August 28th, 2011  |  Filed under Building BRC

The Playa is Really Big

August 28th, 2011  |  Filed under Building BRC

As anyone who has walked back to camp after watching the sun come up out at the trash fence will tell you: the playa is big. Really big. Gigantic and huge to boot. But it’s even bigger than that. Really. Really. Big.

It’s so big the only way I can explain it is to show you a picture and hope that you click on it:

110 megapixel panoramic image of the Black Rock Desert

This is a 110 megapixel panoramic image I shot of the Black Rock desert last Wednesday. It’s made out of 42 individual images, and stretches all the way from the Temple of Transition all the way back to Gerlach. Click on the image to see the whole thing in high-rez interactive animated detail.  Requires Flash and a full water container. Extra sunscreen would be a good idea, too.

7 Responses to “The Playa is Really Big”

  1. Wendi Says:

    Wow! Amazing image!

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  2. Michael Holden Says:

    Thanks! :)

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  3. Max Solberg Says:

    Fantastic! Beautiful photos, and so well — executed! Thank you. :)

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  4. Michele Says:

    This is so amazing… will there be another one like it after the city is populated fully?

    Again, amazing!!!

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  5. Michael Holden Says:

    I’ll be releasing more shortly. They’re kind of a pain to render on a laptop and they take a while to upload. But I promise that there will be more shortly. Thanks for the props, folks!

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  6. Michael Holden Says:

    BTW, I’m working on something extra special for the “fully populated” pano. Cross your fingers!

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  7. English Says:

    Thank you – this is truly wonderful and the closest thing to being there I’ll be getting this year. It looks like its going to be a VINTAGE year. Burn on!

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