List of Voided Burning Man Ticket Numbers

Addendum:  We want to make sure you all know that our intention is not to screw over the buyers in this process, but rather to make sure they DON’T get screwed. Check the list for your ticket number.  If you purchased one of these tickets, please contact partiserv here: partiserv (at) and we will assist you.

When our ticket office is alerted to situations where tickets are being sold for above face value, those tickets are voided and the ticket numbers are placed on our voided ticket list. If you’re wondering whether you might be holding (or are being offered) one of those voided tickets, you can find the (regularly-updated) list of them here on our ticket page.

Individuals selling tickets at above face value are notified that the ticket they purchased has been voided. If they can provide us with the original ticket and either proof that a sale wasn’t completed, or that a sale was reversed, they are considered for a refund. It’s also made clear to them that if they DID sell it, they should arrange to give a refund to the buyer, since they are now responsible for having sold something that is not good for its intended purpose.

If you’re holding one of these voided tickets, contact partiserv here: partiserv (at)

About the author: Will Chase

Will Chase first attended Burning Man 2001. He was Burning Man's Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004-2009, and the Operations Manager and member of the Art Council for the ARTery (Burning Man's art department headquarters in Black Rock City) from 2003-2008. In 2009, he transitioned into the Communications Department, where his responsibilities include global communication strategy, authoring the Jackrabbit Speaks Newsletter, content management for the Burning Man website, coordination of Burning Man's social networking efforts, and acting as editor for the Burning Blog. Tales of his sordid adventures can be found on his website.

87 thoughts on “List of Voided Burning Man Ticket Numbers

  • Don’t even sell physical tickets. Put the whole process on a website, take money by credit/debit card, name and driver license number, then the ticket buyer shows his DL at the gate, the name is checked against a list by the gate attendant who types in state and DL number on an iPad or something connected to a local network of some sort, the participant is logged in, nobody gets in on the same number, problem solved. Forging a DL is a much more serious matter than forging or scalping a ticket. It is already a secure system (more or less).

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  • All … I see a number of legitimate concerns and questions raised here about specific ticket situations, but I can’t address them here. If you have questions about YOUR ticket, or your ability to get into Black Rock City with it, please email partiserv here: partiserv (at) and our folks will help you out.

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  • I don’t get everyone’s anger. The whole point is to make people afraid of buying above face value. Scalpels can’t gouge if no one is buying. All the “it’s not fair!” “what if this, what if that!” is the whole point. It’s supposed to be scary so people don’t do it.

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  • @ Will Chase. No, it isn’t about “specific ticket situations.” It is about trying to put one fix after another on the fundamental problem of transferable tickets. At this stage in the game to go after people who are selling and buying tickets is just going to harm people. Plus, the idea that org staff are combing the internet looking for violators feels creepy-creepy.

    Listen, the vast majority of us love the hell out of you and the org and Burning Man. We’ve stood by you and will keep standing by you, I promise. We know how hard you’re working for us and we appreciate that. You are doing an amazing job!

    But please take in the angry feedback, because it’s been pretty spot on for the last six months. We get that the “intention” was not to screw over buyers, but this tactic probably will do so, especially if tickets change hands more than once. Besides, if you rely on this system, guess how the scalpers will get around it next year?

    ** 50,000 non-transferable tickets, all the same price, sold first-come-first serve on December 15 2012, and re-sellable through STEP until August 15, 2013.**

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  • if you don’t feed scalpers, they die.

    on the other hand, why should the BMorg decide how much a ticket is being marketed? face value, less than face, or over face?

    if i own a ticket, i should be able to do with it what i want.

    okay to “gift” a ticket, but not profit from it?

    i would not sell a ticket over face, but i don’t want to be told what is right or wrong.

    let the market decide.

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  • Cracks me up that the ORG is soooo concerned with the possibility of a 2nd party making a buck on ticket sales.

    I bet you plug and play camps will gross more than ticket scalpers this year. Because, you know, it’s far more appropriate to pay someone to take responsibility for your food, water, shelter, and transportation during the event than it is to pay someone market value for their good fortune in winning the ticket gamble.

    Well I guess it would crack me up if I weren’t so disappointed in the ORGs inability to follow the founding principals they speak so highly of.

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  • wow.. all the poor folks who might have already bought one.. :( everyone in our camp has had to buy over face value tickets. (Against their wishes.. but STEP didn’t really work out, and they really wanted to go.. soo what are they to do?) now they are all freaking out that their tickets, that they already had to overpay for, are now going to be voided. This is AFTER bmorg granted us esplanade placement, and then took it away. Needless to say.. our enthusiasm is dwindling. We are a camp that has been on the playa for 10 years, and scored ‘green’ on our cleanup every year. We have tons of friends from bmorg and many other camps, and we welcome newbies into our camp regularly. We just don’t get it. Sure you have to make room to grow. But it really stings when we have given so much, and now our camp of 100 strong is literally looking like it might be 8 people, 8 streets back from the esplanade. Now all the people that are (were) building esplanade worthy projects are pretty much jaded and not going. Wouldn’t you be too if you had spent a bunch of time, money, energy, and stoked-ness, preparing for this year, despite all the hurdles, only to be kicked in the balls at this stage in the game?

    I fear the worst for bmorg and bm in general. We all want this to be an epic year, even after feeling this way. I really hope its an epic year for all. But this stings.

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  • We managed to get 2 tickets through step, tried to make it work, but it is too last minute to be able to go.
    The STEP FAQ said we had through the 7th to put the tickets back into STEP.

