December 4th, 2012  |  Filed under News

Burning Man Hires Event Operations Director

December 4th, 2012  |  Filed under News

I am excited to announce the hiring of Charlie Dolman, who very soon will assume the role of Event Operations Director for the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City.

Charlie Dolman at Burning Man 2012

In this capacity, Charlie will oversee and direct event operations and logistics, and will play a major role in strategic planning to ensure the long-term success of the Burning Man event. Among other responsibilities, Charlie will oversee management of BRC event-specific departments, including Emergency Services Department, Department of Public Works, Community Services, Playa Safety Council, Art, and Café/Ice. He will also be a member of the Budget Committee, provide leadership to the Operations Team and serve on Burning Man’s Executive Committee.

A native of London, England, Charlie comes to us with 17 years of event-production experience, 12 of which he spent producing events of all sizes across Europe and the UK (and one in Zambia!). He co-founded and later served as Financial Director of The Secret Garden Party, an annual music and entertainment festival with 30,000 attendees. Charlie has extensive event-related experience in project management, logistics, safety, licensing, marketing, budgeting, crises management, and managing and developing teams. Most recently, he served as Projects Director for the MAMA Group.

Charlie first traveled to the playa in 2006 and has hasn’t missed a Burn since. He co-ran a camp on the Esplanade (The Flying Monkey Pub) his first year and has been instrumental in the leadership of several large-scale communal camps: The Untied Nations Embassy, the UnNatural History Museum, Burningdales, HMS XS, and in 2012, Terminal Y. Charlie is deeply committed to the 10 Principles and enthusiastic about this opportunity to facilitate their manifestation in Black Rock City and beyond.

We greatly look forward to working with Charlie, so please join us in welcoming him!

37 Responses to “Burning Man Hires Event Operations Director”

  1. Dr. Dust Says:

    Charlie!! I put my faith in you to vote for NON-Transferable tickets. I’m really impressed by your resume, you sound very intelligent. Light the torch and lead the way!

    Dr. Dust

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  2. squishelle Says:

    Congratulations, welcome & thanks!

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  3. HiLo Says:

    “Turn-key” camping will now be renamed “Boutique Camping” Welcome rich Euros who contribute little!

    Ticket issue really is the first thing to be figured out. Non-transferable tickets aren’t the answer, lets see what this guy comes up with.

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  4. Allan Davis Says:

    Having worked with you in the past, You are an EXCELLENT CHOICE!
    Congratulations !

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  5. Philip Volkers Says:

    Britain is losing one of its best boys…. Rock on Charlie… Best of luck in your new job. x

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  6. Peace Says:


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  7. Shpilkus Says:

    Charlie, I wish you well with the new position. You have some big shoes to fill taking over Action Girls job. (not sure how you’ll look in her shoes)
    It’s great to have someone with a fresh perspective moving in to the position.

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  8. Wisey Says:

    Welcome to America Charlie!

    Good luck in your new position, I can speak from experience in saying that you are most definitely the man for the job.

    You will be sorely missed in England, but, since I’m here more than there, it’s all the better for me!

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  9. Matilda Says:

    Such Fantastic News Charlie- We are going to miss you but we will see you on the Playa next year- Youre perfect for this! Big Love xxxxxM &D

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  10. Tanja Says:

    WELCOME :-) cant wait for BM 2013, sooooooo excited

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  11. jbaz Says:

    welcome brother!!!

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  12. Stella Duncan-Petley Says:

    Charlie, we will miss you! Lucky BRC… Look forward to seeing you in the dust next year xxx

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  13. edbrez Says:

    Awesome CV
    BURNING MAN can only gain from your experience and know how…
    Best of luck

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  14. joshdug Says:

    Just the man for the job, Charlie. Big Congrats for a Big Job, and to continue the analogy, its a shitter you have left the UK…x

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  15. Deadhead Says:

    New horizons, new dreams and new realities. Best of luck comrade. May the dust be with you. A wise head there. PS – Charlie looks great in any form of ladies apparel/shoes and or bikini combo.

