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List of Voided Burning Man Ticket Numbers

August 6th, 2012  |  Filed under News

Addendum:  We want to make sure you all know that our intention is not to screw over the buyers in this process, but rather to make sure they DON’T get screwed. Check the list for your ticket number.  If you purchased one of these tickets, please contact partiserv here: partiserv (at) and we will assist you.

When our ticket office is alerted to situations where tickets are being sold for above face value, those tickets are voided and the ticket numbers are placed on our voided ticket list. If you’re wondering whether you might be holding (or are being offered) one of those voided tickets, you can find the (regularly-updated) list of them here on our ticket page.

Individuals selling tickets at above face value are notified that the ticket they purchased has been voided. If they can provide us with the original ticket and either proof that a sale wasn’t completed, or that a sale was reversed, they are considered for a refund. It’s also made clear to them that if they DID sell it, they should arrange to give a refund to the buyer, since they are now responsible for having sold something that is not good for its intended purpose.

If you’re holding one of these voided tickets, contact partiserv here: partiserv (at)

87 Responses to “List of Voided Burning Man Ticket Numbers”

  1. FearLess Says:

    I personally like this idea, although it’s obviously going to cause more screaming and gnashing of teeth.

    I do think, though, that the list of voided tickets should be alphabetical. Right now it’s a bit of a trial to figure out if your ticket might be on the list. I’m not going this year, but if I was buying a ticket second hand, I’d like to be able to know pretty much for sure that it wasn’t on that list and that’s hard when it’s just 300 randomly listed numbers.

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  2. Amber Harty Says:

    FearLess use the search function on your browser command F and then type your ticket info you can search the list.

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  3. sam Says:

    If you’re having trouble with the list I suggest using CTRL-F to open a search window in your browser then search for your ticket number.

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  4. FearLess Says:

    Ah, good idea Amber.

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  5. Nicholas Bailey Says:

    I bought a ticket on the 3rd and then a couple of hours later I got an email stating that my ticket purchase had been canceled and that my money was refunded. I was given no explanation as to why my ticket was revoked. Before I found this out i booked travel camp arrangements. Can anyone help me?

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  6. Jimbo Says:

    If a ticket is scalped, is the entire order voided? or just the ticket?
    I sold my extra ticket (at face value) a while back.
    I’d hate to think that MY ticket to get in could be jeopardized by my extra being scalped after circulating around for the last month.

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  7. LH Says:

    As much as we need to stop scalpers, sometimes it backfires: case in point, pee funnel camp this year:

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  8. ap Says:

    Are we allowed to include the fees charged when initially ordering our ticket without voiding the ticket? (I believe that including the fees, the $240 ticket was $252.50). Thanks!

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  9. gates ballard Says:

    @ap – I’d hope that fees charged to buy the ticket can be including when selling the ticket. You can’t buy the ticket without the fees, so really those fees should be in the cost of the ticket. Just like that evil Ticketmaster corp that will take on 30% of the “face value” in fees.

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  10. Azo Says:

    I’d like an answer to the fees questions too. I have 2 tickets to sell and want to do t right. Although it is frustrating that I can’t get a refund normally, but can if I offer them blatantly at a higher cost and get them voided. That makes NO sense.

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  11. Mike Says:

    AZO, email me at vegasmikec here: vegasmikec (at) I’ll buy both tickets from you at face value as I have not been lucky enough to be placed in que to be able to purchase my tickets. I’m a veteran Burner and starting to loose hope in the system.


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  12. Scott Says:

    Q: If I buy a ticket on eBay is it still valid?
    A: We have no problem with people selling their unneeded tickets for face value (plus service fees) and this is possible to do using eBay’s “Buy it now” feature. If a ticket has been auctioned and/or sold for high above its face value, we may have canceled and voided that ticket. To be safe, you should never pay above face value for a ticket.

    This is copied from the fraud prevention FAQ. This clearly states that it is in fact ok with the org to sell tickets above face value. It is unclear on what they mean by “high above” face value. Would the org please put a clear number on this allowed mark up? Rules without metrics are difficult to enforce and impossible for people to follow.