    I requested a link to put the tickets back into step on the 6th. I didn’t get a response back until the 7th which just said that STEP was closed. If I knew the cut off date was going to be earlier I would have acted sooner.

    I’d like to return/sell/transfer the tickets to someone who wants to go and needs tickets. It looks like the only way for that to happen is to actually go to the will-call and transfer the tickets to someone there once I have them in hand.

    Looks like i’m stuck at this point and so are 2 other people who could have gone. :(

    Here is where I got the AUg 7th date from: :
    “Tickets bought through STEP are non-transferable. If you need to sell back a ticket you bought through STEP, you must do so using STEP and you may not choose the recipient. You can sell your ticket back to STEP until August 7.”

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  • I am a staff manager for BMORG, and object to this policy in the strongest terms.
    I commend staff for their undying efforts to stem scalping, but I feel they are overreaching their moral authority in this. The people who they hurt will always be the most desperate to be with us, our most ardent fans. We need that enthusiasm, we do not walk in their shoes, know their story, their reasons for buying that ticket. There are so many scenarios, so much potential for grief, for what? Pride? We have enough on our hands setting an example of how to change the world for the better without playing cop to capitalism. Let it go for this year.

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  • i accidentally tore the bottom stub off the ticket, is that going to be a problem? both parts have a matching number, i dont think the people at the gate would be that irrational for it to be a problem right?

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  • Yes, There is no BackPaddling for YOUR (BMORG) Stupid Mistakes…., You want to come up with something Smart now? Too Late. Your should have hired these High Priced Ticket Attorneys and Advisors BEFORE you kneeJerked out and just flipped the Tickets out there again. This is the 3rd. Year, you cannot Count, and have no Business Skills, which you need by Now in order to handle that $22Million you have under control each year. Let it go, and do it better next year….

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  • Ok, as of Aug 6th people were losing hope. Now, since STEP closed there are many many tickets and I worry how to sell my extra (I bought for a few friends who now cannot go). It is crazy that to get a refund, I can post my tickets at an inflated price (never would) to get a.refund and yet, I cannot seem to sell paper tickets at facevalue..everyone appears set. Could this be a year that people who tried to help friends and now is saddled with tickets no one wants?

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  • Informing everyone that tickets bought above face value will be voided, AFTER they were given to people is just unfathomable! This information should have been told to us even before we were told we were lucky enough to be able to buy one from you. Your organization should have alerted StubHub and Ebay that this was the case so that they could also warn their customers.

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  • Paula, the info has been out there for quite a while. Way before tickets shipped. Do a little due diligence before buying a scalped ticket! Burners know scalping is discouraged, to say the least, and many of the ticketing structures put in place this year were specifically to stop scalping. So why is this policy so surprising?

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  • Burning Man is BEGGING for a lawsuit and a lot of really bad blood. It’s like they don’t want to succeed and they continue to fuck things up for themselves and the millions of people who are deeply involved in the community.

    Insanely bad idea.

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  • Burning Man, a shining example of a group of people against oppression, against government control, and against corporate greed. Sadly enough, now engaging in oppression, has now become quite a large government, and acts exactly as a corporation. Burning Man has become what Burning Man is directly opposed to.

    Shark has been jumped. :(

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  • It seems there are a lot more tickets available than buyers at this point. They were mailed out so late, most people had decided long ago that they weren’t going this year. The lottery system encouraged people to get tickets “just in case” and a lot of buyers from the initial lottery never actually planned to attend.

    I guess those people who are stuck with tickets they can’t sell should put them on Craigslist for $1000 each and get a refund.

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  • I bought a ticket on the 3rd and then a couple of hours later I got an email stating that my ticket purchase had been canceled and that my money was refunded. I was given no explanation as to why my ticket was revoked. Before I found this out i booked travel camp arrangements. Can anyone help me?

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  • After reading a bundle of the comments and having a little think on how to manage Voided Tickets . Why not make an app that can look up the ticket numbers from a DB. That way when or if the tickets status changes the holder will have that info ASAP and be able to either contact Bmorg for an option. Put the brakes on their travel.
    There is already the BM find me app so I’ll toss this out there for a Dev type to tackle.
    No sadly I’m not going this year due to missing all the fun options to get a ticket between shifts.
    But I’ll be at Camp Envy chatting away

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  • I am selling one ticket at face value ($400), preferably to someone in the Los Angeles area.

    please email me at rachelkowalsdym [at] gmail [dot] com if interested

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  • Folks, it is NOT a good idea to admit that you or your campmates bought or sold tix over face value – especially in a forum watched by org staff.

    Even including camp dues in the same transaction is risky. People have had repercussions for not just them but their entire camp (loss of early arrival, art placement, etc). Of course they say it was a misunderstanding but there is no due process – they just have to suck it up and deal.

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  • I’m sure Will & Co. are busy on the Playa now and aren’t answering blog comments. But I do want to ask: is this “voiding” of tickets just an a scare tactic? Since when are Burning Man tickets “scanned”? Did I miss something? In 2008 and 2010 the ticket takers didn’t even ask to see our tickets and we have untorn tickets from both years to prove it. I just assumed it was either 1) stoner/drunk forgetfulness or 2) vigilante volunteer Burners trying to “help” by not taking tickets in order to provide a lower population count. To be clear, we were two people in an RV each time. Not some large party that was distracting or confusing to the task of taking the tickets. I didn’t pay any attention last year, but were there scanners?

    Or is this whole “voided” ticket thing about will call tickets only?

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