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The Man

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  1. KingRay Ingram Says:

    By the time this year is over, I may very well be dead. I don’t have any reserve in saying, therefore, that your lottery has killed more than the collaborative spirit of the burning man. What is it to be a burner. I thrive by creating and expressing myself, and I also know how to burn things down inside of me, and through my participation in the regional burn Transformus for five years, and Alchemy: the north Georgia burn for two years, I have learned that there are amazing mentors that MUST BE present in order for the spirit of all burning to be carried to the virgins: lest the whole thing turn into a fraternity/ sorority bonfire and kegger. Not that a kegger and a bonfire is a bad thing, but that is not all the burn is about. So Shame on you for your lottery. That being said, I will begin a new regional burn on a property in Tennessee that, with hope, will grow to require a need for limit of admission. I however will not put out the invitations to anyone BUT the artists that are required for infrastructure, and the ImagiStructure first, these will be limited, but not exclusionary. I had hoped to make it to the Burning Man this year, but that will not happen. I will be dead, and the ba’aktu’un will continue into the ever repeating thirteen cycles of our solar/ galaxian journey. I.E. Life will go on. Maybe next year my fiery family members can carry my ashes out to BRC, and cast them into a swirling fire devil as the man burns. At least the thought of my being there in the consciousness will be there, finally , at the event that for me, was never to be.

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