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  13. jessea Says:

    I don’t know.. I’m against ticket scalping as much as the next guy, and think that selling BM tickets for above face value is kind of a douchey thing to do. HOWEVER seems to me that BMORG could have stopped the scalper problem right at the beginning, by making tickets will-call-only with ID required. At this point, jumping into a private transaction between two individuals is too little, too late, and too invasive. If some shmoe wants to buy a ticket for $800 and some jerk wants to sell it to them, c’est la vie. Next time, how about not creating a situation that’s so easily profited from?

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  14. Brotherluv Says:

    Ummm – I don’t know about this.

    Have a feeling some legal issues are gonna pop up and may come back to burn the BORG for voiding these tickets – only time will tell.

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  15. SuperDan Says:


    Everyone having to go to willcall would be a nightmare. The entry lines are bad enough as it is, if every single person entering the event has to get out of their car, show their id, get their ticket, then get back in line, it would be a huge mess.

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  16. Leeward Bound Says:

    +1 for the idea of requiring IDs at the gate. If ticket-takers were also just checking IDs (to make sure it matched the name on the ticket), scalping and second-handing without BORGs cooperation would be completely impossible.

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  17. Donna Says:

    For many of the years I’ve been attending Burning Man, after the burn, I send a thank you card and most of my remaining gifts to the folks in the BM office. I love you guys. But now, you’re starting to worry me.

    You’re assuming that the scalpers still have these tickets in their hands? And that they won’t take your refund and sell the tickets anyway? They’re scalpers.

    OK, so I applaud your efforts to thwart the scalpers but that’s only half the problem. You’ve only half a solution. What about the poor Burner who shows up at the gate with a ticket you’ve voided? How devastated are they going to be? They’ve spent months preparing, taken time off from work, perhaps purchased airline tickets, rented an RV, etc. What if they’ve come with a group? What if they’ve driven all night and are exhausted. They are going to be told to just turn around and leave? It’s going to be horrible for them.

    I am 95% sure that I will have a spare ticket as my significant other is likely to have a work conflict and not be able to go. I will gladly donate that ticket to any Burner who arrives at the gate with a ticket you’ve voided. It’s possible other Burners would do the same. Is it possible to set up some kind of system for emergency tickets to go to Burners who arrive with these voided tickets?

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  18. DG Says:

    So what BMORG wants (or how this is when done by the book) is: there’s a mass crush to snap them up at the moment they go on sale and if you didn’t get lucky in that moment (which could in a matter of hours) then its just too bad?

    So that “survival” of the luckiest or patient’iest, or digitally “fittest” is ok, but for people to be able to us the power of their hard work (converted into the amount that they can offer in the aftermarket) to buy a ticket later from a 3rd party is not ok.

    Please URL me to where the rationale is better explained.

    If the only motivation is to dissuade buying and reselling purchase just limit purchase quantity to one per person.


    I honor, in principle, that there have been well-intended attempts by better informed minds to offer up and codify smart rules, but by reading through messages like this it really seems to suggest that the thinking wants through or thorough.

    Please enlighten.


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  19. Serg Says:

    How would the will-call list be sorted? One more chance to show the fabric of BM employees.

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  20. wayne Says:

    as if you didnt make things hard enough with the lotto system you throw this out there last min awesome..

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  21. Tribal Says:

    I agree with “Donna”. Let’s break it down. I (burner that is trying to buy a ticket) inspects the ticket number, security features (if in person) and carefully checks the “current” burning man “voided ticket list”, then prints the list from the website, pays for the ticket(s). Happy, Happy!! Gets to the gate and is told it/they, is/are “voided/not usable”… WHAT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT THAT POINT? Will showing the copied “voided list” from the website and even a printed/ notorized/dated & signed “bill of sale” be enough to allow entry? If the ticket(s) one buys even after due diligence appears on a REVISED “current” list at the gate who will make the decision? Will anyone make the decision? …Given all the potential problems/issues that are likely to arise, it seems best to let the tickets be sold for what the “market will bear” (as a burner I don’t like this). I do agree to “void” stolen/lost tickets, since the buyers information can be verified and a new ticket can be offered. With that said: if a scammer reports a tic stolen/lost and gets a new ticket, then sells the “voided” ticket to some unfortunate soul….possible. It comes back to due diligence and an accurate/up to date “voided” list. btw HOW OFTEN IS THE VOIDED LIST UPDATED? Sadly a number of people are unaware that a “voided list” exhists. 6 yr )’( and I just found out… Good luck fellow burners and virgins.