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  16. sally Says:

    Good luck Charlie – i’m coming as Marmite Man next year xxxx

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  17. Bee Says:

    Welcome home. May your stay be long. Cheers!

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  18. Chris Says:

    Congratulations & Good Luck Charlie!

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  19. Ladymerv Says:

    Welcome aboard! Congratulations!
    Burn on!

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  20. Dusty Says:

    Hey, I recognize this guy! He is the one who organized party in New York last year “Escape to New York” and lost his shoes there! First night there was few hundred people from several thousand expected and second day drunk Patty Smith killed the night, lol and third day they did not even open the doors for the six, no wait, I am sorry, seven people who show up. Awesome event, the way to go Burning Man org!!! this is going to be a s…t show!!!! Seriously!!! lol

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  21. Wildblood Says:

    Good luck Charlie! Glad the BORG found you X

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  22. Deadhead Says:

    Yo Dusty… have a case of mistaken identity im afraid….you might want to amend your comments…..Charlie is not who you are thinking of….someone completely different….be a good idea to get the identity of people right before making pretty judgmental comments that are attributable to other peoples failures/issues……

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  23. Dusty Says:

    I m sorry Deadhead, am I wrong … Isn’t Charlie from Secret Garden? The most awesome GLAM and arrogant snobby loud production group from UK who organized the event here in NY and it was a major major s…t show!!! Rude people, dishonesty and lies. And cherry on top of dirty cake … third day on sun, I thing AUG 7th, they did not even open the gates and submitted the claim to insurance company because they got rained on :-))) lol BS they spent hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$$ and got few k back in ticket sales … Obviously you were not there! Again, awesome event … for sure one of a kind …

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  24. Doc Pyro Says:

    Charlie, whatever you do, making tickets nontransferrable would be a serious mistake. Only a short-sighted idiot could believe that’s a good idea, and I’m sure you’re no short-sighted idiot.

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  25. Chango Says:

    This isn’t event production in Europe, now is it?

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  26. mark Says:

    is this a sign of major management shake up ? I believe after last BM is wort it !!

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  27. Alex D Says:

    There is only one Chazza Del Monte
    Nice one bro
    (nice shirt)

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  28. Absinthia Says:


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  29. Tattoogoddess Says:

    Well since we are we are making requests…. I BEG of you don’t make the man rotate ever. It is a great compas for many of us out there. More so virgins. It was my life saver last year getting around. Please. My husband who is a 12 year vet even hates the idea. He was there last time It moved and screwed him up and alot of others too. Thanks!

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  30. Riddim Jack Says:

    the Black Rock Bijou send our congratulations and warm regards Charlie! Mazel tov on the new gig. Cheers!

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  31. Retro Says:

    Tattoogoddess -

    and all those who find playa navigation difficult, ESPECIALLY after Man Fall: The Lamp spires from Center Camp to the Man have 4, count ‘em FOUR lamps per pole.

    3:00, 9:00, & 12:00 just have two ea.

    Hope this info is helpful.

    And oh, yah, welcome to my new boss Chazza!

    ~ re)T(ro

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  32. Plumbstone Says:

    Great choice BM, Good luck Charlie, you’ll be missed…

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  33. Marrvelous Says:

    Welcome aboard!

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  34. matt Says:

    Welcome charlie best of luck in your new job, and to anyone who has trouble with playa navigation, i personally don’t use anything that burns down as a landmark, specifically for the fact that it does, indeed… burn down. I usually use big theme camps as my landmarks, 2012 my main landmark from deep playa was Disorient, as they have a giant inflatable (or not?) lit up traffic cone, and they dont burn down. Try to find something big and bright thats on or right next to a street you need to take to get home, works perfectly for me, and never burns down

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  35. Firas Says:

    Good luck Charlie !

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  36. Hotclouds Says:

    Awesome Charlie! So glad to have you here!

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    Howdy there! ! ! ! we really each one of these post supremely, anticipating your futureand

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