July 19th, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

“Black Rock Horse” Film Screening at BMHQ

July 19th, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), Events/Happenings

Remember that giant horse burning away on the playa last year? Here’s your chance to learn more about it. “Black Rock Horse” portrays the journey of 2011′s Trojan Horse art piece from creation to destruction. The thirty minute film will be followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker, Todd Darling, and Trojan Horse artists Dan Fox, Josh Lawrence, Ariel Sutro, and Linda Jensen Darling. Check out the film’s trailer. The film begins at 7:30pm. Light appetizers and a wine and beer bar will be open during the first thirty minutes of the event.

July 19th
Burning Man HQ
995 Market Street, San Francisco

7 Responses to ““Black Rock Horse” Film Screening at BMHQ”

  1. Petko Says:

    Would the film be available online after the premier? It will be great if you post relevant links. Thanks

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  2. tio Says:

    BMorg itself is a metaphor for the Trojan Horse. It came in disguised as a gift to the counter culture, and instead plagiarized it, and depleted it through exploitation and commodification.

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  3. Feral Child Says:

    Yes, would love to see/ purchase this film.

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  4. Corvus Says:

    So, I quess you won’t be attending ever again. Why are you commenting here rather than bmsux.com or something similar; it’s time to move on.

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  5. titta Says:

    because of simicolon users like you make me want to puke and rid the world of you.

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  6. harinama Says:


    Just another EXburner sad that BRC isn’t the wild wild west anymore..

    Very happy i won’t see you there this year!

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  7. titta Says:

    well, enjoy your lukewarm experience pretending to be someone you’re not.

    have at it!

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