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  22. limitless Says:

    Its a funny policy, but makes sense for blatant scalping. However it screws the buyer who is left holding the over priced, voided ticket.. who finds out at the gate and is told “turn the fuck around and go home”.
    Terrible execution.
    On the plus side, the list has no more then 100 ticktes on it. And some are probably lost in mail/stolen voids. So while it ain’t perfect, its not going to effect many people.

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  23. Scotty Mo Says:

    Wait, are they even going to check the tickets at the gate? Isn’t this all for show? I don’t recall anyone ever looking at my ticket any longer than it took to determine it was real.

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  24. TigerLily Says:

    well, here’s at least one that someone destroyed just for the fun of it.

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  25. Pablos Says:

    Still not feeling all that great, I’m glad I haven’t attached my real name to anything burning man so I’m like 99% sure my tickets are fine but I dislike the idea of panels with the power to take away tickets legally purchased. I get like, tricking the guy trying to sell it for $1000 or something, but if you’re going after the $10 and $20 markup that wouldn’t be the most respectful of moves but hey, it’s not exactly our burn anymore right?

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  26. iBoy Says:

    Between the lottery, direct distributed tickets to the special ones, scalpers, all the tickets at will call, and now a growing list of canceled tickets – I consider not ‘winning’ tickets to BM this year a happy accident. I’d be a nervous wreck during my entire journey across the country wondering if I would be turned away at the gate. It’s not supposed to be that way. Good vibes to the poor souls WORKING (not playing) at Will Call and Gate. Strength and hope for a better plan next year.

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  27. G Samps Says:

    I absolutely dislike scalpers but what about this? Each state has rules about scalping, wether there are limits on how much over face or any limit at all that tickets can be sold for. Scalping is not illegal in NV, nor in many other states. If the seller and purchaser are acting in accordance with corresponding state and fed statutes, how is it legal to void “legally” purchased tickets… I am in no way condoning scalping nor saying people should be buying $1000 dollar tix. Just thinking of the legal ramifications of this, as well as all the broken hearts… Good luck all, hope to see you home!!!

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  28. Ghost Says:

    Yes it is a policy that the Borg are attempting to have all sales of tickets go through them.
    The issue is that if a good transaction (money paid) takes place whether the voiding of the ticket without return of money is legally valid, i.e. refunds of the money paid make the voiding valid otherwise the Borg and the seller stand to be lets say potentially liable for a claim for damages resulting from the botched voiding, which would not be limited to the money paid for the ticket.
    The other possibility is mistake, i.e. the voiding is erroneous, a screw up in which case the Borg could be subject to damages way beyond the normal.
    Unilateral voiding or canceling without consideration, meaning repayment of money, and the setting forth of a valid reason is dangerous ground, but hey the playa is rumored to be in the worst condition ever — now we have drama at the gate – BORG you could lose more than money if you screw this up.

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  29. Taunee Perry Says:

    Should have put the ticket out – first come first serve – just like everything else in this world – instead of making it a “game”. I’m definitely not going anymore. Rich man’s playground. Ya all have fun! I’m going to the beach.

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  30. TimPoorary Says:

    Hey why are you guys upset…. Read the FAQ closely! As long as you are considered a “Core Contributor”, have a righteous Mutant Vehicle, can dance like a fiend… You are set..

    Q: What are Direct Distributed Tickets?
    A: Burning Man is reaching out to and working directly with “core contributors,” including key Burning Man volunteers and organizers of theme camps, art installations, mutant vehicles and performance groups to determine how many tickets they need to be able to complete their projects for Burning Man 2012, and giving them direct access to purchase the tickets they need.

    At Burning Man, we are all created equal. Some are just more equal than others.

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  31. SprinkmanPat Says:

    My only grief with this is that the people that bought tickets “in good faith” are going to show up at the gate all set to rock-n-roll on the playa and they are going to get turned around cause their tic was voided…this needs to be set up to “spank” the Scalper not the buyer…IMHO…see ya’ll in the dust.

