MOOP Map Live 2012: Day 6 Results

Hello out there all you MOOP maniacs and line sweepers extraordinaire. We’re back with the penultimate installment of MOOP Map Live 2012! Yes, that’s right, another incredible season is drawing to its close, and the last teensy remnants of Black Rock City have been swept away by the amazing Playa Restoration crew.

Let’s give a shout out to that crew now, as we examine the well-dusted machine that is our 115-member Restoration team. This group of highly trained, dedicated and foolhardy individuals join forces to create the ultimate Playa Zamboni, inhaling MOOPy dust and exhaling pure drifted playa.

Phase One of this process belongs to the imposing MOOP Line Sweep, a 75-member force with another 15 acting as support. The Line Sweep marches tirelessly from block to block, capturing every morsel of MOOP it can — all without breaking pace. See video:

… but what about that hot spot? That’s left for Special Forces, a “crack” team of desert-fried investigators whose raison d’etre is the lowly wood chip. Their mission: to remove every last splinter of wood from the playa — along with glitter bombs, grey water spots, and even the “blue playa jewels” left behind when a bank of portapotties disappears.

Customer Service with his prize 1000-carat blue jewel.

It’s a glamorous job, and the Special Forces teams are experienced, talented and absolutely crucial to the Restoration effort. Here they are, doing what they do best:

Wow! Way to go Playa Restoration! You kids are funny looking!

And now, the results of Day Six of MOOP Map Live. In Day 6, the MOOP Line marched all the way from 2:00 to 10:00 between Begonia and Columbine, leaving only Center Camp un-swept. And here are your results:

Click to enlarge!

MOOP Map Legend:

Today’s score: Go! Go! (occasionally stop and) Go!

GREEN: GO! GO! GO! The Line Sweep moves quickly because it’s clean. Minimal time and effort spent in this location.
YELLOW: Caution! The Line Sweep moves at a stop-and-go pace. Moderate time and effort spent in this location.
RED: Full stop. The Line Sweepers are on their hands and knees. A ton of MOOP. Extensive time and effort in this location.

Nicely done, you B-and-C’ers! Your streets were mostly green, and your red spots were nice and small! Just the way we like ’em. A clear victory — with only a little room to improve — for these bombin’ blocks.

There’s just one spot left to MOOP: Center Camp, and we’ll return to it real soon. For now, this is The Hun signing off.

Today, all your photos and videos were created by The Hun, excepting the MOOP Meter which is by Ballyhoo Betty!

About the author: The Hun

The Hun, also known as J.H. Fearless, has been blogging for Burning Man (and many other outlets) since 2005, which is also the year she joined the BRC DPW on a whim that turned out to be a ten-year commitment. Since then she's won some awards for blogging, built her own creative business, and produced some of the Burning Blog's most popular stories and series. She co-created a grant-funded art piece, "Refoliation," in 2007, and stood next to it watching the Man burn on Monday night during a full lunar eclipse. She considers that, in many ways, to have been the symbolic end of Burning Man that was. The Hun lives in Reno with DPW Shade King, Quiet Earp. You may address her as "The Hun" or "Hun". If you call her "Honey" she reserves the right to cut you.

34 thoughts on “MOOP Map Live 2012: Day 6 Results

  • If you look toward the end of the “Moop Map Live 2012 Edition” thread on ePlaya there are links to download the moop map combined with the super high resolution satellite photo. It’s not scientific (just a quicky photoshop overlay), but gives you a slightly better idea of where your camp was in relation to the moop map.
    (It’s in the “Experiences at Burning Man” sub forum)

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  • That solid red stretch of D from 5:30 to Rod’s road freaks me out. I walked that part several times a day, and am searching my soul wondering how I did not notice the moop. Funny it is bordered by green all around. Guess the camps there worked on their camp plot and ignored the road. I will not ignore the road by our camp next year.
    There was lots of deep lose dust there. Do you guys find lots of moop hiding in the deep dust?
    Center camper here. the suspense is killing me! I get it, you are saving the best ’til last.

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  • We worked hard to make our plot green green green, and we are saddened to see the big red dot where our grey water tank stood. We had an inkling this might happen, but it was largely beyond our control. Will we be penalized? How can we avoid this in the future?

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  • i’ll never forget 2010 when we rolled into camp to find several pieces of rebar sticking out of the playa from year whatever.

    maybe DPW should spend less time pretending to be cool and edgy, and more time doing the job of protecting the playa from these hazardous materials.

    DPW slaves, grunts, and hangers-on are not professionals. the job of cleaning up after this festival should be put in the hands of people who are well paid and professional.

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  • cindy gee….grouchy? I feel you need some loving. Hug yourself to start.
    anyone who spends their time combing through the playa for the sake of this event gets nothing but praise from me.
    Has Burning Man ever been denied the permit? ask yourself that..

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  • I don’t understand this. Until they get a map posted more up to date than September 22, what possible good is this? I know for certain Barbie Death Village couldn’t be half yellow, along with 7 1/2 straight blocks from 2:00 to Center Camp. This is just irresponsible.

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  • G – some of those roads were really messed up!! I can’t say for sure, but the cause of the red line might actually be the condition of the soil. When it’s very bad, we try to fix it. But don’t take my word for it.

