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Burning Man 2011: on fire

The Burning Man is set on fire by two huge explosions.

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  1. Joe Bennett Says:

    Just a note about the web coverage. I did not attend this year. I viewed the week from the stream. The attempt at the “playa-cam” was fun if it would only work properly. My main comment is with whoever, or the group of whoevers, operated the camera atop the tower. The one person, or all of them, should be hung from the camera’s perch for the horrible job that came over the web. Zoom in -out of focus- zoom out and search for anything. Zoom in – out of focus. Constantly in motion for no reason at all made me dizzy and cranky. It does not make for exciting coverage. They should be trained in the art of television. Burning Man should be able to afford better equipment, also. Other than that, I anxiously await for the improvements next season.

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