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  32. YoginiMooon Says:

    I don’t know the “right” or “best” way to address the issue of scalping. The idea of voiding scalped tickets is a good one but may create some unforeseen hassles down the road and may be difficult to prove. The one thing I really don’t agree with, in the discussion thread I’ve read thus far (and this may be unpopular) is “poor scalped ticket buyer”.

    Scalpers wouldn’t exist if people didn’t buy scalped tickets. People wouldn’t steal (at least not for profit) if other people didn’t buy stolen property. While I personally believe in legalized prostitution, where there are arrests and prosecution the client is in my mind as “guilty” as the sex worker.

    I also don’t think anyone should be blatantly “screwed”. If a ticket is voided the refund should go to the person who can produce the ticket; refunding the scalper removes all the risk for them of their behavior and potentially rewards them with double their money (impossible to insure they refund their buyers). Refunding the ticket holder face value will at least offset the scalpee’s losses.

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  33. Jason Says:

    From what I can see, scalping is legal in Nevada (except Clark County). I’d like to think that BM consulted a licensed Nevada lawyer before they made this move, but I can’t imagine that any attorney would tell them to go ahead with this. Everything about this has disaster written all over it. If I showed up at the gate with a ticket and found out that it had been voided after I spent thousands of dollars getting myself, my wife, and all our camp gear out to the playa, you can be damn sure I’d sue.

    I still maintain that the only solution to scalpers is to simply raise prices until supply equals demand. There’s already a subsidized low-income program–we could simply expand that by a few thousand tickets for those starving artists who really deserve it and let the rest of us pay a fair market value for our tickets. I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t be that much higher than what we currently pay, as evidenced by the steady flow of tickets I’m seeing hit the mailing lists.

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  34. Kick Me Says:

    Everyone brings up a lot of good points…

    I’ve been on the fence about getting the last ticket needed to bring my whole group up, and now I’m worried that one of us will be excluded. They ask us to contact them if we need help with a voided ticket, but the real question is, what does that mean? If I buy off ebay, and find that it is voided, can I prove to them that I just bought it (having no way to know if it was voided or not) and get it “un-voided?”

    I’d really love to go this year with my friends. I just want to feel safe doing so.

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  35. Andrew Daivs Says:

    This is an insane method of dealing with scalping that will cause an unlimited number of clusterfucks for a lot of well-meaning people. Sorry for the following all caps, but I really can’t believe that the org can’t hear this simple message: IF YOU DON’T WANT US TO TRANSFER TICKETS, MAKE THEM NON-TRANSFERABLE. DOUBLE THE ENTRANCE GATE IF YOU NEED TO, BUT LINK TICKETS TO ID. NO ONE GETS ACROSS MULTIPLE STATE LINES WITHOUT ID. KEEP THE STEP PROGRAM SO THAT PEOPLE CAN SELL THEIR NON-TRANSFERABLE TICKETS BACK AT COST. And next year please, please iron this out in advance. And by advance I mean no later than February so that people can plan and actually look forward to Burning Man again. Sell 50,000 non-transferable tickets in February, first come first served at one price level. No theme camp preference that creates a split between performers and spectators. No pre-sale/main sale/directed/lottery/STEP/post-sale like this year.

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  36. Dan Says:

    From the standpoint of killing inflated aftermarket sales, this tactic is nothing short of brilliant. You think anybody is going to buy a ticket above face value after hearing the inevitable stories of people who were turned around at the gate?

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  37. Gilgamesh Says:

    I sure do hope BMORG has a healthy legal fund. They are going to need it this time.

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  38. scott_k Says:

    I waited in the STEP queue for 5 months before finally buying a 1 STEP ticket earlier this month.

    At times, I was tempted to buy scalped tickets. I could have easily afforded several. However, I knew disrespecting the Principles would likely bring me misery on the playa, in one form or another.

    If you paid a penny over face value and you get turned away at the gate, it’s exactly what you deserved. Everyone knows that buying from a third party seller is risky. Scalping (or selling of tickets for a monetary amount that is greater than the amount paid) is against our ethos. BRC reserves the right to void tickets and refund the original cardholder. There is no provision for participants who bend the rules and end up screwing themselves over.

    Hats off to BRC! Thank you for following through.

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  39. looloo Says:

    folks, don’t worry. the gate crew all flunked out of DPW. they couldn’t operate an electronic ticket scanner any more than they could cleanly wipe their own asses.

    and you all know how badly the gate crew smells.

