May 1st, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), News

Burning Man 2012 Honorarium Art Projects Announced

May 1st, 2012  |  Filed under Culture (Art & Music), News

The Temple of Juno, by David Best

This year, a record 349 applicants submitted grant proposals seeking almost $5 million in total funding. The grant committee did the difficult work to winnow down this list to 47 projects, awarding more than $700,000 – the most ever, and a $100,000 increase over last year. This year’s list of artists includes many returning artists, as well as some new blood. We’re also very excited to announce that David Best — Burning Man’s original Temple builder — will return after a three-year hiatus to build the Temple of Juno this year.

Thank you to all who submitted grant proposals, and congratulations to this year’s honorarium artists … we’re very excited by this year’s artistic offering. Here’s the full list of the honorarium art projects for 2012:

Almost — Michael Christian — Berkeley, CA —

Arc Harps — Jen Lewin — Boulder, CO —

Bapteme De Feu 2.0 — Anton Viditz-Ward — Telluride, CO —

Bicycle Arpeggio — George Rahi — Bellingham, WA —

Burn Wall Street — Otto Von Danger — Oakland, CA —

Char Wash — Christopher Schardt — Oakland, CA —

City Of Lights — Gary Long — Los Angeles, CA —

Dragon Smelter — Daniel Macchiarini — San Francisco, CA —

EGO — Laura Kimpton & Michael Garlington — Vineburg, CA —

Front Porch — Zac Carroll — Mill Valley, CA —

Fusion Fire — Team What-Dat-Do — Seattle, WA —

Harmonic Fire Pendula — Matthew Dockrey — Seattle, WA —

Labyrinth Of Colorful Cloud — Rob Fischer — Brooklyn, NY —

Luminous Passage 2.0 — Predock Frane Architects vs. Anderson — San Francisco, CA

Lune & Tide — Sarah Cockings & Laurence Symonds — London, UK

Man Pavilion Pistil — Gregg Fleishman — Oakland, CA —

MetaMorph — Chelsea Jenkins — Alta Loma, CA

Mooving Sculpture — David Boyer — Reno, NV —

Murmuration — Jeff Maguire — Santa Monica, CA —

Neverwas Haul — Shannon O’Hare — Vallejo, CA —

Otic Oasis 2.0 — Gregg Fleishman (Artist) & Melissa Barron (Concept) — Oakland, CA —

Perception In The Absence Of Reality — David Clay (playa name Egg Shen) — Seattle, WA —

Pier 2 — Matt Schultz/The Pier Group — Carnelian Bay, CA —

Pins — Tom Woodall — Kennewick, WA

Pyropodium — Noah Rosenthal and Nathan Clark — Cleveland Heights, OH

Remembering Cap’n Jim — Dave Power — Pagosa Springs, CO

Reno Star — Mark Szulgit — Sebastapol, CA

Serpent Twins — Jon Sarriugarte & Kyrsten Mate — Oakland, CA –

Singularity Transmissions — Troy Stanley and TEAM RX/TX — Houston, TX —

Star Seed — Kate Raudenbush — New York, NY —

Starport 2.012 (Cafe Portal) — Carey Thompson — Novato, CA —

Sub-Sonarium — Benjamin Carpenter & Daniel Yasmin — Oakland, CA —

Sun Bugs — Adel Kerpely — Brooklyn, NY —

Super Street Fire — Seth Hardy & Site 3 coLaboratory — Toronto, Canada —

The Temple Of Juno — David Best — Petaluma, CA —

Tesseract — James Reinhardt & Scott Chico Raskey — Seattle, WA

Third Space at Burning Man — Alexander Rehn & Greutmann & Bolzern — San Francisco, CA

Through The Gorilla Glass — GUILD – Spencer Rand, Johnathan Wong, Andrea Ling, Patrick Svilans and Jonah Humphrey — Toronto, Canada —

Timing Is Everything — Charlie Smith — Atlanta, GA —

Transcendental Cube — Joseph Quinn — Los Angeles, CA

Transformoney Tree – Dadara — Amsterdam, Netherlands —

Tree Of Transmutation — Kevin Christman — Talent, OR —

Universe Revolves Around You — Zachary Coffin — Atlanta, GA —

Yoga Robot — Scott Harris — Telluride, CO

Zoa — Flux Foundation — San Francisco, CA —

Zonotopia and the Two Trees — Rob Bell — San Francisco, CA

7 Responses to “Burning Man 2012 Honorarium Art Projects Announced”

  1. Mr. Mackey Says:


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  2. floyd Says:

    like all the ones david best & co built. the attention to detail and all the squiggly forms and patterns… it's just… MIND BLOWING!!! can't wait :)

    see you on the playa!

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  3. Samsa Lila Says:

    The Temple seems to be a perfect balance to last years. So good. Is it Pier 30 yet?

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  4. cult Says:

    AWESOME — i really hope that the concept for the man illustrated on the home page is a joke. If it isnt i would recommend stepping it up – looks lame, to be brutaly honest

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  5. John Says:

    Ok Mr. Best, let’s try our Best not to get a DUI this time around. LOL

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  6. Haim Says:

    David , the one and only . Thank you that you are coming back home ,
    and what a stunning creation!! Only a genius like you is able to create such beautiful art , and give us, the small Grain ,to be , and see , and feel it , on tha playa .
    Right now ( After I saw the drawings) I cannot wait , until I could see it
    on the playa.

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  7. Amanda Says:

    Why does Burning Man give grants to projects that have already been created and have already been out there? And, more importantly, why would anyone give a grant to an art project that already got a grant just last year for the SAME art project? I am very confused here. If a record 349 people submitted grant applications, there were obviously plenty of new ideas. Why not give someone else a chance?

    grumble grumble.

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