August 22nd, 2011  |  Filed under Building BRC

signs of the times

August 22nd, 2011  |  Filed under Building BRC

Signs are going up all over the city now, signs to tell you where you’re camped, signs to tell you where to turn, and signs to welcome you home.

There’s a beautiful new sign at the turnoff for the Burning Man event site. In year’s past, there was always a gorgeous painted billboard welcoming visitors, but this year’s version is an advance.

It’s an intricately carved wooden piece with the “Rites of Passage” message, and Ghost Dancer and a crew of DPW folks were out at the entrance hanging it in the hot sun.

My guess is this one will come down before the event is over, because it would make an irresistible souvenir for someone on their way out.

Enjoy the view on the way in.


Speaking of signs, there are some other ones you should be aware of on the way in.

3 Responses to “signs of the times”

  1. ismist Says:

    awesome work, and the video of making sign was cool also, made me cry out in joy to see the sex phones in the video, because was a art project I helped out on last year. see ya in the dust soon

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  2. Mary Madesky Says:

    Wow I think this a much more creative & appropriate signage to the event.

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  3. AsOfTime Says:

    …I guess some people still need signs to tell them what to do…sad…

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