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  40. Chamer Says:

    @Andrew Daivs ” And next year please, please iron this out in advance.”

    Hopefully, there won’t be a next year.

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  41. Mudley Says:

    Great, so now scalpers can sell voided tickets to burners that are unaware that their tickets have been voided?

    And anyone can void anyone else’s tickets and any other tickets purchased by that person if they know the ticket numbers?? Look at what happened to pee funnel camp.

    Scalpers aren’t going to care if the tickets they sell aren’t valid.

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  42. DragonMage Says:

    Sorry for the long post, but trying to answer multiple posts with out doing multiple posts myself

    Yes Scalping needs to be stopped. Yes Andrew Daivs is right, make all tickets id required. The idea of all tickets at will call would be a disaster… unless there were separate will call stations set up in Reno/Sparks/Fernley (NOT in Gerlach or Nixon!!!).
    Keep listings separate, will call vs mailed out make the mailed tickets w/different appearance than will call! Now, at the gate, tickets picked up at non-playa will call site (and people would have to register which will call site they would be picking up at to get their ticket!!) would get thru the line quicker, while mailed tickets get ID verified. Oh wait, this would be just too complicated for anyone.

    Ok, simple, easy, all ticket sales are one per transaction, limit two transactions per name/ID. All transactions are registered to an ID. At the gate, while the stowaway search is being done, another gatekeeper used a tablet PC, enters (Scan/keys in) the ticket number & verifies the ID. Done. Scalping becomes impossible. For any tickets that someone needs to pass along, use modified STEP program, just make it so anyone can register to get a resell ticket thru the system. On website enter ticket number, enter new ID enter paypal/CC info. Money goes from new purchaser to original. As ticket number was entered, price is locked to that ticket. Fees do not get refunded to original purchaser, new purchaser pays appropriate fees for getting ticket xfered. Just the cost of business!

    I’m a ten year vet of the festival, and in the past I usually bought two tickets, calling my extra my “Black Rock City Savings Bond”. I liked the idea of having that money suddenly available again at the time of the journey! I held the ticket for those friends/family members that could not make decisions until August. If none of them took the ticket, then I’d offer it up for face value, eating the fees myself anyway. The important point for me was to allow someone the chance to go that might not have been able to otherwise.

    This year I did not get a ticket as my wife’s health was very poor. She passed away on May 10th. Thanks to the wonderful people at PolyParadise, I’ve been gifted with a ticket to bring my wife’s ashes to the Playa to honor her wishes!!! The idea that this GIFTED ticket could be voided is beyond outrageous!

    As to the ebay sales… if someone listed a ticket at $.99, no reserve and the bidding went to $500 for a $240 ticket, BMOrg should leave it alone. That’s just auction/Burning Man fever. If however someone lists an auction with a starting price of $240 for a $240 ticket and then the bidding goes to $500 the sale should be voided. This would be a case of someone TRYING to make a profit!

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  43. cryptic Says:

    I like this idea a lot. I see a lot of conjecture about what should have been done back in january still, but that’s in the past. Not much we as a community can do but make adjustments for it, and change it for next year. As for legal grammifications I believe (though I could be mistaken) that there is a clause in the terms of services from inticketing which allows for addendums and changes to said terms of services.

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  44. Peace Says:

    I honor the intention here. You are trying to stop scalping. BUT this is too little WAY too late. Please have your lawyers look up detrimental reliance. This late in the game you’re not only going to be on the hook for the cost of tickets, but all the other expenses someone who honestly thought they were buying a ligitimate ticket. You could be on the hook for thousands of dollars. Out of 60,000 tickets it seems you have a problem encompasing two-tenths of one percent of the tickets. It’s not worth the effort this year. Let’s just concentrait on having a great burn and try to get the whole ticketing system for next year.

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  45. toota Says:

    “and try to get the whole ticketing system for next year.”

    You assume this so-called ticket fiasco wasn’t intentional by the BMorg.

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  46. Peace Says:

    @toota I’m not cynical enough to believe any of the problems were intentional. I just think the BMORG should focus there efforts on a great event this year and not engage in additional attempts to stop scalping this year. There is too much potention for unintended consequences. This process seems punitive and unburnerlike.

