Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks #13: Decompressing

Time to return to our Alter Ego's
Time to return to our Alter Ego’s

Well, that was amazing.

Now comes the hard part: Adjusting back to life in the default world.

I am not going to pretend it isn’t rough. But after 15 years of making the transition, I wanted to share a few things that help me.

1) You can be the same person.
The default world will not treat you the way that the people of Black Rock City do. But you can still treat everyone here the way that you did out there: Be kind. Be wacky. Open your heart and share your gifts. In time, more and more people will respond as Burners…whether they’ve been to BRC or not.

2) Bring back the memories.
As you clean your dusty things and put them away, try to remember wearing/using that item on the Playa. Bring the memories into your Now.

3) Let yourself cry.
This was more than an awesome party. It was a peek at how you and your fellow humans can interact, create, and celebrate. Those are some intense ideas to process. Crying is a perfect response.

4) Prepare for next year.
My favorite week of the year is Burning Man. My next favorite weeks are those leading up to the journey. Why? Because as we prepare and plan, we start to feel the excitement. We start to allow ourselves to be the artists and lovers that we are in the dust. Your imagination is an amazing tool. Let it bring you into the future and start your planning for 2013.

5) Connect, in person, with your local Burners.
There is no digital tool that has succeeded at creating an online vibe that mimics the Playa. Facebook, this blog, and ePlaya are fine tools, but do not allow the snark and complaining of message boards to dull your memories. Connect with fellow burners in a way that allows you to look into their eyes and hear their laughter. If there are regionals or decompressions you can attend, go.

5) Live the Principles.
Burning Man is a different experience to different people. And it is up to you to find ways to integrate Burning Man into your life. For me, I’ve found that integrating Gifting magic into the default world year-round has transformed my life. There is no reason you can’t live life as a Theme Camp.
Look into how you can contribute your resources & talents to Burners Without Borders, local artist collectives, dance parties, and local charities.

6) Enjoy the pics & videos.
Hopefully you didn’t spend too much time recording the experience. But now is the perfect time to share the moments we did capture. Now is when we can take those dusty memories, swirl them around our tongues and take ourselves back for a few magic moments.

Here is a video I made from one of my favorite experiences at last year’s event.

About the author: John "Halcyon" Styn

Halcyon is a 17-year Burning Man participant and founder of Pink Heart camp. He is author of "Love more. Fear less." and producer of the Burning Man short film, "The Pink Path." He's won Webby awards for his over-the-top personal site CockyBastard.com & his "Love On Demand" video podcast HugNation.com. He hosted the defunct NBC.com web series "Fears. Regrets. Desires." and frequently speaks about Gratitude & Gifting. In 2010, Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based "1st Saturdays" homeless outreach program based on Burning Man Principles and the idea of "Service Without Sacrifice." You can find his digital home at www.JohnStyn.com.

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