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  1. Kay Says:

    We picked up really good this year, as we do every year. Our camp is FUA and we are usually at 4:30 and outer ring. I, personally, kind of look at moop patrol as hunting for Easter Eggs. To find something something to actually put in one’s moop bag is kind of thrilling. My most ememorable moop find this year was a complete plastic, one cup, measuring cup. It was right in the middle of the road in front of our camp and had been run over by an art car or something. Anyway, the shine of it caught my eye and I dug it out in pieces. Criminy, even the moop is art at Burning Man,

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  2. Kay Says:

    God…..I can’t WAIT to get back there. This was my 10th Burn, and it is NEVER enough….

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