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  47. Peace Says:


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  48. L. Gazatchorn Says:

    It’s nothing more than a glorified rock concert, so of course there are going to be scalpers. As much as you like to deny it, this is a money-making, for-profit venture, like everything mankind does.

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  49. Pink Says:

    The list of voided tickets has been available for quite awhile; their just wasn’t a highlighted blog entry to draw this much attention to it. A couple of months at least Selling for price + fees is ok. The clause that tickets may cancelled at the discretion of the Org is in the terms of purchase, in case any of those crying lawsuit actually read the terms of purchase.

    Last year there was a burgeoning industry in counterfeit tix, which also led to people showing up at the gate without a valid ticket. And there are plenty of tix RIGHT NOW being offered on eplaya at face value. With anything on CL, it’s buyer beware. So how about a little radical self-reliance people?

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  50. Pink Says:

    Oh, and I meant buying for price + ticket fees, not eBay or stubhub fees.

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  51. L. Gazatchorn Says:

    Don’t even sell physical tickets. Put the whole process on a website, take money by credit/debit card, name and driver license number, then the ticket buyer shows his DL at the gate, the name is checked against a list by the gate attendant who types in state and DL number on an iPad or something connected to a local network of some sort, the participant is logged in, nobody gets in on the same number, problem solved. Forging a DL is a much more serious matter than forging or scalping a ticket. It is already a secure system (more or less).

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  52. fairy Says:

    Just a thought…maybe they want to void a few tickets because the number of tickets sold this year exceeds the population cap of the 2012 permit

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  53. Will Chase Says:

    All … I see a number of legitimate concerns and questions raised here about specific ticket situations, but I can’t address them here. If you have questions about YOUR ticket, or your ability to get into Black Rock City with it, please email partiserv here: partiserv (at) and our folks will help you out.

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  54. Amberry Says:

    I don’t get everyone’s anger. The whole point is to make people afraid of buying above face value. Scalpels can’t gouge if no one is buying. All the “it’s not fair!” “what if this, what if that!” is the whole point. It’s supposed to be scary so people don’t do it.

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  55. Andrew Daivs Says:

    @ Will Chase. No, it isn’t about “specific ticket situations.” It is about trying to put one fix after another on the fundamental problem of transferable tickets. At this stage in the game to go after people who are selling and buying tickets is just going to harm people. Plus, the idea that org staff are combing the internet looking for violators feels creepy-creepy.

    Listen, the vast majority of us love the hell out of you and the org and Burning Man. We’ve stood by you and will keep standing by you, I promise. We know how hard you’re working for us and we appreciate that. You are doing an amazing job!

    But please take in the angry feedback, because it’s been pretty spot on for the last six months. We get that the “intention” was not to screw over buyers, but this tactic probably will do so, especially if tickets change hands more than once. Besides, if you rely on this system, guess how the scalpers will get around it next year?

    ** 50,000 non-transferable tickets, all the same price, sold first-come-first serve on December 15 2012, and re-sellable through STEP until August 15, 2013.**

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  56. piko! Says:

    if you don’t feed scalpers, they die.

    on the other hand, why should the BMorg decide how much a ticket is being marketed? face value, less than face, or over face?

    if i own a ticket, i should be able to do with it what i want.

    okay to “gift” a ticket, but not profit from it?

    i would not sell a ticket over face, but i don’t want to be told what is right or wrong.

    let the market decide.

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  57. RockStar Says:

    Cracks me up that the ORG is soooo concerned with the possibility of a 2nd party making a buck on ticket sales.

    I bet you plug and play camps will gross more than ticket scalpers this year. Because, you know, it’s far more appropriate to pay someone to take responsibility for your food, water, shelter, and transportation during the event than it is to pay someone market value for their good fortune in winning the ticket gamble.

    Well I guess it would crack me up if I weren’t so disappointed in the ORGs inability to follow the founding principals they speak so highly of.

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  58. Chai Says:

    I LOVE IT!! Its Burning Man folks…expect the unexpected….the playa will provide! :)

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  59. AsOfTime Says:

    burningman has went pop

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  60. Zoe Says:

    Come get your Pee Funnel at Pee Funnel Camp! Stand Free and Pee!

