to tick “Jaded Burner” when you fill out your Burner profile. :)


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  15. WhinersSuck Says:

    Are you serious?? I’m guessing that you didn’t bother to read past the first paragraph before posting your paranoid, ill-informed comment. True, this is an attempt “to gather information about burners” but it’s no more an “apparatchik ploy” than you are a sensible human being. If you’d bothered to read the post, you’d know that they’re not asking us to provide any more information than we already do when we buy tickets; you may, if you want to receive communications that might be of interest to you, but you don’t have to. I’ve cut and pasted below a few sentences from the post, and I’ve put asterisks (***) around the sentences that you obviously skipped when you “read” it. The language couldn’t be more clear and I, for one, look forward to seeing how the Burner Profiles evolve:

    “***the only information you’re required to provide is your first name, last name, email address, and mailing address. That’s it … the same info required whenever you buy Burning Man tickets.***

    …Burner Profiles will help facilitate communications regarding on-playa and off-playa volunteer activities, give us the ability to provide communications that are pertinent to you, and offer consolidated access to all of the Burning Man information systems that you work with.

    ***If none of that stuff pertains to you, though, and you just like to come out to the playa and quietly do your thing, that’s fine … you can include as much information as you wish, or as little as you’d like. It’s totally up to you.***

    Your information will be private and will not be shared — nor will it be searchable on the internet.”

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  16. Dave Christie Says:

    How does this work if you already bought tickets via the holiday pre-sale? I will not need to pre-register for the next sale as I pre-registered before the holiday sale, but I do not think it created a profile or anything.

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  17. Peter Madden Says:

    I am SHOCKED that there are people whining about this! SHOCKED I SAY!!!

    No one is forcing anyone to participate in this.

    Stop whining and get a life.

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  18. Kismet Says:

    But on another note, will 10,000 tickets be enough for the continuity of the Buning Man culture? Last year the shear number if “Newbees” attending compromised the theme camp members from getting in. There was definately less art (& Burning Man Heart) in the camps all around.
    I am hoping that this year a lot of the Buning Man alumni can and will return and help the spirit and soul grow of BM once again. My partner and I are going for our 7th year, and we hope it will not be our last….

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  19. standfrog Says:

    Thumbs way UP! I think total information awareness can only benefit the community. I would be the first one in line to donate a sample of my DNA.

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  20. TCM Says:

    KISMET: I dunno, it seemed to me like there was more art this past year… 30-something CORE’s??

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  21. Teya Says:

    K- profile created.
    Question: does this mean I am preregistered for tickets? I thought that date was Feb 6 at noon- are there an additional steps for that?
    @Kismet- wha??? Tons of art, and tons of community last year. You get what you give…

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  22. Tripod Says:

    Why is the login page for Burner Profiles not protected by HTTPS/SSL encryption? It’s a really bad idea to transmit user names and passwords in the clear like that.

    Until that gets fixed I recommend folks setting up profiles choose user names and passwords that they are using nowhere else.

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  23. hasljdkjflsjflsj Says:

    kismet, the directed ticket distribution does not preserve burning man culture. what it does is cling to a specific image of burning man that it seems the borg is trying to maintain, rather than letting things change naturally as things always have with the burn. certain camps have not been on the playa forever, nor will they be there forever, but the directed ticket thing seems to try to keep them there, the same as they are, each year.

    and assuming “newbies” dont know what theyre doing or assuming that they take away the heart of burning man is a selfish thing to say. we were all newbies once, give them a break. using the number of years you’ve burned as a justification for your ego as a burner is just stupid. not saying you, kismet, are doing that…but a lot of people are. it’s dumb.

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  24. Noname Says:

    what is the link to setup/register for a burner profile?

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  25. JP Says:

    Completely uninterested in this idea. Make it opt-in, not opt-out. And for those who disagree and think it’s a great idea, good for you, but please stop telling the rest of us to shut up.

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  26. ghost Says:

    Hey great program I am sure, however, when logging to this page to give my information my browser/norton flashed a warning that your website had a bad certificate and in red said do not enter the website. While I have humor as to a lot, when I get that warning it has been never wrong. So if you are monitoring this blog, fix the page.

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  27. Ralph Dosser Says:

    I signed up, was told that I would be sent a confirmation email….that was two days ago. Not in my spam filter, nothing. A friend who tried to register reported the process stalling out a little later in the process.

