September 2nd, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Environment

Meeting Eva at Eggchair’s

September 2nd, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Environment

Eggs Bar on Center Camp

Eva told Mike and I a story yesterday when we were at Eggchair’s bar in Center Camp and I cannot attest to the facts nor the timelines, but our discussion of art tours took a bit of a detour and she said something very close to this.

“Back in 1993 Larry Harvey wanted to bring a porta pottie to the playa for what they were calling ‘Burning Man’ and he came over to my place and helped me pack my van for the trip. He helped me entirely pack but I think he was waiting for that twenty dollars we all were putting in to pool our money for the porta pottie because none of us had much money.”

“We finished packing, I gave him the twenty dollars and he took a napkin and wrote down the directions to the playa with ‘get off the playa here’ and ‘go 3.5 miles this direction then go 1 mile that direction.’ He then wrote ‘Paid 20$ for porta potties’ and signed it Larry Harvey.”

“So, I came up here to Black Rock and followed the directions. It was Wednesday and we didn’t burn the Man until Sunday then so I finally find where they are and Larry is in a pup tent and the Man is in the back of a pickup with about twenty people camping there. On Sunday it was a great burn and about a thousand people showed up, a lot of them from Reno.”

Mike took a sip of his drink and said, “Do you still have that napkin? That might be worth something. It sounds like one of the first tickets to Burning Man ever.”

Eva thought a second then said, “No, there wasn’t any toilet paper in the porta potties so I had to use it to wipe. I’d already followed the directions and found Burning Man.”

Eggs Bar on Center Camp


Eggchair Steve and Loopy

6 Responses to “Meeting Eva at Eggchair’s”

  1. num-num Says:

    He-he — great story and well recounted.

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  2. Jason1969 Says:

    Thank you, Moze! It was a pleasure to host you and everyone that came to Eggs Bar this year. We had a great time at the bar and truly believe we fostered the perfect social canvas for interactions like the one you had to be able to exist. The “Closed” sign you see in the picture is a small, subtle distinction that we weren’t just “open” to being a place to get a drink, but a place to make a true connection in the chaos that is Burning Man with people sharing a common love of the event. It worked well, every time!

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  3. yank Says:

    partied at EGGS. They rocked the playa. always something awesome happening there. I hope you come back next year.

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  4. Bama Says:

    Eggs is my favorite bar on the playa! Love Larry, and all the fabulous people there :) My favorite place to get a good drink and conversation in the godforsaken heat of the day!

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  5. Eggchairsteve Says:

    33 years running…

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  6. MollieStar Says:

    I Love Eggs Bar for Awesometime, Thom Yorke hour, and aaaall the time (x Infinity!) ;-) <3 w00t!!! Best bar in BRC……………..!!!

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