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  61. espotter Says:

    wow.. all the poor folks who might have already bought one.. :( everyone in our camp has had to buy over face value tickets. (Against their wishes.. but STEP didn’t really work out, and they really wanted to go.. soo what are they to do?) now they are all freaking out that their tickets, that they already had to overpay for, are now going to be voided. This is AFTER bmorg granted us esplanade placement, and then took it away. Needless to say.. our enthusiasm is dwindling. We are a camp that has been on the playa for 10 years, and scored ‘green’ on our cleanup every year. We have tons of friends from bmorg and many other camps, and we welcome newbies into our camp regularly. We just don’t get it. Sure you have to make room to grow. But it really stings when we have given so much, and now our camp of 100 strong is literally looking like it might be 8 people, 8 streets back from the esplanade. Now all the people that are (were) building esplanade worthy projects are pretty much jaded and not going. Wouldn’t you be too if you had spent a bunch of time, money, energy, and stoked-ness, preparing for this year, despite all the hurdles, only to be kicked in the balls at this stage in the game?

    I fear the worst for bmorg and bm in general. We all want this to be an epic year, even after feeling this way. I really hope its an epic year for all. But this stings.

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  62. Eric Says:

    We managed to get 2 tickets through step, tried to make it work, but it is too last minute to be able to go.
    The STEP FAQ said we had through the 7th to put the tickets back into STEP.

    I requested a link to put the tickets back into step on the 6th. I didn’t get a response back until the 7th which just said that STEP was closed. If I knew the cut off date was going to be earlier I would have acted sooner.

    I’d like to return/sell/transfer the tickets to someone who wants to go and needs tickets. It looks like the only way for that to happen is to actually go to the will-call and transfer the tickets to someone there once I have them in hand.

    Looks like i’m stuck at this point and so are 2 other people who could have gone. :(

    Here is where I got the AUg 7th date from: :
    “Tickets bought through STEP are non-transferable. If you need to sell back a ticket you bought through STEP, you must do so using STEP and you may not choose the recipient. You can sell your ticket back to STEP until August 7.”

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  63. sunny Says:

    I have one ticket for sale at cost
    intrepidtrips here: intrepidtrips (at)

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  64. Blaze Says:

    I am a staff manager for BMORG, and object to this policy in the strongest terms.
    I commend staff for their undying efforts to stem scalping, but I feel they are overreaching their moral authority in this. The people who they hurt will always be the most desperate to be with us, our most ardent fans. We need that enthusiasm, we do not walk in their shoes, know their story, their reasons for buying that ticket. There are so many scenarios, so much potential for grief, for what? Pride? We have enough on our hands setting an example of how to change the world for the better without playing cop to capitalism. Let it go for this year.

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  65. jose perez Says:

    i accidentally tore the bottom stub off the ticket, is that going to be a problem? both parts have a matching number, i dont think the people at the gate would be that irrational for it to be a problem right?

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  66. Dom Says:

    I have 2 tickets we need to sell at face $320. Happy to provide all the necessary details and ID, copy of paspport etc. thanks Dom

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  67. Karl Schon Says:

    Yes, There is no BackPaddling for YOUR (BMORG) Stupid Mistakes…., You want to come up with something Smart now? Too Late. Your should have hired these High Priced Ticket Attorneys and Advisors BEFORE you kneeJerked out and just flipped the Tickets out there again. This is the 3rd. Year, you cannot Count, and have no Business Skills, which you need by Now in order to handle that $22Million you have under control each year. Let it go, and do it better next year….

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  68. lara Says:

    Ok, as of Aug 6th people were losing hope. Now, since STEP closed there are many many tickets and I worry how to sell my extra (I bought for a few friends who now cannot go). It is crazy that to get a refund, I can post my tickets at an inflated price (never would) to get a.refund and yet, I cannot seem to sell paper tickets at facevalue..everyone appears set. Could this be a year that people who tried to help friends and now is saddled with tickets no one wants?

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  69. Paula Says:

    Informing everyone that tickets bought above face value will be voided, AFTER they were given to people is just unfathomable! This information should have been told to us even before we were told we were lucky enough to be able to buy one from you. Your organization should have alerted StubHub and Ebay that this was the case so that they could also warn their customers.

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  70. nic Says:

    Hi, dont want to make a mistake, who can i contact about getting a refund for my tickets I cant use?