    I used the “contact us” form to report the problem, and haven’t heard back. So this thing that I’m required to do to get my ticket doesn’t appear to work, and there’s apparently nothing I can do about it?

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  28. simon of the playa Says:

    i’d like to report that early beta testing with the embedded neural probe is going great.

    one small glitch involving some impulsive face-painting ala Paul Addis (RIP) at the local Macy’s cosmetic counter and subsequent arrest for lighting the hosiery department on fire, but besides that, i am very happy with the new tracking system, designed to protect us, and find us on the C-Grid, should we really freak out on mushrooms one night and spend 6 hours in the porta potty.

    all in all, i like it.

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  29. Spock the Cow Says:

    I agree with Tripod about the security issue here.

    The main registration page ( http://profiles.burningman.com/register/ ) is not encrypted. So you send your email address, real name, and your chosen user name in plaintext. The system then replies to that email address with a password, but they recommend you change your password after you log on. You then go to a login page that is SSL encrypted ( https://profiles.burningman.com/wp-login.php ). After you log in, pages are no longer encrypted. The ‘change your password’ section is on an unencrypted page. Those fields are sent as standard HTTP Post.

    So if someone is intercepting my traffic (on any public wifi, for example), they will first get my email address, user name and real name in unencrypted packets. Then if I’m using an email client that doesn’t continue SSL after the login page, they’ll get my password in the response email. But even if I am using secure email, if I change my password as directed in the email then the new password will be intercepted.

    I verified by capturing my own packets with a sniffer that the email address, user name, real name and new password are all sent plaintext.

    Given that the Burner Profile system is intended to aggregate personal information and also somehow interface with the ticketing system, this is at least a privacy concern and possibly also a vector for ticket or credit card theft.

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  30. Marcus Says:

    I’m very confused on how to make a profile for the registrations.. I see some others comments about that their profiles have been created, can someone help me or give me some info on creating a profile.. Thank you. My email is marcusmonstur here: marcusmonstur (at) gmail.com if anyone is willing to send me info…

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  31. Ghost Says:

    Well, I got registered, even got the confirmation letter. HOWEVER, everytime I use Exporer 9 I get a certificate warning, if I use Chrome no problem goes straight through. So if the Borg is monitoring, you might consider fixing it as I have a bad feeling that your security may have been screwed with, especially if you are going to require Explorer as the browser du jour on ticket day.
    So, what are we to expect from the Borg, continued sloppiness which is an upgrade from last year, maybe we should be happy offer up some ding dongs in sacrafice to the ‘gods’ and kick back.

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  32. Steven Says:

    Soooo, where’s the link to the page that lets me create a profile? I can’t seem to find it in this article, nor is it on tickets.burningman.com (I did a search on that page and the word “profile” appears nowhere.)

    Am I going crazy?

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  33. Steven Says:

    Nevermind! I found it. It’s at profiles.burningman.com in case anyone else needs it.

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  34. Celia Says:

    Trying to register my profile, but received message thru Firefox after trying to log back in from email I received that site not secure.. ?? Okay to continue or not. Don’t want to mess this up.

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  35. Diana Says:

    Hey, just a quick question. I applied for a Low Income Ticket and was flipping crazy happy when I saw that I was accepted. Thank you guys for the opportunity. I just wanted to know if it is required of me to create a Burner Profile. I see that it’s like registering for the next ticket sale, but I’m not going to buy any more tickets! And I don’t want to mess this up either! So, should I? Thanks.

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  36. Sheri Davenport Says:

    I filled out my profile on Feb 7 to register but never got a confirming email. So last night I filled out another profile and used another email address…I didn’t get a confirmation email for the profile either. Now I’m panicked because I’m afraid I’m not pre-registered at all and won’t be able to buy a ticket on Wednesday. Help!

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  37. other Says:

    we want privacy, not to have private information data shared in a facebook style scheme. this is a terrible idea. do you also want social security number, mothers maiden name, workplace, dna, retina scan, fingerprint? mind your own damn business! who’s idea was this?

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  38. other Says:

    @joshua hubert-you can take part in this idiotic scheme-we don’t want to be blackmailed into it just to buy a ticket. you might be drinking the cult koolaid, we arent

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