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lighting the way

August 31st, 2011  |  Filed under Tales From The Playa
Tales From The Playa are dreams and memories of events that took place at Burning Man, as told by its participants.

Every night in Black Rock City, the Lamplighters attach hundreds and hundreds of oil-fired lanterns to the spires that line the major roads, helping every Burner find their way in the darkness.

They roll out at sunset, volunteers dressed in flowing robes, carrying the lanterns across their shoulders on wide sticks they sling across their backs. They meet at the top of the Keyhole on Rod’s Road, where they get a pep talk from their crew chief.

He tells them that their jobs are important. “We provide  illumination, navigation and celebration,” he shouted  Tuesday evening. “We have but one duty … to light this city!”

And then the volunteers made their way all around the playa, hanging their lanterns as they went.

The Lamplighters stopped at the cauldron at the top of Rod's Road.


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