June 2nd, 2011  |  Filed under Participate!

Submit Your Burning Man 2011 Sticker Designs

June 2nd, 2011  |  Filed under Participate!

Got some design fu up your sleeve? Submit YOUR design to our annual Sticker Contest!

Yep, your design could be the one passed out with the materials you receive as you pass through the Greeters Station upon entering Black Rock City. Other designs will become official sticker schwag passed out on and off the playa throughout the year. This is the official call for designs for the 2011 Burning Man stickers … here’s what you need to know:

  1. Your sticker designs can vary in size from 2.25″x5.5″ to 3″x3″. Round designs must measure 3″ in diameter.
  2. Please incorporate both the name Burning Man and the year 2011 into your design.
  3. Unfortunately, sticker designs are limited to only TWO or THREE colors. Please design accordingly.
  4. Round stickers are given priority for winning the coveted “Gate Sticker” spot, going out to ALL Black Rock Citizens.
  5. Whichever type of sticker tickles your fancy (or maybe you’re very ticklish and want to enter several designs), remember there IS a theme, and we like stickers that attempt to use the theme. Read up on the Rites of Passage theme (http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/bm11_theme.html)!
  6. Wondering how to get your sticker designs to us? Please send either a .pdf file OR (preferably) a color separated Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file to Stickers here: Stickers (at) BurningMan.com. Whether sending your design or questions, please put your first and last name in the subject header as well as the phrase “2011 Sticker Submission”.
  7. The deadline for design submissions is Tuesday, July 5th, 2011!

Thank you and good luck!

3 Responses to “Submit Your Burning Man 2011 Sticker Designs”

  1. Gary Bayless Says:

    If you see a bicycle buit for 2 with a cool woodie type rear compartment, it will be collecting your stickers on the side windows durning the Burningman week.
    Please go head and attach your sticker!!!

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  2. Jonathan Taylor Says:

    My submission: http://bit.ly/l8OdUZ

    Any suggestions/comments welcome :)

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  3. curtis husted Says:

    So the contest is over… an update would be nice……

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