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  • cindy – I’m sorry that experience of finding rebar has made you so angry! DPW finds many pieces of rebar each day, imagine how we feel!

    Lots of groups use the playa year-round. If you found rebar, odds are pretty good it came from 4th of Juplaya or any number of events from that summer. Thanks for doing your part and pulling it up.

    Please don’t call these people slaves and insult their work, unless you know first-hand what you’re talking about. I doubt many people on the crew would agree with you.

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  • rerun – As far as I know, that info isn’t publicly available, but if you have questions about your camp, we can definitely try to help you out. I could be wrong, but I think the details are used to talk with individual camps about their scores.

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  • Doc Pyro – I’m sorry you don’t agree with the results! However, they won’t change. Here’s a little info on why it takes us so long to post the map:

    Are you a member of Barbie Death Camp? Maybe I can help you figure out what was found in your area. However, the “yellow” score is based on the SPEED of the MOOP Line. Green blocks go quickly because the line doesn’t have to stop and pick anything up. Yellow blocks have enough MOOP that the line can’t keep moving forward at a steady pace. It’s not a perfect system, but we are pretty confident in the score. I hope that helps!

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  • Thank you DPW for all you do! I am completely disheartened to find our camp yellow. We mooped our camp *daily* and then line sweeping in four directions (up, down and both katty corner both ways) at the end leaving it virtually spotless- Dang, my kitchen floor has more crumbs.. I am wondering if there was some wind carry or trash that blew off someone’s vehicle at the end because that is one long ass strip of yellow on F. Thanks again for staying out there and making sure BRC was clean as a whistle. xxx Dusty hugs to you!

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  • The Hun, yes, you might say I’m part of Barbie Death Camp. I created the thing! And still, doesn’t it seem a bit curious that the yellow line would be so continuous for such an extended period? And that such a demarcation between green and yellow for over seven blocks cannot be written off to fast or slow MOOP line folk. It defies logic. Now, were we perfect (like last year)? Probably not. With over 300 people in the Village, including one of the European Core Burn projects and much of the crew from Burn Wall Street living within our confines, likely some debris may have been left behind. Oddly enough, most of those people were where the green line is! It just seems that the map, as presented here rather than the one at the SF Decompression, does not mirror reality. YMMV.

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  • Doc, I hear you and the more I look at this, the more I tend to agree. However, I also trust the people who were there that day. So I’m gonna get to the bottom of it. For now, strike that “they won’t change” comment and hang on for a bit longer. Please don’t expect too much though ;) We are doing our best to be accurate at every single stage of the game, so there is a good chance this is no mistake, but the honest-to-goodness reality!

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  • Yikes – my tiny camp was the first to leave our street and I KNOW we moop-checked very carefully before we left. This is the first year I forgot to take a pic before leaving and now it shows yellow on my spot! Boo hoo. Next year I’ll make sure to document!

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  • While I am likewise grateful for all the fantastic work done by the DPW and all cleanup crews, I must agree with Doc. We did daily MOOP sweeps in Camp Conduit–a 50’x50′ camp comprised of six people (we were at about 3:05 and F–surrounded by Camp Walter and Devil’s Playground, but not affiliated with them). We pre-checked for existing MOOP on arrival, then carefully staked down ground cover cloth over high-traffic walking and social areas. When we struck camp, the ground cloths were carefully de-MOOP’d and then rolled up, so that any potentially missed MOOP was contained and carried off the Playa. I then personally swept our space multiple times, as well as areas around our space where camp strikes had already occurred. I physically crawled over many of the square feet of our camp, carefully searching for MOOP with a rake and my fingers. Camp Conduit’s space was absolutely spotless and pristine when we finally pulled away, as it has always been in past years. I am therefore completely baffled that our camp space is flagged as yellow. For me, this result calls into question the accuracy of the map. It also saddens me, as all our hard work appears to have been useless. Next year, I will take a few dozen photos of our space before we drive away. If nothing else, doing so will make me feel better about our efforts.

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  • @Hun

    “G – some of those roads were really messed up!! I can’t say for sure, but the cause of the red line might actually be the condition of the soil. When it’s very bad, we try to fix it. But don’t take my word for it.”

    That WAS a heavily washboarded patch.

    This gives me ammo for my (personal) crusade against water trucks. They are supposed to keep the dust down? . . really? I mean keeping the dust down in BRC . . Really? I’d take a little extra dust rather than the washboard craters that over watering creates. Certainly the next white out there where I can’t see 10 feet , I’ll be thanking the water tucks for keeping the dust down . . snark.

    Lastly, can’t resist rejoicing here that my camp earned the green.

    Luv you Hun :)

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  • Thank you Playa restoration team. Every year, you painstakingly remove the remains of the greatest city on earth so that we retain the rights to build it again. The heroic embodiment of ‘Leave No Trace’.

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  • I was close to Camp Conduit (I was at 2:40 and F, between the Vodka Bar and the back end of Camp Gallavant) and, in looking at the final map, I too am wondering if there was some type of error? If you look at the yellow band for almost 1/2 of F it looks a tiny bit suspicious that the ENTIRE row was left in yellow condition. I’m not trying to be a b*&%$ – I truly appreciate the efforts of the clean up crew but I also take my mooping quite seriously and it bothers me to think that my camp could be thought of as being careless :/

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