Andie Grace to Leave Burning Man Organization

"Going off comm." (Photo by Arin Fishkin)

It is with heavy heart that I announce that Communications Manager and Regional Network Manager Andie Grace is leaving the Burning Man staff. She’ll remain with us through May as we work with the resulting change and transition.

Andie has collaborated with me, the Founders and the staff at Burning Man HQ for nearly 13 years. Her contribution to the fabric of our culture as we’ve grown is immeasurable and the role that she inhabited is impossible to replace.

Those that had the good fortune to work with Andie know of her open heart, empathetic nature and attention to the needs of those around her. Anyone who’s read her writing for the Jack Rabbit Speaks, blog, comments on the ePlaya or 3Playa and other forums know of the care she has put into firmly sharing the organization’s perspective but with a gentleness only she could deliver.

We warmly wish her well in her future endeavors.

Thank you Andie!!

The Burning Man Founders: Larry, Harley, Crimson, Will, & Michael

About the author: Maid Marian

Marian Goodell has been a member of the 6-person ownership structure of Burning Man since late 1996. Goodell has been Burning Man's Director of Business and Communications since 1997; and in 2003 she added oversight of the Department of Public Works. The Communications activities under Goodell’s jurisdiction include media relations, print production, and the Jackrabbit Speaks email newsletter; her Business duties include management of accounting, legal, government relations, and administrative processes. Her oversight of the organization's technology infrastructure has included the development of an internal document repository, the Burning Man web site, several blogs, and an image gallery. In 1997 she worked with Burning Man participants to create the Burning Man Regional Network. Goodell holds a BA in Creative Writing from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland and an MFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

68 thoughts on “Andie Grace to Leave Burning Man Organization

  • Even after you stopped writing the Jackrabbit Speaks I imagined you somewhere off to the side keeping a close eye on it. In the years when I didn’t attend Burning Man it was your writing and warm and inclusive style that made me realize I had to come back home. For me you became the voice that made me want to return which I finally did. Now I’m fortunate enough to have tickets to come back again this year. You will be missed by many like myself who never met you in person but have engaged with you through the newsletter and other communications. You made a difference.

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  • Indeed, John Law’s name was left out of the founders’ list. Amen to everything Chicken said, with a cherry on top and some Southern sugar. History is written by those who would take the storyline for their own glory. As your faithful sinister, with you since that first dust storm in the Airstream in ’98, I have seen you try to steer an increasingly wild beast toward the truth, for the greater good of humanity. No really! Humanity. Always toward the truth … but always with more GRACE than most of the Bad Kids can summon.

    I’m sure you will be missed by the Borg, but I and your homegirls are ecstatic to get you back!! <3

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  • Andie, learning that this was your first job out of college makes me tingle in anticipation of what you will try next. I think it’s safe to say that this gig has been a success of monumental proportions.

    When we met this year at SxSW, you told me that the principles started as observations, not dictates. In reading Tribes of Burning Man, I learned that they were first codified for the benefit of the regional burns that might seek to emulate the positivity, warmth and goofiness of the playa.

    Now, in reading Will’s and Marian’s insistence that your heart has been the home of the principles, patiently pushing them out with every beat, letting them ooze into the places where they were needed, and cultivating a loving adherence without shoving them down anyone’s throat, the magnitude of this accomplishment is just awe-inspiring.

    Burning Man is fine, but the rest of our world is in need of a principled approach to living, so let’s see what we can do about that. Get in touch when you have time and let’s talk about it!

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  • As I responded to the news on the New York City list:

    It’s about frinkin’ time ActionGirl!!! What the hell we’re you waiting for? We all know Burning Man was a stepping stone to get in the Obama administration.

    But what if he loses in November? Will BM take you back? Will President Romney understand even what a “tent” or “dust” IS? Will he just strap his staff to the top of his car?

    WHO KNOWS! But congrats! You always rocked and we suspect, will continue to rock forward!

    Mayor Ratti!!

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  • So glad I got the opportunity to work with you. You gots mad skilz grrl! no question you’ll light ‘em up wherever and whatever you move onto.

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  • I know how hard it is to follow your heart, leaving those whom you love, like, and tolerate behind, but, as you know, sometimes it’s necessary to continue our journey!

    Good Luck…

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  • Andie, I am just happy that I left before you, because, certainly, had you left I would certainly have taken my leave.. it was an honor to be part of burningman and ARCTICA, but, YOU have been the glue and the foundation of so may aspects of what Burningman is, It is true, Times have changed, Burningman is different. and being one that doesn’t do change well THIS announcement rocked my world and made me realize how things have in fact moved on and change is definitely what keeps us from stagnating or stunting our personal growth. YOU are on to bigger and better ventures and adventures.. and I wish you every happiness and success. you can do whatever you wish…… and turn it into gold. Much love to you and your beautiful family and i HOPE our paths cross again somewhere along the way….

    Barb “BARE”

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  • Andie, you are such an incredible human being. It’s like the Goddesses sent you down from Heaven to help us see the way. Whenever you enter a room, it’s like a million flowers fall down on us. Your touch is like the gentle lick of a newborn kitten. I have touched a cup you drank from at last year’s decompression and I felt healed.

    I can’t wait to be honored to learn what you choose to do next with your life. I will be there in the wings. You are the wind beneath my wings. You are Love. You are life itself, incarnate. So, so wonderful and amazing. You are poetry.

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  • Andie, you have seen growth and overgrowth during your tenure….I hope you are off to start another experience that will prosper under your guidance!

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