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  71. Yama Says:

    It’s amusing to see how something intended as an anti-authoritarian gathering has become more and more authoritarian with each passing year.

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  72. Pink Says:

    Paula, the info has been out there for quite a while. Way before tickets shipped. Do a little due diligence before buying a scalped ticket! Burners know scalping is discouraged, to say the least, and many of the ticketing structures put in place this year were specifically to stop scalping. So why is this policy so surprising?

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  73. holycow Says:

    Burning Man is BEGGING for a lawsuit and a lot of really bad blood. It’s like they don’t want to succeed and they continue to fuck things up for themselves and the millions of people who are deeply involved in the community.

    Insanely bad idea.

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  74. JP Says:

    Burning Man, a shining example of a group of people against oppression, against government control, and against corporate greed. Sadly enough, now engaging in oppression, has now become quite a large government, and acts exactly as a corporation. Burning Man has become what Burning Man is directly opposed to.

    Shark has been jumped. :(

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  75. Mcmike Says:

    I have 4 tickets for $420 each (face value) love to sell them. This whole thing has been a pain in the arse.

    I am in Oakland


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  76. DorothyGale Says:

    It seems there are a lot more tickets available than buyers at this point. They were mailed out so late, most people had decided long ago that they weren’t going this year. The lottery system encouraged people to get tickets “just in case” and a lot of buyers from the initial lottery never actually planned to attend.

    I guess those people who are stuck with tickets they can’t sell should put them on Craigslist for $1000 each and get a refund.

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  77. Kevin Says:

    **** Use Ctrl+F then type in your ticket number to immediately find it on the voided ticket list. Hope this saves some of you some time and trouble ;)

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  78. Doreen Says:

    I bought a ticket on the 3rd and then a couple of hours later I got an email stating that my ticket purchase had been canceled and that my money was refunded. I was given no explanation as to why my ticket was revoked. Before I found this out i booked travel camp arrangements. Can anyone help me?

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  79. Rafael Says:

    I’m trying to sell my ticket below cost and a prospective buyer is asking for the ticket number. Am I jeopardizing anything by sharing this info?

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  80. Gumby Roffo Says:

    After reading a bundle of the comments and having a little think on how to manage Voided Tickets . Why not make an app that can look up the ticket numbers from a DB. That way when or if the tickets status changes the holder will have that info ASAP and be able to either contact Bmorg for an option. Put the brakes on their travel.
    There is already the BM find me app so I’ll toss this out there for a Dev type to tackle.
    No sadly I’m not going this year due to missing all the fun options to get a ticket between shifts.
    But I’ll be at Camp Envy chatting away

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  81. burnbaby Says:

    How do you report a scalper? Guy next door sold his for way over face.



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  82. Rachel Says:

    I am selling one ticket at face value ($400), preferably to someone in the Los Angeles area.

    please email me at rachelkowalsdym [at] gmail [dot] com if interested

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  83. Bunny Watson Says:

    Folks, it is NOT a good idea to admit that you or your campmates bought or sold tix over face value – especially in a forum watched by org staff.

    Even including camp dues in the same transaction is risky. People have had repercussions for not just them but their entire camp (loss of early arrival, art placement, etc). Of course they say it was a misunderstanding but there is no due process – they just have to suck it up and deal.

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  84. Kristine-CA Says:

    I’m sure Will & Co. are busy on the Playa now and aren’t answering blog comments. But I do want to ask: is this “voiding” of tickets just an a scare tactic? Since when are Burning Man tickets “scanned”? Did I miss something? In 2008 and 2010 the ticket takers didn’t even ask to see our tickets and we have untorn tickets from both years to prove it. I just assumed it was either 1) stoner/drunk forgetfulness or 2) vigilante volunteer Burners trying to “help” by not taking tickets in order to provide a lower population count. To be clear, we were two people in an RV each time. Not some large party that was distracting or confusing to the task of taking the tickets. I didn’t pay any attention last year, but were there scanners?

    Or is this whole “voided” ticket thing about will call tickets only?

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  85. WildlyDivine Says:

    So… How much is the original price of the ticket?

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  86. Velvet Ocean Says:

    How can I access the list of voided tickets ?

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  87. jec0435 Says:

    The URL you posted above to check ticket numbers is not working?

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