October 3rd, 2012  |  Filed under Environment, News

MOOP Map Live 2012: BLM Inspection Postponed

October 3rd, 2012  |  Filed under Environment, News

Hello out there MOOP maniacs! Just a brief post to let you know that, due to a scheduling conflict, the Bureau of Land Management has postponed Burning Man’s site inspection (originally scheduled for today). It has been rescheduled for two weeks from now, on October 17.

The DPW Playa Restoration team has nonetheless finished their job and cleared the playing field, and the Black Rock Desert has been successfully restored to a pristine and featureless (and MOOP-free) state.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more results from how the Restoration season played out, and it will be my honor to share with you the results of the BLM inspection as soon as it happens. Barring any inclement weather or other force majeure, that ought to be two weeks from now.

Thanks for staying tuned! We’ll be serving up more MOOP Map results shortly.

15 Responses to “MOOP Map Live 2012: BLM Inspection Postponed”

  1. durgy Says:

    You tease!

    Are there concerns that weather, or even new visitors, or other things, might impact the inspection with the delay? Does a skeleton crew get their stay in Gerlach extended because of the delay? Too bad any costs for delay are not chargeable back to BLM. Force majeure my ass!

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  2. The Man With No Plan Says:

    Oh…. dear…

    I kind of want to drive out there one weekend with a GPS, a toilet, and a bunch of water, and do my part to make up for the two hours that other people didn’t donate… Is the closure notice still going? I’m dumb.

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  3. curious cat Says:

    Is it possible to see more pictures of interesting moop.
    I appreciated the pics of wood chips and oil.
    signed moop maniac

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  4. Dan Fox Says:

    How did Anubis do?

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  5. Eric the Red Says:

    Wait for it… wait for it…

    Hun and the PRT,

    Thank you for what you do and the time you spent on playa to uphold the LNT policy we strive to uphold before, during, and after TTITD. Please let me know if you or any of your team members will be at SF Decom this Sunday. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet all of you in person, shake your hands, and thank you profusely for a JOB WELL DONE!


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  6. The Hun Says:

    durgy – Yes, the weather could totally affect it, the way it did in 2010!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

    No, no DPW members are staying in Gerlach. This surprised us as much as you, and everybody already had travel plans … but many of us will return for the inspection.

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  7. The Hun Says:

    The Man With No Plan – No closure! The desert is yours to do as you wish! :)

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  8. The Hun Says:

    curious cat – voila! http://blog.burningman.com/2011/10/tenprinciples/moop-map-live-day-7-moop-treasure/

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  9. The Hun Says:

    curious cat – also see this: http://blog.burningman.com/2011/09/tenprinciples/moop-map-live-2011s-top-moop/

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  10. The Hun Says:

    Dan Fox – Unfortunately I don’t have info on the art sites yet, but I know the art placement team will get all the details. On the MOOP Map, we usually concentrate on the city grid and any major art sites (like the Man and the Temple).

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  11. The Hun Says:

    Eric the Red – Yay!! There will indeed be a HUGE DPW contingent at Decom, and I know they’ll be happy to meet you.

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  12. curious cat Says:

    thank you Hun I’m really happy now!

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  13. Oliver Says:

    hats off to the moopers

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  14. Brotherluv Says:

    So like – what does a yellow with green stripes mean – and for the whole bock on for A to B from 5 o’clock to 4:30. Is it green or is it yellow for the multiple theme camps at this location that was not a village.

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  15. The Hun Says:

    Brotherluv, it’s like “almost-green”. Basically, the line moved pretty quickly and only had to stop a tiny amount. Not enough to score a yellow. For this to happen throughout an entire block could mean that some MOOP was dragged or blown around over a large area.

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