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  1. Lola Says:

    Old Fart,Oxford is nice, but its awful cliquey. If you’re not born and rasied, you’re almost always on the outside looking in. I enjoyed it, though. I found a group I fit in with. I wasn’t a Greek, but I highly recommend that in the South, you do so. I was there around 3.5 years. That was long enough! But during the summer, business was S-L-O-W, and there was NOTHING going on, except for a summer festival where all the restaurant owners set up a booth and sold our best items on the Square.Wish I had a boat then, LOL! A boat would have made the summers go by faster. A good time to travel, too, but you had to drive a LONG way to get to anywhere. An hour to get to Tupelo to shop, and Memphis to spend the day. I would recommend a visit for a football home game, spend a long weekend, but that’s as far as I would go.

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